SORCERESS 101 - Chapter 149

Published at 27th of October 2019 07:05:04 PM

Chapter 149: 149

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Within the now vivid and calm water of the Nexus Portal, an image was being shown . The picture image was filtered by blue-green color as it was only being reflected by the water of that same color .

It was an image of a lush green place and at its center was an oversized plant . Its flower's color is reminiscent of the resplendent sun, golden yellow .

Its petals were as long as an adult's arms stretched sidewards . At the center of the flower where the pistil was usually located, A chubby-faced baby was there, looking so at peace and unbothered by the world's darkness . .

Its rosy cheeks and cherry lips were so cute . Also, it's shiny and beady eyes had a look of innocence on them . The only disturbing thing was how the baby's face was equivalent to three of Mu Lingxi's face combined .

"Another talking plant . . . "

Yun Xue commented when he saw what was being reflected by the water of the Nexus Portal .

"Hmm . . . Let's just hope that the guardian this time is not as weird as that talking oak tree . Come on . . . "

After he said that, Chan Gu led the group to where the port was . Since he had the Nexus Portal in hand, he was able to locate the portal easily .

"Good day, my friend!!!!"

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The oversized flower that had the face of a baby greeted them merrily .   The way it spoke was as cute as when a toddler speaks .

"Hello, Miss Beautiful Flower . . . . "

The group didn't know how to address the baby faced flower but they still feel that they need to reciprocate her warm greetings . . .

"Hehe . . . Don't call me Miss, it is making me feel embarrassed . You are making me blush! I'm still a child . . . Just call me Flora . "


[Flowers can actually blush???!'???]

"Anyways, now that you are here, it means you need help from me . But to seek my help, you must first answer a riddle for me!!!"


Mu Lingxi did not expect to meet this kind of trial before going back to school .

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"Sure . No problem with that . . . "Find authorized novels in Webnovel,faster updates, better experience,Please click www . webnovel . com for visiting .

Fan Lei had full confidence in his intelligence and talent in answering logic questions . Thus he did not hesitate to accept the challenge .

"Great! Just Great!!!!"

The baby faced flower shrieked in delight . She was apparently excited by this riddle thing .

"Alright! First one! . . . . . Which flower swears????"

"Huh??? Does a flower even know how to swear??? It is actually our first time seeing a talking flower . How do we know which flower swears? What kind of riddle is that???"

"Hmmp! If you don't know the answer then just say so!"

No matter how hard they brainstormed to come up with an answer to this riddle, they just couldn't think of one . In the first place, they have never met a talking flower before . What more of one which knows how to curse out .

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So as indignant as they were for this swift defeat, they still didn't have a choice but to admit it .

"We don't know the answer . "

"Ohhh . . . such a pity . . . but don't get discouraged . I know that this riddle is a bit hard . Let me give you the answer for this one instead . . . "

The cute toddler voice of the flower sounded strange when she said these encouraging words .

"Hmmm . . Which flower swears??? Well . . . it's none other than . . . Hibis . . . CUSES . . It's the Hibiscuses! WHAHAHAHAHA!"

"MEOW . . . "

[Err???? Is that a riddle or a lame joke????]

Just like Janus, Mu Lingxi and the rest were also rendered speechless by the answer they got from it .

What the heck??? Is that what you called riddles????? That is more like a joke! A lame one at that!

But what could they expect from a toddler after all??? Most likely, she had a misconception about the difference between riddles and jokes .

It was only at this time that the group finally realized what the common trait shared by the chosen guardians was .


[ By now it is confirmed, all guardians are weird and most likely, that's part of their job description . ]

"Alright, no need to worry . I still have another riddle . . . Hmm . . .

There was once a big cat that loved flowers so much he became one . What is his name????"

The baby faced flower went on with her next riddle without giving them time to react . When the group heard the new question they were rendered speechless once again .

This time, they badly wanted to strangle and wipe that radiant smile off the face of the annoying talking flower . Some even wanted to run straight and uproot it .

They were really feeling frustrated that it was starting to cloud their rationality .

Screw you!!! How would we know about your history at all??! We never interacted with any talking flowers before! So how can we be acquainted with one?"

They wanted to shout that loud, but they knew that they must not offend the guardian .