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Chapter 2

Tower of the Hokage

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(Anbu) "Hokage-sama, an exorbitant amount of chakra was detected 50 km from the village"

(Hokage) "Is it an attack from another village?"

(Anbu) "No sir, at least it does not look like the chakra appeared out of nowhere"

(Hokage) "I want an Anbu Squad to check"

(Anbu) "Yes, sir"


In the forest

"Where am I?"

He begins to look around and all he sees is ice, more specifically he is inside an ice dome .

When approaching a wall and touching it does not feel cold, then some screens appear and he remembers the system .


[Welcome, PLAYER]


[The system will help the PLAYER to get stronger]


[If you fail to obey the orders of the system there may be Punishments]


[You completed the requirements of the secret Quest 'Friend of God']



Age: 18 (IMUTABLE)

Ethnicity: Caucasian

Lineage: Ice Emperor

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Work: None

Title: Heir of the Ice Emperor

Level: 1

Fatigue: 0

HP: 1000

MP: 1000

Strength: 20 (Physical Strength)

Vitality: 20 (Hp)

Agility: 20 (General Speed)

Intelligence: 20 (MP)

Senses: 20 (Perception)

Remaining points: 0

As soon as the status screen appeared another screen appeared .

Daily Quest: Getting Ready to Get Stronger


(INCOMPLETE) Push-ups [0/100]

(INCOMPLETE) Sit-ups[0/100]

(INCOMPLETE) Sit-ups[0/100]

(INCOMPLETE) Squats [0/100]

(INCOMPLETE) Running [0/10 Km]

ATTENTION! Failure to complete this daily quest will result in a punishment associated with this quest .

"Why do sit-ups recur? Is it a Bug? "

"Well anyway I have to complete, I do not want to run from those monsters in a desert"

He started making the quest requirements and in 5 hours made everyone but the race .

"Now how am I going to get out of this ice?"

As soon as he asked himself the question a tremor occurs and then the ice dome begins to crack .

As it cracked it began to disappear in the form of mist . In less than a minute the whole dome cracked and vanished into mist, and in the middle of it was a person who did not understand why it cracked .

Around the dome were 12 people all dressed in black and with masks of animals, they were Anbus . One of them looked at the person in the center and shouted .

"Introduce yourself and speak your purpose"

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[Set Your Name]

"I am Sora Kori, my purpose was to go to the leaf village"

As soon as he spoke his purpose all the Anbus stayed vigilant and again one of them shouted .

"What do you want to do in the Village?"

(Sora) "Live there"

(All) "Un ??"

(Sora) "I want to live in the village"

"And why would you choose this village?"

(Sora) "Why is this the only one that will allow me to remake my clan?"

"Your clan?"

(Sora) "Yes, my clan"

"Say the name of the clan"

(Sora) "Kori or call Emperor of Ice"

"Follow Us"

As soon as he spoke he started running towards the village, 5 followed him and the other 6 were taking care of Sora .

Sora sees this situation and laughs inside, then begins to run, however he was so fast that when he realized he was already in front of a tree and hit her .

(Sora) "Here, I have to get used to this speed"

The Anbus who saw it were frightened, the young man had the speed of a Genin, but did not know to control it .

Even though they had observed a humiliation, none of them decided to approach Sora .

The Race to the village began and in 12 hours they arrived at her, during the course they had to stop 6 times because of Sora's fatigue .

When they arrived in the village the amount of Anbus more than tripled . Some people also came to see why so many anbus in one place and one of these people was Tsunade who was amazed by the beauty of Sora .

Sora then began an extensive and tiring interrogation of his background .

The interrogation only ended because the Hokage wanted to talk to Sora .

(Hokage) "So why did you want to live in this village? Sora, is not it? "

(Sora) "Hokage-sama, I wanted to live in the village because she can help me rebuild my clan and yes it's Sora, Sora Kori"

(Hokage) "What do you intend to do in the village?"

(Sora) "Sorry, I still do not know"

(Hokage) "Have you come to the village without knowing what you are going to do?"

(Sora) "Sorry . . . "

Hokage begins to think and then they have an idea .

(Hokage) "Do you know how to fight?"

(Sora) "A little, my father trained me when I was young, but after that I started to help my uncle with the documents of his business"

(Hokage) "I see, you were a merchant"

(Hokage) "What's your plan now?"

(Sora) "Maybe do some missions to genin and raise money to make a shop"

(Hokage) "I have an idea but this will depend on your abilities"

(Sora) "Please speak"

(Hokage) "Do a training fight with one of my ninjas and let's see how you do"

(Sora) "Understood"

Then Hokage calls one of the Anbus and sends him to call a person . After that, the Hokage leaves the room and tells me to follow him .

We went to a training center . There was the person he called, it was Tsunade .

(Tsunade) "Sensei, why did you call me here?"

(Hokage) "I called you here to ask you to fight with Sora in a training fight"

(Sora) "Hello, my name is Sora, it's a pleasure to meet you"

(Tsunade) "Hi, my name is Tsunade"

Then we prepare for the fight . The distance between us was 10 meters . The Hokage was Judge .

(Hokage) "Begin"

As soon as he was given the permission to fight I ran towards Tsunade who saw my movements and deviated without problem .

Seeing that my onslaught failed I turned my body in the opposite direction from which she ran and kicked the back of the leg, that caught her off guard and hit her chest, but being stupidly soft resisted very well to kick .

She decided to move away a little and began to take care of me . I did the same and then she made a hand seal .

That made me look pale .

(Tsunade) "Protect yourself or give up"

After speaking this she starts to come towards me and I can see the chakra around her hands, it should be the chakra scalpel .

She tries to hit it with her palm, but I use my hand and punch it under her arm to divert her palm up, that worked, though she then used her other hand to punch me and me one more time I used a punch to deflect his blow, but this time it was to close the attack faster, this caused the punch to pass in front of my face .

Then I try to hold her, but she pulls back and I follow . What I did not expect is that she stumbled into something, it made me lose my balance because I was following her movement .

I fell on her, but the problem was not that, was that I inadvertently kissed her on the mouth .

Seeing this the Hokage was surprised and soon got an ugly face, because he knew what was going to happen next .

Tsunade and I got our face red and then she punched me I did not have time to notice on arrival .

I flew a few feet and knock on a tree and lose consciousness .

Then the Hokage ends the fight with Tsunade's victory and will help Sora .

Sora was bleeding . Tsunade being a medical ninja soon after tried to heal him, but Sora's blood began to freeze and to surround him like a dome .

Tsunade and the Hokage saw this and were surprised .

The dome was active for 30 minutes and during that time the two tried to attack the dome to heal Sora, but nothing worked . When the time had passed the dome collapsed and there appeared a fully healed Sora, but still unconscious .