SORCERESS 101 - Chapter 24

Published at 20th of October 2019 09:08:11 AM

Chapter 24

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Janus was obviously pissed off when he saw that the lava breathing beast intended to harm his master .

He might be a sarcastic and annoying pet, and usually tend to act careless and happy go lucky, but one thing that he can't tolerate is for Mu Lingxi getting hurt by any means .

Seeing that the black panther was advancing, lava breathing boar felt the danger in the air .


Its tusk glowed red like a lava as it issued another sound wave carrying an overwhelming power .

The sound wave pushes the approaching figure of Janus a few steps backward . But he did not panic at all . He swipe his paw and using his sharp nail, he tear the space in his front . The sound wave disappeared in thin air .


Lava breathing boar had a question mark all over its face . At this time it badly wanted to vomit blood out of frustration .

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He might not be the most powerful beast, but his strength is not something that should be trifled either .

One should take note that his ball of flame can blast its target in a second . But when it touches the paw of this black panther, it became so fragile . Even turning into smoke as soon as the black panther touches it .

What more is his sound wave . Even a senior level warlock of red realm had his seven orifices bleeding upon meeting it . But the black panther just swipe its paw and the pressure vanishes just like that .


The lava breathing boar squeak in protest .

"You cheater! You're not a beast! You're simply a monster! Stop messing around with me!" it wanted to shout but unfortunately, this beast is not capable of speaking .

The beast wanted to run as far as he could . Away from the terrifying black panther who was slowly walking towards him . Yet, he cannot muster the strength to do so . He loses his strength and the will to fight as soon as his eyes lock eye contact with the black panther . Its ancient aura radiated and it affect the beast's psyche .

"WWWWIIIIEEEKKK . WIIIEEKK . WIIIEEKK . " the lava breathing boar squeak helplessly . As if asking the black panther to show him some mercy .

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[What are you squeaking for?! Quit that! You annoying stinky pig?!]

Janus was about to smack the wild boar on its head when he said that . But as soon as he raise his paw, the lava breathing beast fell down with its tongue sticking out from its mouth . That is why he was too shocked and his paw was still left in mid air on the act of smacking .


[Errrrr???? Hey are you okay?!!!!]
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[ I didn't even hit him! I swear!!!" ]

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Janus shouted back to Mu Lingxi .

Mu Lingxi and Long Fuzi was also confused . They see clearly from where they are located that Janus just raised its paw and it does not even close at touching the lava breathing beast when it suddenly collapse in the ground . The beast even had its tongue sticking out of its mouth .


[Ahmm . . . excuse me???? ] Janus slightly nudge the fallen beast near his paw, getting no response he tried to pry open the eyes of the lava breathing beast .


[ Yooohhoooo???? Aye! why did you feinted just like that? I'm not even started?!]

"Aren't you a beast? A MAGICAL BEAST! For crying out sake! Why did you feint just like that?!! You should not be calling yourself a beast . You're a pet! You're just a PET! YOU DOCILE STINKY PIG!"

Janus kept and lashing insult using his poisonous tongue to the body of the beast who just feinted as he slowly reverted back to his original appearance

If the lava breathing boar could just hear how the little black cat's hurling and saying insults to him right now, he will surely die out of anger .

"I am not a PET and most importantly I am not docile and stinky!!! AMMA BEAST! I AM A CERTIFIED BEAST!!! It is just that you are a MONSTER! That is why I am no match from you!!!" it will say


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