Solitary Sword Sovereign - Chapter 139

Published at 1st of August 2020 05:25:07 PM

Chapter 139
Will had designed his area to be like a fortress, but the walls were still strange . What was the point of having stone walls when a person could leap over it?

Modern warfare relied on the power and expertise of users and their abilities . A good example of this is the Samsara sect . Only 5 of its members were World-Class experts . Musashi had at least a dozen and Arthur the same, if not more . Yet, just Genesis by himself was enough to scare the wolves away . That was the power of World-Class experts . There was no formal ranking for fighters except for the ones the IB had, but there was another type of tier system that earth users started to use . From the weakest to strongest they were: Beginner, Amateur, Professional, Expert, World-Class, and Legendary .

It went without saying that this was not about battle power, but how much the user could affect a situation . Eg, some information classes banned the user from learning any battle skills, but there was a World-Class information class user among the supremes . That person could not fight, but their expertise allowed them to become a supreme without a single battle .

To become World-Class, one had to be world-famous for their skill and prowess . To be an Expert, one must be able to defeat 10 Professional users in either battle or their field of expertise . To be a Professional, similarly one would have needed to beat a hundred Amateurs . As for classifying as an Amateur, one had to be able to defeat a thousand Beginners .

It went from 1000, to 100, to ten, to World-Class . To be Legendary, one had to get the public recognition of the two Sovereigns .

Only Genesis, Ezra, and Ten Years Too Early had managed to do so . Hence publicly, Genesis, Musashi and Dragonheart, Ezra, and Ten Years Too Early were the so-called Legendary tier . Of course, the IB did not recognize this system, then again, when it started it wasn't recognized either .

Ten Years Too Early was the head of the first ring in the Nine Rings Clan . He was a quiet man who kept to himself, but one time he fought Ezra to a standstill, gaining instant fame . The world suspected that one or two of the supremes were also legendary, but none had yet done a feat worthy of such . Many believed Arthur might be hiding his cards .

Will arrived and greeted the girls . The crew started walking, which was odd, considering that they could move faster than a modern-day car . Their instructions were to follow Will somewhere and obey his orders .

"We are going to raid a dungeon . " That's all Will had been willing to tell them . The girls could only shrug and walk away from Miami with small steps . At times they would start some small talk . Woodsy was always replying, but Merlin was rather rude . As time went on, the trio entered a chatty phase . Even merlin didn't know why she was willing to talk so much . Little did she know that Will was using the shapeless aspect . You couldn't be angry at nothing: you strike water, it just changes shape and comes back brand new .

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Will was able to slowly use this to diffuse some of Merlin's hate towards him, not to mention she did feel gratitude for his help in achieving Martial Harmony . This was only due to the overwhelming difference between their mental abilities .

As the trio passed some abandoned cars on a highway the topic slowly shifted towards their ambitions . "Now you guys know my ambition, pretty cool right?"

Merlin looked at Will disdainfully and said, "Since when is marriage a grand ambition . "

Woodsy giggled and kept on munching on snacks .

Will coughed and said, "Being the little girl you are, I knew you would understand the world of adults, it's obvious your chest didn't . "

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Woodsy started laughing like a drunkard in a tavern . Merlin angrily stomped her foot, "You are such a…Argh . " Out of anger, she turned around, she couldn't stand to see his snide smile .

"Since you love talking so much, why don't you tell him your ambitions then?"

Suddenly it was as if the temperature had gone down . Woodsy stopped and dropped her snacks . Merlin realized what she had said and walked over apologetically, "I'm sorry, I shouldn't have said that . "

Woodsy looked up and smiled wryly, "It's okay, besides, I think that boss should know my story . "

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Since the battering Will gave the crew, Woodsy had always been calling him boss . He didn't mind, he actually enjoyed it . Woodsy was always upbeat and warm, which is why Will was shocked by what happened a few seconds ago .

He had no doubt that Woodsy had released the most intense killing intent he had ever felt from a human . It was only for a fraction of a second, but Will got it . As a user of bloodlust, Will was very accurate in killing intents of all kinds .

Woodsy kept on walking ahead as if she knew where they were going . Merlin used her head to signal that they follow her . Merlin hastily walked after her friend while Will followed puzzled . That killing intent was so intense, it was as if there were another person standing in the place of the chubby and cheerful glutton .

"A while ago I was a Supreme Candidate . People called me talented but I didn't care much . I just wanted to impress my dad . He worked in the Information organ of the government . He was a child from a branch family, just like the Emperor . But he didn't have his Majesty's talent and fortune . That's why his dream was to raise someone worthy of the Dragonheart name . I wanted to make my dad happy so I did as best I could, until the day he was executed for treason . "