Solitary Sword Sovereign - Chapter 140

Published at 1st of August 2020 05:25:04 PM

Chapter 140: 140
"Till today, I have no idea what happened . I had just come back from clearing an extremely hard dungeon, under the guidance of his Majesty himself . I was extremely excited to tell my father . But when I got home, the house was empty . I was then notified of the execution and shown his corpse . I had a complete mental breakdown and destroyed the lab where they showed me his headless body . I didn't kill anyone but I injured many . Some lost limbs . When I came to I had been restrained by Supreme Martial's hands . "

"He had restrained me and captured me . Before he dropped me off he told me these words, 'I can't tell you what happened, but what I can tell you is that the Witch is behind this . ' Those words have been haunting me for a long time . And I don't know what I should do about it . It took a while but I finally got my head straight . The empire had raised me to be a priest type class meant to heal or boost others, but I needed strength of my own . Only that way do I have a chance at confronting Supreme Tidal . "

As soon as Will heard this, a name came to mind . Tidal Witch, rumored to be one of the strongest supremes! She was a hydromancer rumored to be able to cause tsunamis . An extremely powerful warrior who was nigh impossible to kill, due to her ability to turn her body into water .

Merlin could not help but feel guilty, as Supreme Tidal was her teacher . They were not close, but it would not be a stretch to say that Tidal Witch was the reason Merlin's potential was brought out . Yet the other name mentioned is the one that truly struck Will . Supreme Martial, aka Martial Knight . Leader of the Supremes and one rumored to be legendary, together with Tidal Witch and another Supreme .

Martial Knight also had another name . The Ultimate Defender . The man was well known for his defensive abilities and was publicly acknowledged to be the world's best tank . The man never left the capital unless it was to accompany Arthur on a difficult mission .

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Woodsy then pointed at Merlin, "I talked, now it's your turn . " Will was curious and turned around to Merlin . She didn't want to talk but something about Woodsy letting out her past made her want to open up, and open up she did… albeit partially .

"I was an orphan living on the streets over a decade ago . I was then taken in by an assassin organization that took children from all over the world and turned them into hired guns . It's a painful process, really . Scary, to be precise . " Said Merlin as she hugged herself, as if she were freezing . Her eyes looked at the ground, but the true object of her gaze was far, far away .

"Each year, the worst-performing ones would be killed and thrown away like garbage . I failed my 2015 assessment and I was scheduled for execution . Then, it happened… I became a user . I was a teenager at the time and one of the first to be chosen . That saved my life, I was not alone . Many in the organization were chosen . Due to years of brainwashing, we were trained to be very loyal, even when we gained new powers .

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"Eventually, the organization was absorbed by his majesty during one of his many conquests . This happened about three years ago . Due to certain circumstances I was taken out of the organization and became a student of Supreme Tidal…"

Merlin looked at Woodsy guiltily and sighed . Woodsy did not blame her as she also had her reasons to get stronger, but Woodsy was not that good at communications, so she just gazed at Merlin a lot . Merlin took it as resentment and treated Woodsy differently from the others . Will looked at the duo, "Everyone has a story huh . Sometimes it's easy to forget that they are also human . " Will touched his chin and also sighed .

The girls then both stared at him, like hunters eying prey . Will knew what they wanted . He scratched his head shyly and said, "Sorry to disappoint you guys but my story is pretty plain . Raised by my dad and my step-mom . I have two blood siblings and two step-siblings, and they all out-performed me . I had the classic middle child syndrome, I guess . But I took what I had for granted, and now…"

Will squeezed his fist in frustration . He was honestly expressing himself .

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Woodsy blurted out, "What about your real mom?"

This was followed by a quick elbow from Merlin .

Woodsy cried, "Ouch! What was that for . "

Merlin palmed her face and said, "Read the atmosphere . If he wanted to talk about her, he would have . "

Woodsy promptly ignored Merlin and held Will's hand . "Hey, you didn't answer my question . What happened to your mum . " Merlin was about to shout when Will outstretched a hand, signaling her to stop .

Will smiled cheerfully at Woodsy and said, "When I also get the answer to that question, I will tell you . "

Will was smiling but there was no hiding the sadness in his eyes . Not even Martial Harmony could do that . Will walked ahead leading the girls down the road . Just when he thought all was done, woodsy huffed and puffed to him and held both his hands . "When you get the answer, promise you will tell me first? Pinky swear!" Will was flabbergasted, he wasn't sure what to do, but he found his own pinky locking hers .