SORCERESS 101 - Chapter 117

Published at 25th of October 2019 09:50:40 AM

Chapter 117

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The class was astonished when they saw how fast their classmate, Su Yan, was answering the test .

But they didn't think much about it . After all, the speed of answering the test does not guarantee that she was able to answer all of the questions correctly .

The same thought was happening within Teacher Zhao's mind . Instead of feeling delighted upon seeing that someone from her class was able to answer her question with ease, disdain is written on her face and it was clear for all eyes to see .

Even though the purpose of the exam is just to assess the prior knowledge of the students about her subject, she didn't go easy on choosing the questions either .

She prepared it with much difficulty with the intention of instilling the idea that Phytomysticology is one of the subjects that they should focus with .

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Thus, when she saw someone answering her test as if it was nothing, she can't help but frown .

As someone who prepared the questions personally, she knows how difficult it was . Even she, herself would have to contemplate the answers before writing it down as some of her questions tends to be a little bit confusing .

But that lad was jotting down his answer way too swiftly and from the looks of how he was able to come up with the answer, it was like he already knew the answer right after reading the question .

Is that even possible?!

And as if finding her exam not difficult enough, the student warlock even started switching from left hand to right hand while answering the questionnaire!

You must be jesting! Do you take my exam as a joke? Are you sure you're here to take the exam and not for perform a show?

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Being part of the teaching faculty despite her young age is a testimony that she was a rare genius . But despite that, she was not capable of that same feat .

"He must be fooling around . Right, that must be the case . "

Teacher Zhao had seen this kind of act before when she was still a student . She used to have a classmate who loves to act cool .

Despite not knowing the answer he pretended to be smart for the sake of acting cool . He always wants to hug the limelight . So in order to get the attention that he craves, he finished the test with astounding speed .

Their classmates admired him because of this back then . Thinking that he must be really smart to be able to answer the exam with ease . Only to find out in the end that his score was just beneath the passing rate .

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Mu Lingxi heaved a sigh of relief when she finished answering her test . But she was unaware that her action already brought her the hostile attention of others .  

Even though she almost had the answer key with her because of Janus' help, she still had a fair share of hard work .

After all, writing the answers incessantly is also not an easy task . Both of her hands were all sore from writing!


Drawing out a deep breath, Mu Lingxi stands up and decided to submit her test questionnaire since she was already done answering it .

On the other hand, seeing that the lad is really adamant in acting cool, submitting his test paper earlier than the deadline black lines immediately streaked across Teacher Zhao's face . Find authorized novels in Webnovel,faster updates, better experience,Please click www . webnovel . com for visiting .

But as unhappy as she was, Teacher Zhao knew better than stooping low as to pick a bone with this preposterous student of hers .

Once the result of the exam is out, let's see how you can still maintain your cool .

With a harrumphed, she took the test paper .



What's with Teacher Zhao's attitude? Is she having PMS today?