SORCERESS 101 - Chapter 68

Published at 20th of October 2019 09:07:23 AM

Chapter 68

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They were not good friends, that is for sure . Even their first encounter did not end well . She does not have any good impression towards this Prince Long Yue, but still, she cannot let him die just like that .

She was not heartless, her conscience will definitely haunt her until her last breathe if she witnesses him die at her front while she just stands idly at his side doing nothing .

"What are you doing??? Get away from here!"

Prince Long Yue try to push away the stranger who uses its own body as a shield to block the attack of the harpies .

Everything happens so fast! He saw the same harpy who took his wand launch an attack aiming to scratch him, but before it could even land, the stranger put himself between them and the harpies .

As a result, the harpy managed to scratch the forearm of the stranger . Yet for some unknown reason, instead of frantically attacking them after the first successful scratch, the harpies halted their onslaught .

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The harpy who manage to scratch the stranger shriek and flew away in panic . While the remaining harpies crumple their nose upon the sight of the blood . They also flew away one by one!

It seems like the Harpies were so disgusted at the presence of the blood and they cannot stand the sight of it .

Yet this idea seems absurd and contradicting cause the harpies have been wreaking havoc for quite some time now that the smell of blood almost blended perfectly on the air .

But that did not stop them and instead, it was as the whiff of the blood in the air serves as an aphrodisiac for them .

He can still see flocks of harpies assaulting other warlocks in the ship, only the harpies who attack them were scared witless and flew away in a hurry .

Befuddled by this sudden turn of events, Prince Long Yue observed the stranger who apparently, saved him in a hair's breadth .

The man has an average looking face, freckled cheeks and pointed chin . He was skinny and look a little bit malnourished compared to the body of a normal man . He seems to be at the same age as him . All in all, there is nothing out of ordinary about this guy .

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The lanky young lad was hugging Prince Long Yue at his side while his right arm has a glaring wound and blood was continuously gushing out from it .

This position should have been a romantic if only the present Mu Lingxi was not in her disguise .

Prince Long Fuzi felt awkward for unknown reasons upon seeing his dear young brother in the embrace of some young lad of unknown origin .

"You're hurt!"

That is all he managed to say hoping to soothe the awkwardness slowly creeping between the three of them .

Good thing, reinforcement arrived at the right timing . When the ladies who were initially escorted inside the ship realized that their classmates have not returned yet, they decided to lend their aid .

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After all, the passengers of this ship were not just normal people . They were all warlocks and sorceress .

The arrival of the sorceress at the scene was a crucial point to successfully drive the flock of harpies away .

It just so happen that woman is the archenemy of Harpies . Maiden's blood is their bane . Once the blood of virgin manages to get its way to their body, even just a small stain of it was enough to render them infertile .

Which in return will hinder their propagation . On the contrary, male species especially human is the highly sought creature for Harpies .

They used to abduct sailors in the sea and used them for breeding . Males for them serve their purpose for reproduction . Then after they were done using them, the poor males will become their source of entertainment .

The Harpies will literally toy with them just like what they did a while ago . They will try to snatch the man's body to one another until they ended up tugging at its both ends .

In the end, the body won't be able to handle the pressure and it will be torn into halves .

Those warlocks who unfortunately fall victim to today's abduction and has been carried far away by the harpies will meet the same end .

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