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Solo leveling copy - Chapter 4

Published at 16th of June 2019 03:29:35 PM

Chapter 4

At the moment of the attack that started, the gigantic eyes of the gods turned red .

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Hunter's sense?

No, instinct as a creature warned of danger .

Something is coming .

Something you can not afford!

Jinu exclaimed with all his heart, turning around the hunters behind him .

"Get down!"

Almost at the same time, red rays emanated from both eyes of the image .

Jin-woo grabbed Zhu Xi and threw herself .

Guy Ying -!

The ray went over the place where Jinwu stood .

One tenth of a second .

No, a hundredth of a second .

It was a breathtaking moment .

But other hunters were not as lucky as Jin-u .

"Ah, ah!"

"Ah, ah!"

The hunters that hit the rays literally evaporated .

At the spot where the ray had passed, only the remnants of the Hunters remained .

The screams came not from them but from the mouths of other hunters who witnessed their last .

"What is this?"

"Uh-huh . "

"Why does this happen …"

The Hunters were astonished .

Of the 16 people, only 11 survived .

I have never experienced such an edgy attack .

'I barely avoided it because of the sound of Sook . '

'If Mr . Seong just did not shout …'

The Hunters swallowed their saliva while gazing at Jinwoo .

Jinwoo was a life saver .

If it was not for Jinwoo, what would have happened just now, the chat was cool .

"…"Jinwoo stared at the statue while lying down .

The eyes of the gods were still shining red, but no more attacks .

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'The attack … Is it over? '

Jin looked down .

Frightened Zhu Xi trembled in his arms .

That's why she is a B-class super hunter, but instead of a large guild, she works for the Association and only participates in simple raids .

Zhu Xi 's breath was getting more and more rough .

I could not leave her alone .

Jin-woo is trying to raise his mind to think that he should do something, but someone pushes his shoulder with a strong force .

"Do not stand up . "

Song was approaching soon .

Jinwoo was embarrassed, but he listened to him quietly . Song also shouted to other hunters .

"Do not move everyone! Stay in that position! "

Song looked around and turned his head back to Jinwoo .

"Only those who moved were hit . Those who listened to you and drowned lived . "

"i See . "

Song looked up at his head .

"You know everything, did not you yell?"

"I just thought something was dangerous …"

Song's eyes widened .

'A good friend . Did you say it's E grade? Even if the stats were a little higher … '

While Mr . Song looked at Jin-woo with his unhappy eyes, Jin-woo got a chance to look at Mr . Song's condition .

Jinwoo discovered something and circled his eyes .

"Oh, man … Your arm? "

"It's okay . I can not bear it . "


Jinwu swallowed his saliva .

The opposite side of the arm holding Jinwoo's shoulder, so Song's left arm had disappeared .

"…"Song, who looked down on Zhu Xi without any words, was tired but touched his left arm .

"Are you tied up at the end? It is difficult with one hand . "

Jinwoo nodded his head .

Simple hemostasis is over .

Song took a long sigh instead of screaming or moaning .

It was a sigh with a long age of ten years of life in Hunter .

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"after- . "

After the first aid, Song looked around with a keen eye .

Although the statue stopped the attack, the situation did not improve .

So time went by .

"Oh, huh, huh …"

"Why do we look like this …"

Some hunters began to shed tears .

"You can not stay this way until!"

The Hunters' patience was revealing the bottom .

Jinwoo also agreed .

'I can not be here forever . '

But how do you do it?

If Mr . Song's guess is correct, he will be attacked at the moment he moves .

There is a gatekeeper next to each side of the door, even if it luckily escapes to the door to avoid it .

They are the problem .

The movement of the gatekeeper was fast enough to be invisible .

Can they open the door before they attack?

It seemed impossible .

In other words, the annihilation of the Hunters was a matter of time .

'awhile… It's a matter of time? "

I felt a strong sense of incongruity when I got there .

It could not happen but what happened . But no one has not noticed yet . 'Something… I missed something . '

Perhaps the answer is in it .

It was then .

"Do not move!"

Song screamed at Mr .

But Mr . Ju revealed this .

"Noisy! You do not know when he's going to attack again, but you keep waiting here? "

Zhu was a battleground hunter .

The battle system is a body fighting hunters, and the physical ability is superior to that of the general public .

In addition, Ju was recognized for his skills and was in the process of signing a contract with a large guild .

"I can not die like this . "

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She lowered her body and gave strength to both legs .

The direction is on the door . His leg muscles were bulging up .

"Well …"

Song muttered .

Momentum jumped out of the ground .

Dada Dash!

Jin turned his head toward the statue .

It was different, but the eyes of the gods were pointing at Mr . Ju .

Within a couple of eyes, an eerie ray of light came out .


The ray was behind Mr . Ju's back .


A woman hunter screamed like she was sleeping .

There was yellow water splashing in the place where she was sitting whether she was incontinent .

The faces of the male hunters also stiffened .

"Oh My God…"

There was no Mr .

Only the two legs that were cut were left .

A man with a weak stomach relieved what was inside .


Jinwoo also beat Migan .

These guys, too, were able to annihilate the hunters at any time .

It seemed to be an easier task than stepping on a worm .

'But why … Does not it? "

Even if it can kill, it does not kill .

The Hunters have a very different pattern from those of the witches .

These guys only work if they have certain conditions .

A gatekeeper that attacks when you approach the door . Like a game with rules .

'surely… Is there room in this room? '

At the moment, a puzzle was set in the head of Jinwoo .

It is because the contents of the slab that Mr . Song had read came up .

'The discipline of the shrines of Cartenon . '

Rules are rules, rules are rules .

If there is a way to survive in their grasp, the warning on the slab was the only key .

"…Worship God . "

That was the first rule .

"Well? What did you say? "

Song looked around Jinwoo .

Jinwoo puts index finger on his mouth instead of the answer .

It was a gesture to ask for time to think .

'If I think right …'

Jinwoo slowly raised his body .

Song tried to catch Jinwu in a hurry, but Jinwu shook his head with a spirited expression .

'…It is not the eyes that gave up living . '

Song nodded his head .

Jinwoo carefully woke up from his position without taking a glance at his image .

Then, the pupil of the statue immediately turned to Jinwoo .

Guying -!

The rays were shot .

If the speed of hesitation was a little bit late, my face would melt instead of a few strands of hair!

Jinwo, lying flat on the floor, took a rough breath .

"Huck, huck, huck, huck . "

I almost died .

When I saw my face with the statue, I thought I was dying .

I tried to avoid the car, but my legs still shook .


Income was .

'I'm not attacking a moving target . '

If you are bowing, your pupils will not move even if you change your posture .

But if you just try to get up, it starts to spread its rays .

'He attacks at a height above a certain level . '

Jinwoo just took his life to check it .

And I got conviction .

The meaning of the first discipline!

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