Sore, Itadakimasu - Chapter 6

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Chapter 6

Chapter 6


I am knitting a lace while sitting on a long blue fabric-covered sofa near the window inside my room .

The sun is almost setting, but the dusk felt comfortable just before summer season, the rays of the sun was sparkling with some kind of gold particles, somehow it’s warm .

I laid my the back of my body to the sofa, while I relax my mind as I lay down, I focused myself on my hand and continued knittig the lace . Knit . Knit .


Actually, it’s not going well .

It’s not like the motif is excellent to catch the attention .

The important thing is that it was actually made by a Senette Witch .

For instance, even though as you notice that I can’t take inki by myself, my familiar will be the one taking, well it’s not like everyone knows of it (I’m so sorry) .

And also, there’s a rumor that the lace knitted by the Witches of Senette is a charm in 『Obtaining Love』as it has inki in it, it’s kind like of a popular item .

In short, the laces that I have knitted will be send to our parent’s home, and to think that only one sheet will the special mailing bird can carry and I can’t use it more than once, and they’re requesting thirty sheets! And right now not even a single sheet is done and I still need to make thirty sheets! That’s so many desu!


The yarns used came from high-quality shops that are only found in the capital cities are sent here by my family . These are sent around every twenty days along with few sweets, clothes, and of course letters are included in the deliveries .

And everytime I open the letter there’s always,
『Suck . If not then go work 』

They’re reminding me of the Senette Family’s motto .


……But, maa, even if that helix castle is opened, and those monsters from other worlds enters this world, this is the season of subjugating those and it’s just spring is almost ending to welcome summer .

That’s the reason why my sister left, even though this is the closest place from home that I’m allowed to go to . There are also monster scouting so it doubles the measures . That’s spring is the most hectic season ne~ .


During this time around, soldiers in the fortress dedicate most of their time in training .

I’m not treated as a soldier so I don’t go to join them (I might just even be a bother ne), I don’t even contribute to the fortress to be an additional manpower .

In short, I’m just leisurely idling around .

I can do whatever I want in this free time .

Also it’s wonderful how I can make money! After this one, twenty-nine more to go! I can’t see this ending!




I stopped my hands that’s doing crochet, ha~a, I breathed a ——sigh, the ball of lace yarn dropped feom my knees because I moved .

Plop, with a dropping sound, I tried to reach the yarn with my hand only for it to continue to roll down on the floor .

Wait .

I screamed inside my mind, yet I don’t have any energy to stand .


Ah, there it goes~ , but looking closely at it, suddenly a cute 「Mii!」shriek can be heard on my footing .


「Mii, mii, mii!」


A gray-colored furball came chasing the yarn ball…… . .

With that, I relaxed .


「Miell! Stop!」


My familiar, having an appearance of a little cat, stopped the yarn ball and turned around to look back at me and widened it’s blue eyes . It’s long gray tail formed an src and wagged it .



「……Ah—, sorry」


I returned my about to stand waist back to the sofa and immediately apologized .

Miel has appearance of a cat but the truth is she’s not actually a cat . I made her that way, my only familiar . She’s not just an ordinary cat . In our house you’ll get confused  since we have a lot of cats . Forgive me .


「Please bring that hereー」


While waving my fingers to her for sometime, Miell wrapped the yarn ball which looked like bigger than her own body with its long tail and brought it in minds . Oh, how wonderful . As expected of my familiar!


「Thank you, Miell’s really a good girl ne—, and a helpful good girl ne— 」


I praised her as I accept the yarnball, my familiar who was sitting on her forepaws near my feet looked up to me and made a sound .



「…… . 」


It should be making 「Haaa」sound if it’s a human .

It’s laughing with its nose , that’s it .

I threw the yarn ball softly which I just received a while ago then she chased it while squealing 「Mii~mii, mii, miimii!」, it rolled over under the bed which she run after to . Chiii .

I held the crochet, positioned myself properly and continued knitting once again . The yarn ball is rolling over the floor but I guess it should be fine . Knit .

Knit . Knit . Knit……… . another sheet, DONE!

Holding the finished sheet, I wiped my sweat using my hand…… . . tte .


