Sooho - Chapter 43

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Chapter 43

Whether it was big or small, the reason why agencies prefer girl groups and boy groups was so that they could divide their risk . If they make one member succeed, the rest of the group were bound to follow . The extreme fan culture was also a part of it . Yesterday was a girl group that JT Entertainment ambitiously debuted, and Mi Na was working hard as the second Seol Hyun .

The reason why Yesterday visited Hosoo Entertainment was so that they could practice the Seol Hyun and Mi Na collaboration for the pop culture awards . The saying, row when the water comes in, applies to the entertainment industry as well . In order to capture the hearts of the unpredictable people, they had to keep up with the quickly changing trends .

Seol Hyun was an actress, not an idol . However, people liked to bring up her age and compare her to other idols . As a celebrity, she was born with acting skills, singing skills, dancing skills, and variety show skills . That was why there were many juniors who looked up to Seol Hyun as a role model . These days, idols have to be good at everything .

"Agh! Fail Man!"

In response to Yesterday member, Joo Ah's remark, Mi Na, who had been blank as a zombie for the last few days, came back to her senses .

"Huh? It is!"

"The badass man!"

"That was definitely just an act!"

It was crazy with all 4 members talking at once . Kim Woo Jung had to escort them inside the building . The big deal of FNB Entertainment and Shinhwa Entertainment was the topic of conversation between all those involved in the entertainment industry .

FNB, which was known to be specialized in acting with top, high-class singers, and Shinhwa, which followed the trends to strategize for their idols, had clear strengths and weaknesses . They didn't seem to go together, but once they were merged, they showed great synergy .

"Wow! The company building is so nice!"

"How many floors are there? This doesn't even compare to ours!"

"I heard the new president is a third generation heir!"

"What? Isn't CEO Shim the president?"

"Apparently not . "

Kim Woo Jung, who was discussing the schedule with Kim Mi Jin in front of the elevator, sighed and responded to the chattering voices .

"You guys haven't changed one bit . "

"What do you mean? We're really successful these days . "

"Yeah! We're stars now too! Woo!"

"That's a little embarrassing, Joo Ah . "

Joo Ah, Sae Ryung, JD, and Mi Na were the four members of Yesterday, whom Kim Woo Jung discovered . But why did they went to another agency? The reason why he was respected by his juniors and seniors was because he always thought about what was actually the best for the celebrity .

Kim Woo Jung judged these four to be great idols . The problem was that FNB Entertainment wasn't the right agency to be training idols, and if caught by the eyes of Shim Il Kwon, it was highly likely that they would become cash cows like Seol Hyun from an early age . He didn't like them debuting at a really early age . That was because if they weren't lucky, they would be disbanded .

People often make fun of having a celebrity disease, but it was possible for it to develop into a serious illness . It wasn't something that people should be laughing about . It wasn't easy to live a life of being hated as much as they were loved . When the three members smiled at Kim Woo Jung after not seeing him for a long time, it got on Kang Mi Na's nerve . She saw the man who rejected her, smiling and talking with girls younger than her . She gritted her teeth .

"Forget it . "

"Forget what?"

In response to Kim Mi Jin, who jabbed Kang Mi Na on her side, abruptly answered .

"He's the owner of this place . "


"He's the rumored third generation heir who merged FNB and Shinhwa . "


When her high soprano voice got people's attention, Kang Mi Na waved her hands .

"It… it's nothing . "

"This wench! Lower your voice!"

"Mi Na's our main vocalist . Are you really surprised?"

"You wench! I told you not to talk like an elementary school kid!"

They started chattering all at once . It was strange for whoever was with them . Kim Woo Jung, the celebrities, and the managing team all minded Ahn Soo Ho, but he just ignored them . On the other hand, Lee So Hye, who hadn't seen celebrities that much, glanced over in fascination . Yesterday felt a deep desire to look into the Fail Man, but when Kim Mi Jin glared at them, they had no choice but to postpone it . The lift stopped on the 7th floor and every single person got off . Star Tower was currently only using the building up to the 7th floor, but the area of each floor was large, and he didn't plan on looking around FNB and Shinhwa's original buildings .

