Sore, Itadakimasu - Chapter 3

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Chapter 3

Saliroza Chapter 3 – Give Me A Break



Although my so-called plans weren’t elegant, well, let’s try recall what my plans were at first .


Although I’m a Witch of Sennet, I’m unable to absorb the inki people emit, so I have no choice but to receive it from a partner that’s also descendant from a succubus .

Nevertheless, inki emits from the top of Captain Judius’ blond haired head with a ‘fuwa~n‘, and I’m able to absorb it .


He has pure white feathers that appears on a <Divine> near both his ears, the appearance of the Captain is a good looking blond haired blue eyed man .

Possessing a holy sword blessed by a Divine, not only does he personally kill the demons without self that attacks the <Spiral Castle> in Central City, he commands a unit, an excellent captain that has accomplished numerous accomplishments .


Un, however, those sorts of things doesn’t matter .

What’s important is I can absorb the inki the Captain emits, when I put him in an erotic mood in order to have him do that―― even though I got him in one, how did this happen!!1


Inki is normally absorbed through the mouth .


However, that’s being blocked up……!!


While I’m being glued to the side of the bed, with both knees pressed against the floor and bending halfway backwards, the Captain firmly secured me by to covering the upper half of my body . 2

His left hand is around my back, his right hand is grasping onto my jaw―― currently, we’re in the middle of a passionate kiss .


Being enclosed in his thick arm and held between his legs, I can easily tell he’s a person that’s been in battles from his tempered and tough body from being glued closely to him, and because of that, I can’t move the slightest .

The Captain inclined his face, and with his tongue that’s been inserted in my mouth, he relentlessly, and lasciviously, entwined my tongue and sucked on it .

In the small room with sunlight shining in, nothing but wet ‘chu, kuchu‘ sounds were heard .


Not good .

S-Say, the reason why my head is in a daze is because, s-suffocation……?


Far from absorbing inki, I can’t breathe……! (note: breathe is pronounced iki so it sounds similar to inki)




When I franticly jolted my face, our mixed saliva, that I can’t even tell belongs to who, spilled out with a ‘tsu‘ .

The tip of the Captain’s tongue snapped away from my tongue, and our lips separated at the same time .




I franticly inhaled while quivering .

Just now――

do, to .  (note: sorry, don’t know what this means)

A smoke-like object that shined with a pale gold colour, that more delicious than oxygen, filled the inside of my mouth, together with a numbing sensation that spread through my whole body .


My whole body relaxed .



「Is my inki delicious?」


He whispered in a low voice that contained a laugh, then wiped my lips with his rough finger .  Ah, excuse me for drooling……

While being held in his arms as I took shallow breaths with a ‘ha, ha‘ sound, his beautiful point-blank ranged face smiled just a little―― I had that feeling but I couldn’t properly see .

Because the Captain is backlit and furthermore I’m oozing with tears, my vision has become blurred3 . The pure white feathers and blond hair on both sides of the Captain’s head are sparkling so much that the outlines are hazy, how dazzling……


Being the first time directly absorbing inki from a person other than my family since I was born, it felt so good that I absorbed a large amount to the point that it feels like I’m about to die . 4

It’s delicious, isn’t it?5

It’s completely different from what my little sister, Meriland, shares with me, a pure, rich, thick, and mild―― no, it’s not soup―― inki!

Is it because the Captain carries the blood of a Divine?

I somewhat don’t understand, but for now, it’s delicious . The only thing certain is that it’s extremely delicious!

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「Do you want more?」


「You want me, right?」


Yes .

That’s right .


Although I’m fully nodding inside my head, after being completely permeated with the Captain’s fine quality inki thought my whole body, partly because I was starved, kind of like cheese being slowly melted with fire, let alone being able to answer well, I couldn’t move . 6

Bastard .

What kind of thing caused me to be a defective witch……!


While shifting the blame, I looked up at the Captain .


The blond haired man, suddenly brought his face close and kissed me again, when his lips separated with a good ‘chu‘ sound, his body approached and held me up in his arms with a ‘hyoi‘ .

Waa, a princess carry .

And just like that, I was dropped on top of the bed .

The bed I use is in the cave-like area carved in the wall, which is the neighbouring bed―― the one Meriland calls 「Saliroza’s den」, but of course, the Captain wouldn’t know neー .


Sitting down beside me who was facing upwards, the Captain twisted his upper body and looked down on me .


「How was it? Do you still want it?」



I slowly moved my lips and spoke .


「How was it, I wonder……?」


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Honestly, my brain isn’t working .

Perhaps, if I’m to say it in terms of a normal meal, my stomach is filled I guess . Like my fingertips―― the ends of my hands and feet are hot, my face is hot, I’m a little sleepy? mou . Sleepy…


「Don’t sleep . 」

「Zzz . 」7

「mi . 」


When I couldn’t resist and closed my eyes, a familiar cry alongside soft fur was pushed against my lips .

mi? When I sluggishly opened my eyelids, an ashen furball was before my eyes .

To shamefully straddle your limbs over your master’s face .


My familiar, a small ashen cat (its tail is long you know!), Miyu, was held up with long fingers by its small back . Although he had the same beautiful face, the owner of the large hand, with clauses from handling a sword, was lightly pushing Miyu against me .


「Absorb . 」

「mimimiー . 」


Huh, it agreed! Wait no, you YOUUU… . . ! AAN!8

My absorbed inki was transferred to Miyu .  AAAAH……wait, ah, I’m slightly refreshed .


The inki transferred to my familiar converted into magic power . 9

Of course, although that conversion is also possible inside the body of a witch, the results are more efficient with subdued Demons .

Familiars that receive magic power can fight depending on its traits .


「fumu . 」


The Captain nodded in satisfaction, then slowly lifted up Miyu .

It extended the end of its tail and slapped my nose as if it lost interest, the familiar squinted its blue eyes, then faced the Captain and cried out with a ‘mi‘ .

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What is that, that, contentment!!


「Yosh, well then, you, go and close the door . 」

「mi . 」


No way, you, DON’T AGREE .

Outside of me screaming those sorts of things in my mind, the Captain flicked his wrist and threw Miyu, bumping it against the opened door .

While I was thinking ‘what are you doing to other people’s familiars’―― Miyu, why are you obediently leaving . And why are you closing the door .

The sound of it heartlessly closing the door resounded through the room .




Being in the room with just the two of us, the man with the pure white feathers that were the same as a Divine, placed both his hands respectively on both sides of my head, looked down from above me and smiled .


「You want me, right?」


What I want is your inki though―― was what I wanted to answer with . However, being overpowered by the beautiful face slowly approaching, I did nothing but slowly nod, my voice couldn’t come out .


――You, who are you!?

Where did this fort’s beautiful, honest, and stubborn Captain Judius Ellara Something go……!!


「Saliroza Sennet . 」


From the man in front of my eyes with the same face I recognise, a wonderful and tasty looking golden inki emitted with a ‘fuwa~n‘, and he whispered .

「I’ve always wanted you as well . Witch of Sennet . Saliroza . 」



No way, who are you really .