—— I’m through with thiiiiiiis… . !


Running away from reality is over!!

Putting down both the finished knitted lace and the crochet, I stood up .

Whenever I try to running away from reality I begin knitting laces, run away, and run away (there are still twenty-nine sheets to go Salirosa but ignore it) .


The thing that’s bothering me is not like the firewood being burned by the flames and slowly turning to ashes .

It’s still here .




Breathing in heavily up to raising the shoulders, finally, wa~a, letting out a huge breath of sigh .

Rubbing my hands together to make it warm, then hitting my my cheeks with both my hands .

Hot . Un, the truth is, it’s always been hot .

A small voice continues to remain in my ears .

『I’m so happy that I finally was able to let you know of my love』

Love you say .

Love you say…… . !!

I just want to know from where is that love you’re speaking of… . !!


—— That time .

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It was like I was asking for help while being piled together and smashed in between with the stone blocks that are used to build helix castles, and then the bells that are used to ring as an offering to the gods began to rang .

Karaaaaaa~… . n, tto . It was also the signal that it’s time to take a break for the people working in the fortress, the Captain won’t be able to eat his vegetable soup if he won’t go out during the break period, and then, the ringing of the bell also ended . He got up from my bed as the bell’s ringing ended!!


It’s the first I felt thankful to that bell from the bottom of my heart!!

However, as the Captain was about to leave the room, he left some alarming words .

『Well then, I’ll see you later』


What do you mean by see you later————tsu!?

Are you going to come back————tsu!?

See you! And then with that!

It should be that huh .






…… . Un, but it’s not like I dislike the Captain .

Since I don’t dislike him, it’s troubling me .

Just because he tells me those strict words, it won’t be enough for me to hate him .


Even if it’s the same with everyone from the family, It’s still not enough for me to hate .

It’s because they love me that we can laugh together and tell you some harsh words but—— it’s not because they wanted to hurt you .

And in order not get hurt, I try to hide those somewhere in my heart .

Judius Elullara…… (or something) , during the time when the Captain told me some harsh words, of course I got hurt but—— I wonder why I didn’t really cared about it .  What nuisance or something like that I thought, but just a little bit, somehow from those words, it felt like it was as tender as those white plumes that were fluttering . I was having those kinds of thoughts .

And also…… I’m like just an extra witch here in the fortress,  I wasn’t treated well and sometime being looked down on that it made me depressed, even the Captain is treating me as someone to take for granted .

But it’s not like I’m the only one the Captain treats that way .


Very strict to everyone, fair to all!


For everyone, looking closely at it, there were time that they’re praised, and there were time they’re treated kindly (probably) .

But most of all, everyone knows how strict that person can me .

Understanding the Captain’s position, inside the fortress, especially when on the battle ground, he won’t hesitate to make a tough decision for the sake of everyone .

For the many, he’s going to fight and move .

In order for everyone not to have a hard time working, he makes sure to carefully guide them .

For those who are called 〈People of Heaven〉which were on the upper echelon of this world, drawing blood, it doesn’t matter for them how dirty it is on the battle grounds . After all, from early in the morning until late in the evening after the soldiers are done with their training, they’re just inside the room doing nothing . (TL: refers to the bastard nobles out there)

…… .

…… . Un, what a perfect Captain! Tte, I thought of that myself, just now!

At the same time, why is that kind of amazing person towards me―― the Senette Family’s failure witch instead of my capable sister, and yet to this extra witch to say, l, l o o o o o o o o o v e (!) tte, it’s weird right, I mean this kind of story!!

Love you say!

Love you say… . . !!


「What to do……」


My face is getting hot .

My heat is going to my ears that it kind of hurts .

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―― Salirosa Senette, nineteen years-old, a maiden desu .

The only people of the opposite sex that have been able to held hands with or hugged with were her Onii-chan somehow or the other, and twin little brothers (ten years-old) somehow or the other, or my younger cousins, only in the family .


「What to do」


It’s always the same words that come out .

――What to do . What to do, WHAT TO DO……!

See you later, that means…… he’ll come to see me later?






My heartbeat is getting faster, wait wait wait wait wait, and a voice is ringing in the corner of my mind .

