Sonohi Sekai ga Kawatta - Chapter 9.1

Published at 11th of March 2017 02:18:22 PM
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Chapter 9.1

That Day The World Changed Chapter 9 Part 1

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The Ninth Story

Without even going to the classroom I go directly to the teacher’s office and tell them that I have to go home early.  And so with an excited heart I go to the spare room in the culture building.

Sitting in a chair I waited for Shizuki around 30 thirty minutes. And Shizuki who was short on her breath came to the spare room.

In front of me who is sitting on a chair with folded arms is Shizuki, standing there while blushing, hesitatingly looking at me with her hands in front of her chest. [1]


I was immediately filled with the urge to hug Shizuki and pat her head, but today I have to give her a severe punishment. I can’t pamper her.

“Too slow, how many minutes do you think I have been waiting here?” [Fujimura]

I desperately held down the various emotions that were inside, and I move my mouth into the kanji, while I accuse Shizuki with an intimidating attitude. [2]

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“I-I am sorry” [Shizuki]

Shizuki who was scolded by me put more strength in her fingers when apologizing and about to cry.

As expected. She apologizes without even trying to make an excuse. It is a perfect score.

No, I can’t, I can’t pamper her.

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“There will be an additional punishment for arriving late. Which added with the previous severe punishment will become an unimaginable and dreadful punishment, prepare yourself” [Fujimura]

At my words, Shizuki drinks her saliva. When I look at her, I can see that there is a viscous liquid dripping down from her skirt towards the floor.

Unlike in the morning, right now Shizuki is in a state of frustration for the punishment. But that was an act. I guess she was trying to act frightened to get me to give her a severe and intense punishment.

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I was almost deceived.

“Today’s punishment will be the having turned on the vibrators in your pussy and your anus, and the rotors in your nipples and clitoris. However, those will be in low intensity, so you will never reach the climax.  It will continue for half a day, and then you will apply an anal enema. Naturally, you will not go to the toilet, the vibrator will be put in your anus like that, the rotors in your nipples and clitoris will stay like that and I will fuck your tightening pussy with my cock. You will have to endure the endless pleasure of not being able to cum, and the desire to excrete” [Fujimura]

Shizuki who keeps listening to my words continues her frightened act. But she can’t hide the expectations and excitement in her eyes. Besides, she kept trembling and drinking her saliva. She is obviously excited.

“I was thinking, but, let’s stop” [Fujimura]

“Eh!?” [Shizuki]

Shizuki who heard me retract my words opened her eyes wide and uttered with a startled voice.

“Shizuki, I will let you know what happens when you make me angry, you will really regret it” [Fujimura]

I said so to her while smiling and Shizuki keeps looking at me.

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(If you are reading this in a page that is not , this is a stolen translation, you should support the original translator)

Perhaps Shizuki thinks that she can make it pleasurable no matter how severe is the punishment. So no matter how severe may be the punishment, rather, the more severe it is the more pleasure she gets. Then it won’t be a punishment, but a candy.

But I am not the only one to not notice.

I can’t be sure, but maybe Shizuki only had experience in masturbation before becoming my sex slave. I guess she masturbated with only her delusion of being held by me. So although she was suffering of mental illness, she had a general knowledge of sexual acts.

However, I am different. Although I too was a virgin until the day I took Shizuki’s virginity, my knowledge far surpasses hers. All the knowledge is two-dimensional though. [3]

“Well, where do we start?” [Fujimura]

When I said so I stand up and the trembling Shizuki retreats slightly.

–Today’s Master is different.

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She looks at me with her jet black eyes.

Fufufu, she must be confused about what I am going to do.

What, it is nothing serious.

Yes, because it is nothing serious Shizuki will suffer.


Well, she has her hands in front of her chest and is playing with her fingers, something similar to this (, if you watched enough anime or manga you should know about it, but I can’t find it right now =(.  The kanji “Mouth” looks like this (口), so he should be making a face like this (>=C[), not going to put any link because didn’t find anything remotely close XD.  Meaning all the knowledge he has is from Hentai. 

Translator: Leoito

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