"Welcome, Director Ahn . "

Kim Yoo Seon, the former president of Shinhwa Entertainment, hesitated at the sight of Kim Woo Jung, and then smiled at Ahn Soo Ho .

"What's their group name again?"

As soon as Ahn Soo Ho pointed, Kim Yoo Seon and Kim Woo Jung looked at Yesterday as they walked off together .

"Are you talking about Yesterday?"

"Oh, Yesterday . Are they with us too?"

"No . JT Entertainment ambitiously debuted them . "

"Then why are they here?"

"They're probably visiting for their collaboration with Seol Hyun . "


"Yes . "

Ahn Soo Ho showed a vague expression . It was common for free mercenaries to change sides depending on their contract, but it was impossible for company mercenaries to change their employer . As it was seen with Zero Nemo and Bottle Land, the top 2 mercenary companies in North America, as soon as profits got involved, there was no such thing as a war out of good faith .

"Who executed it?"

"Director Shim Il Kwon . "

"Oh . "

Ahn Soo Ho squinted his eyes . Was the former FNB CEO trying to protest? Or was it just a wicked joke? He immediately realized that Shim Il Kwon was planning something .

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"It doesn't matter . "

Even if it was a selfish plan that was only for himself, if it brings profits to the company, he was capable of overlooking it . Actually, he didn't even expect profits . It was okay as long as he didn't cause harm .

"This is my little sister . She's also Jung Hoon's little sister . "

"It's nice to meet you, Miss . I'm Kim Yoo Seon . "

"Hello . I'm Lee So Hye . "

Lee So Hye, who was looking around in fascination, smiled brightly . Kim Yoo Seon admired that both Lee Jung Hoon and Lee So Hye had good foundations in their image . Considering the fact that she was not wearing any makeup, she had the potential to be called beautiful . Kim Woo Jung's compliment wasn't just empty words .

"Is Jung Hoon here?"

"Didn't I tell you? Jung Hoon is busy with filming preparations these days . "

"He actually got a role?"

"Don't underestimate Jung Hoon's abilities, Director . We didn't choose him only based on looks . "

"Is that right? What do you think, So Hye?"

"He is a scary one . How else would he have gotten into Columbia University without a single tutoring lesson?"

Even though Lee So Hye hated Lee Jung Hoon, she had to give it to him . He had crazy self-love . He was a son of a b*tch who left his family behind and put everything into his future and success . He thought mothers were there to sacrifice themselves for their children . But did that made Lee Jung Hoon a villain or a criminal? No way .

"He must have thought he wouldn't have succeeded by studying . "

That was true . Even though Lee Jung Hoon managed to study hard and go abroad, he realized that it was just the beginning . And he saw endless darkness where he couldn't see where he was going .

"It's foolish to abandon stability and embark on an adventure . "

"He probably didn't know he'd become close to you . If I didn't know you, I probably wouldn't have considered college either . So I'm sometimes wondering if I'm dreaming . I'm really happy…but it would be disappointing if it was a dream . "

Lee So Hye let out a bitter laugh that didn't suit her age . Everyone could dream, but in reality, life wasn't pretty .

"I see . "

He went into contemplation .

"I wonder what I did to deserve all of this . "

He shooked his head . He was always someone who gave bullets and pain instead of flowers and happiness . The only ones who could be happy with him were 608, who died not long ago, and Logan, who was a crazy bastard . Kim Yoo Seon and Lee So Hye kept quiet to let Ahn Soo Ho think . After ten minutes Ahn Soo Ho awakened from his deep contemplation .

"I know it's a little late, but let's hold a foundation ceremony . "

"A… a foundation ceremony?"

"Yes . "


"Today . "

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Kim Yoo Seon thought something was wrong with his ears . However, Ahn Soo Ho firmly gave his answer .

