Sonohi Sekai ga Kawatta - Chapter 21.2

Published at 17th of December 2017 02:00:31 AM
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Chapter 21.2

That Day The World Changed Chapter 21 part 2

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Mitsuki says with a trembling voice and looks up at me with her tear filled eyes .

“After we did that, I don’t want to bother you, even if I’m dying . No matter how much hate or any revenge plans, I don’t want to use your good nature and receive help from you”

Mitsuki’s eyes that should have been void of light now have a strong light showing her will as she declared that, then she tries to stand up while putting her hands on the wall .

Dull and trembling legs . Shaky and weak knees .

While breathing roughly, gritting her teeth, blowing tides from her urethra, her body gradually began to lift . However, she lost strength in her knee and fell on her ass .

“Aah ♡“

Mitsuki raises a sweet voice as her breasts bounce and she blows a tide .

She is way too sensible right now .

I look down at Mitsuki, and while my cock is totally erect I swallow my spit .

What a heartless person I am to get erect while she is like this . Moreover, knowing that she is older than my mother creates a certain sense of indecency .

“I will help you”

As I say so I crouch in front of her, then stretch my hands towards Mitsuki, and pinch her peach colored nipples that are erect on top of her breasts . Then I pull upside those nipples .

“Ahii ♡ Naaaaa ♡“

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Mitsuki lets out a sweet scream and blows a tide of love juice while shaking her hips due to me pulling her nipples .

“T-Th-Tha, Thank you very much ♡“

Mitsuki, whose nipples are being pulled by my hands, thanks me with a smile . Looking at her figure, a pleasant feeling rushes up inside me .

I pull her nipples with even more power, her breasts extend to their limit, but that’s it, her body isn’t lifted .

“Haa, haa, haa”

Mitsuki tries to stand up as she breathes roughly, but as soon as her waist is raised, she loses strength in her knees and falls on her butt .

“Naaaaaaaaaaaaaaa ♡“

When that happens, her breasts extend beyond the limit and she blows a tide from her urethra while raising a sweet scream .

Watching this is fun, but this way I won’t finish anything . Besides, there isn’t much time to spare .

“You can hold onto me”

I get close to her so she can put her weight on me .

“T-Th-Thank, thank you ve-very mu—-uuch ♡”

Mitsuki says with difficulty while maintaining her smile, even while I’m pinching her nipples she thanks me, then she falls towards me . Then she grabs onto me and tries to stand on her feet .

“Haa, haa, aaah ♡ aaauu ♡“

Mitsuki gradually climbs onto me with a little help from me pulling her nipples upwards, and somehow she was able to stand on her knees .

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“Fuu, haa, fuu, haa, aah ♡ aaaah ♡”

Mitsuki lifts her right leg while breathing roughly, and puts her foot on the floor . Then she puts her right hand on the knee and puts strength into her waist while holding onto me with her left hand .

“Fuu, fuuu, fuuuuuu”

Mitsuki takes in breath roughly as if she was about to give birth .

Mitsuki lifts herself thanks to her right hand on her knee and her left hand grabbing onto me .

As soon as her left leg is raised she puts her left foot on the floor . But then she loses strength in her knee and seemed as if she was about to collapse .

“Naaaaaaaaaaaaaaa ♡“

However, because I was pulling her nipples, her breasts stretched beyong the limit, and she ceased falling .

Mitsuki is cramping while maintaining a posture similar to a sumo warrior . Because her crotch area is open to the limit, her pussy opened . *PotaPota* Love juice starts dripping from that pussy .

“Ah ♡ Aaah ♡ Naaaaaaaa ♡ Haa, haaa, fuguuuuuuuu”

Mitsuki who is hanging only by the nipples cramps while blowing a tide of love juice and raising a sweet scream, but then she grits her teeth and puts strength to her waist .

Then she uses the power from the stretched breasts to lift herself . And she finally managed to stand up .

“Haa, haa, haa, haa”

Mitsuki has a lot of sweat all over her body, and she clings to me while breathing roughly, then smiles when she looks up at me .

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“It’s okay now, I’m already standing so you can leave me here, I am supposed to have returned to the apartment to pick up something I forgot, but even if I don’t have it, it will not be a problem”

Mitsuki speaks in between rough breaths with a smile .

Was she desperate to stand up so she wouldn’t bother me?

Then I have to give her a reward .

As soon as I thought that, I stretched my right hand into Mitsuki’s crotch area, then I insert the middle finger and the ring finger .

“E-Em, eeeem, Fu-Fuji-Fujimura-sa—–“

When the fingers went in, she spoke in a hurry .

“It is alright . This is a re ward”

I smile while winking one eye at Mitsuki who has watery eyes, then I move my fingers to stir her pussy *CuchuCuchu*

If she is given pleasure right now, she will lose strength in her waist, even though she finally managed to stand up . That is why I’m harassing her .

“Aah ♡ Aah ♡ N-Noo ♡ Stop it ♡ Aah ♡ Aah ♡“ [1]

Mitsuki desperately raises her voice and shakes her head while cramping *BikuBiku* . Then I look at my fingers that stirred her pussy, and after I confirm that my fingers are entangled with her love juice, I insert my fingers up to the root .

“N-Noo ♡ No nooo ♡ Stop it Ple——aseeeeeeee ♡“ [2]

Although Mitsuki is desperately asking for me to stop while shaking her head, I keep stabbing my fingers up to the root and her body cramps every time *BikuBiku*

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Is this her G spot? I started stirring around inside her pussy with my fingers .

“Aah ♡ Aaaah ♡ Aaaaaaaaaaah ♡“

An obscene sound echoes while Mitsuki cramps and sticks out her tongue . *PupuPupu* A tide of love juice pours from her . It seems like she is totally out of stock .

“Naaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa ♡ I’m cumming ♡ cumming ♡ cumiiiiiiiiiiiiing ♡“ [3]

Mitsuki strongly clings to me as she reaches climax in succession and her body cramps and gushes out the rest of her liquids .

“Ahii!? —— Aah!? Aee!?”

Suddenly, as if she TVs power was turned off, the cramping and the sweet screams ceased, and Mitsuki lost all power from her body .

But, since the two fingers are piercing her pussy I managed to support her somewhat, she ended up showing the white of her eyes and sticking out her tongue while drooling, and her arms are hanging down .  [4]

Still, occasionally her body cramps *BikuBiku*

I made her faint from cumming, somehow I feel a sense of accomplishment .

However, due to the sudden situation, the blood was drained from my face .

I did it . I just did it because I just couldn’t stand it . Although Mitsuki was desperately trying not to bother me, I did this…

“Yes . I am an idiot”

While hugging the unconscious Mitsuki, I muttered and nod at my words .

I can’t help it after all, because I’m a teen .

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