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Solo Leveling in DxD

Solo Leveling in DxD
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Just experimenting for right now as I have no writing experience. So dont get your hopes up lmao. Also if I do happen to write something In this there is most likely going to ge spoilers for Solo Leveling and Highschool DxD.

So on to a Synopsis I guess.


You are (Y/N) (L/N), a 21 year old College student that also happens to be the 3rd wealthiest person in the world. [I know, original right?] After having a life full of hardships, you have put forth your life to helping others. Be it opening orphanages around the U.S or donating money do business that might have a bright future.

After dieing while saving a little girl from certain death, and spending almost and eternity in The Void, you are given an audience with The One Above All. But we're going to call it god for the sake of being lazy. Anyways after being told about you stupid high karma you get the choice of going to heaven or reincarnation. [But this wouldnt be a fanfic if you pick the first option sooo yea] Whith having the option of a world to reincarnate into as well as 4 wishes , you make your choice and your adventure starts.


Ight so boom, that's done but I'll probably change it. anywho if I do manage to post something slightly resembling a Fanfic/Webnovel please give feedback negative and positive comments as well as low or high ratings are completely welcome as I want to know what people would like to see.

I also may or may not have some other things like power levels from different books from this app because I'm not good at that [yet, I hope].

There might not be alot of updates as I have work and school taking up most my time and as I've said before this is my first time writing and need to, you know, think on how to actually write this lmao.

I dont own High School DxD or Solo Leveling.

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