"Right now!"

Hosoo Entertainment's foundation ceremony took place in a very sudden manner . People in lower positions wondered what was going on, because work, concerts, commercials, broadcasts, variety shows, and interviews related to the M&A were halted .

He would have to pay the cancellation fees and the company's credibility would go down, but he didn't care . He invited all the celebrities, employees, guards, and subcontractors to Daesan Hotel for the banquet . For grand foundation ceremonies, entertainment officials, reporters, and famous personnel of all levels were usually invited, but Ahn Soo Ho didn't want to make it so tiring .

"What's going on?"

"I don't know . Apparently, the president called everyone . "

"He even sent a helicopter to the ones who went to Busan for an event . "


"He sent one to Daejeon and Daegu too . "

"Wow! No way . "

All sorts of people were at the banquet . Including the clerical workers, trainers, sound technicians, managers, coordinators, stylists, security guards, dance teams, choreographers, and even trainees participated, which made it very crowded . Yesterday only joined because everyone else did .

"What kind of carelessly planned foundation ceremony is this?"

"It's refreshing and fascinating though . "

"He's definitely the king!"

As people shared their surprise uncomfortable-looking Shim Il Kwon and smiling Kim Yoo Seon stepped onto the platform . But it wasn't them who held the mic, but Kim Woo Jung .

"Testing, testing . Attention, everyone . "

Kim Woo Jung was smiling on the outside, but he was actually very nervous . The canceled meetings, commercials, and broadcasts would cost a lot of money .

"The reason why we gathered you here today is to unite for the establishment of this company…"

"Give it to me . "

Ahn Soo Ho cut off Kim Woo Jung's formal speech . He felt the warmth of everyone's gazes once he took the mic, but it was nothing compared to what he faced on the battlefield .

"It's nice to meet you . I'm the one who called you here today . "

Some of the singers and actors who were urgently called looked just as uncomfortable as Shim Il Kwon .

"You're probably wondering what this son of a b*tch is all about . "

"Haha . "

There was small laughter in response to Ahn Soo Ho's self-diss .

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"Let me introduce myself…I'm rich . "

He looked shameless . Lee So Hye's shamelessness as she flattered her big brother was nothing compared to the thickness of his .

"I heard some people were calling me the third generation heir, but that's not true . That's all bullshit, everyone . Woof, woof . "


The laughter grew louder .

"I'm rich . I'm probably richer than you think . Isn't that right, Red Spicy?"


The famous modern rock band, Red Spicy came up to Seoul in a helicopter right after their performance in Daegu .

"To be honest, I have no interest in making money with this company . "

The laughter immediately faded . Since he wasn't talking passionately about the company's future, but rather joked about it, they were suddenly concerned .

"But don't worry . It won't go down . Why? Because I'm rich . "

He continued to stress his wealth .

"You probably won't believe it until you see it…so I will give all of you a fifty percent raise . I might give you an even bigger raise if you negotiate, so please feel free . "


They wondered if they heard it wrong, but when Ahn Soo Ho didn't correct himself, they all cheered .


The joy in their cheers was real .

"I'm planning to provide helicopters to the artists who have events in other regions . "


"I also bought a private jet . "


The truth was, he got it as a spot good, but so what? As soon as Ahn Soo Ho flicked his finger a picture of the beautiful Boeing 747s at Incheon International Airpot was shown on the projectors .

"If the broadcasting producers boss you around, I'll buy the broadcasting company . If there's no concert hall, I'll build one . If you want to star in a movie or a drama, let's start our own . "

People were unable to stay sane as he went on . The scale became too big to consider him a third generation heir . And they had no idea that all of the money he was spending, was just a small amount of his overall wealth . Compared to Hollywood, Korea was very small .

"I don't know much about visions and what not . But I'll promise you one thing . "

Someone who attacked England with oil money said this .

"I'll show you what real wealth is . "

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