It was telling me 「Just do it」 like it’s nothing .

Again later, even if I say I don’t want to, it doesn’t mean he won’t do it .

Also, that 「later」 might be tomorrow or it might be the day after tomorrow, if possible I don’t hope that  「later」  to ever come, for eternity!

「Let’s meet again」 is just a greeting the happens in social gathering! To that kind of wonderfully bothersome greeting, sometime I just want to refuse it reluctantly!

Maybe the Captain’s words is just to get along with me .




Such thing is impossible, I also thought of it .




The day in the fortress has already been decided .

As the sun is setting outside the window, today’s third ring of the bell echoed, the soldiers for night shift got up to replace those on day shift .

By the way, when the fourth bell rings, it was time for the daytime soldiers who’re doing a rough day work to have their break and to take meals . And then go to sleep .

The personnel in-charge of the daily necessities of the soldiers work according to how the soldiers move, right now they’re preparing the meals and is waiting for the crowd to gather in the dining hall .

The others were preparing the large public bath in the first floor of the living quarters for the soldiers on daytime shift to use .


Once again, as for me who’s an extra witch of the Senette Family that was sent here in the fortress from our house, I don’t do those kind of work .

A day for me is finally~ over .


I was only until yesterday!


Right now I’m in trouble, I’m in a bind .

I wonder why I was knitting in the first place . Even though it was just running away from reality for a little bit!

After listening to the third bell ringing for a while, I closed the windows behind the sofa and turned the thin glass lamp’s switch in the middle of the room .

Turning the knob that was hidden in the lower part of the lovely flower decoration, the flames lit from the pot of the glass .

The helix castle does not need the developed oil to use in the lamp but it seems to be that the developer is the only person that made it and was gaining profits for himself, I’m so envious! That’s not it, but whatever .


I lowered my knee that was resting on the sofa and slowly place my feet on the floor .

The room is gently lit by the yellow-like light .

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…… . Un, it somehow looked like setting up the mood to do it .


「I, I’m ready anytime noooow! 」


I was making excuses in order to calm myself .

But the room is still dark with just this, I could also light up the lamp on the table in between the Meriland’s custom-made bed and the wall .

……A~re, somehow it felt like it became more erotic .

However, there is no turning back .

If it’s possible, I want my mind to go fluffy so that it doesn’t bother me if we’re really going to do it… . !!


Just like that, I looked at my own custom-made bet and went to lay down my back on the other custom-made bed .

Since this is the room my sister is using, there is no cloth to act as partition .

The carved part of the ceiling is shaped in semi-circle, it’s not that high and while laying down, I fell asleep and by the time I woke up, I was already on the floor .

It’s not like I always fall down from the bed during the night . That’s dangerous .

Amd there’s this 「Salirosa’s nest」which my sister named and it pisses me off whenever she says it .

It was sent from my parent’s house, it has the same design as Meriland’s bed that has red and yellow combination…… . I reach out to it and pulled it .




She was probably hiding under Meriland’s bed and peeked, sending me a sound like she was criticising me .

Un, I know it!

Just above of my head, my stack of books and my clothes are placed, and just on the corner of the wall was a basket where inside is a mountain of different things like the lace I was knitting and the things that were sent from home amd some other stuff .

I wanted to be praised for not putting any food in there .

It seems like the Captain won’t be able to notice it, probably! Ah—, it a not a good to just hide things on that direction .


「I’ll tidy up……」



I walked in all fours and went to a den .

And just by the time, karaaaan .

The fourth bell for today rang .

It’s a cue that it’s about to begin .

Translator’s thoughts:


In this chapter, I think it was shown that our cute MC is a spoiled daughter, they spoiled her too much that by the time they notice it, it was kind of late and immediately sent her out of the house to a nearby fortress to work but look, what is she doing just idling around like a princess . Rofl .


Also this chapter shows a lot of her internal struggles and many emotions shown .


And the annoying part was she kept on repeating 「Custom-made」, she’s flaunting how rich they are! Such a rich kid, urayamashi!


Ehem sorry for the rantings .


Hope you enjoy the chapter!