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Published at 21st of February 2019 04:55:00 AM

Chapter 20

Miroslava Salzar

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『Falcon Sword』’s magic caster, Miroslava Salzar, was in a bad mood .


The reason was obvious . She could barely go outside since over a month ago .


The guild said it’s for her protection, but in reality, it was more like she was on house arrest .


She understood that it was her punishment for the Fly Lord incident .


「How unreasonable . What crimes have I committed?」


She started to bite her nails inside the empty room . Well, she wanted to, but she stopped herself in the middle of it .


It would be stupid of her to damage her beautiful nails that she went through all that work to polish .


There’s no shortage of food or water and she could read the grimoires and academic books here if she wanted to . She initially thought that she could treat it as taking some time to relax here .


Although she usually cared about her looks as well, the time she could spend on herself was limited due to her being an adventurer .

In this case, she could spend more time on treating her skin, hair, and nails than usual .


Miroslava comforted herself in that sense with a pointless reason .


However, she would go insane if this lifestyle were to continue for another month . Moreover, living while being watched was something Miroslava had never experienced before .


Lars and the others seemed to have been assigned different tasks, so it was not easy to see them .

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The fact of not knowing how long this lifestyle of hers will continue for also annoyed her .

That feeling of dissatisfaction naturally went towards the individual who caused the whole thing .


「Sora…that useless man . What good is it even if he’s alive? He couldn’t even get out of the tenth-tier in all these years and he’s still gathering herbs all this time . If someone like that could save Lars by giving his life, it should be an honor for him」


If anything, he should be grateful instead, she thought .


A spiraling hatred was concealed in her tone and she did not feel even a little bit of regret .


Miroslava actually doesn’t think that she did anything wrong . She was aware that objectively speaking, there was a problem in her actions, but she was sure that she would have done the same thing even if she could turn back time .


「I don’t know if I’ll do that for a man other than Lars, though」


With her declaration, Miroslava looked up towards the sky with her eyes full of disgust and hate as she thought of a man in her mind-


Her father, who had many wives due to his wealth .


Due to the fact that she was disgusted by his wives being younger than she was, she went to the sage academy to study .


The all too naive Miro was then tempted by sweet talks and got lured into bed with a former party member .

She could not remember any good guys from her memories before she met Lars .


So, for Mirsoslava, to be in a party with any man other than Lars was nothing but pain for her . If it wasn’t because of Lars, she would have instantly disagreed to it .


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Luckily, due to that person’s talent limit, she only had to endure it for half a year .


But still, she thought that she had to fully erase that incompetent person named Sora from Falcon Sword’s affiliation in her irritation and especially from her own memory .


It would be best if he died, but of course, she can’t go that far . That’s why she tried to chase him out of the city . It’s the same thing as him being dead if she doesn’t see him again .


She spread rumors about Sora and bad mouthed him while carefully avoiding standing out the best she could .

Labeling him a 『parasite』was one of the things that she did .


「…Heheh, at that time, we were behind where he was sitting, too!」


A smile formed on Miroslava’s face as she recalled Sora’s depressed figure when he ran out of the tavern .


That incident at the tavern is why Sora looks at Lunamaria with hostility like never before . That was the work of Miroslava .

It was no coincidence that Sora was at that tavern before Miroslava and the others came in .

Miroslava plotted it with the influence of the Salzar trading company .


She had given instructions to where Sora will sit in advance . He was seated at the corner in the back .


After that, Miroslava invited Iria and Lunamaria to eat there and they would coincidentally be seated near each other .

At that time, all she had to do was make it seem like Lunamaria was calling him a parasite and the plan would be completed .


In fact, what Lunamaria was talking about at that time was just about natural parasites in nature .

It was Miroslava who linked her words to the “parasitic” action of Sora .

Miroslava pretended to be drunk and rubbed away Lunamaria’s confusion by laughing with Iria as she said something like “That’s a suiting name for that man” .


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Even for Lunamaria, there was no way that she would have known that Sora was next to them listening to their conversation .


In the end, everything went the way Miroslava wanted it to .


Why did she spend so much time and effort on that?


When Sora joined Falcon Sword, the person closest to him was Lunamaria .

If he found out that the term “parasite” was given to him by Lunamaria, the shock he would experience would be immeasurable .


Moreover, Miroslava knew that Lunamaria sympathizes with Sora, so there was also a meaning to get rid of the sprouts of danger early on . In other words, it was necessary to cut the bond between the two so that Lunamaria would not get in the way by having any ideas of bringing Sora back into the party .


Plus, Miroslava didn’t even like Lunamaria in the first place .


Back at the sage academy when she was a loner, the existence of that 「Elf princess」 was not something that Miroslava liked .


On top of that, since Miroslava eventually dropped out of the academy, she did not possess the qualifications to be a sage like Lunamaria . She did not find that amusing either .


It was only because of Lunamaria’s ability as an adventurer that she did not try to kick her out like Sora .


The only large miscalculation Mirsoslava had in her plan was that Sora still decided to stay in the city of Ishka .

That fact irritated Miroslava but she still believed that it wouldn’t have taken long before he left and all she had to do was to keep on spreading his bad reputation .


「Thinking back on it now, I should have chased him out harder at that time」


She muttered with a faint regret .


Of course, if she did that then she couldn’t have made him into a decoy to help Lars . Thinking about it like that, what she did was definitely not a mistake .


If only Sora got killed by the Fly Lord obediently, everything would have been perfect–When that thought crossed Miroslava’s mind,


She heard a door slowly opening .


Miroslava raised her eyebrow and thought that a man with no manners from the guild came in without knocking .

The guild master appointed males to monitor her even though she’s a woman .

She tried protesting to the guild master many times, but there was no indication of the situation improving in any way . It can be said that they can’t have their valuable female officials work as watchmen for so many days .


That’s why they’ve been disregarding her demand .


With her anger over such treatment, Miroslava opened her mouth on the person who just entered the room with fury .


However, words never came out of her mouth .


The intruder took her out of consciousness before her angry voice had a chance to come out of her throat .

Just before her body collapsed on the floor, the intruder lightly lifted her up .




The intruder then left a piece of paper on the table in the room and left with Miroslava on his back .


It was all done brilliantly within thirty seconds after breaking in .


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