Soul of Negary - Chapter 104

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Chapter 104

Chapter 104: Vol2 Ch2: Disaster King

Once the power was restrained inside his body, Negary obtained the relevant information regarding the power from itself .

[Disaster Authority: Otherworld Invasion . All destructive actions will generate Disasforce]

〖 So Disasforce is the name of this power? 〗 Negary sensed the power within his body: 〖 It can be released from the body at will to affect the outside world, but considering its characteristics, the effect would most likely result in destruction more often than not . Is this because it was derived from disasters? 〗

Negary was constantly changing his position through flight . He wasn’t sure if he had left traces behind or not, so in a situation like this, it was better to be cautious: 〖 So I obtained this Authority because I am an invader from another world? 〗

〖 If the [Otherworld Invasion] Authority exists, then most likely other Disaster Authorities also exist 〗 Negary’s thoughts turned: 〖 The most urgent thing to do right now is to conceal myself, restore my soul to how it was and slowly learn more about this world 〗

〖 However, I also need to make sure to avoid anything that might be considered a destructive action as that would generate Disasforce . Although I can quickly suppress it, it would still reveal my location 〗 Negary landed on top of a large tree as his gaze scanned everything around the area .

At a glance, this world seemed to be very similar to Wang Yuan’s world, as well as some differences . Firstly, although the languages were similar, they were not the same . Secondly, there were certain issues with this world’s social structure .

This place was neatly divided into several major domains, each domain divided into several Areas . With such detailed planning, it was very convenient for the government to maintain order and rule . Another important factor was that each Area had its own emergency shelter .

According to Negary’s observations, if any disaster occurs, people in the entire Area would be able to quickly take refuge, as if disasters were commonplace in this world .

Grabbing an unknown bird with his claws, Negary’s talons turned into tentacles and pierced into the bird’s body, swiftly assimilating it to become a part of himself . This action of his naturally generated Disasforce .

Quickly suppressing the Disasforce fluctuation, Negary changed his position, disguised himself as an ordinary bird and perched just a bit further away . After a bit of waiting, he saw several people arriving in vans at his previous position and took out their instruments to investigate .

All of them were wearing uniforms, and the pedestrians didn’t seem to be very surprised about their existence, but still reacted to their arrival, namely, they quickly sped up and moved away . Obviously, the department that these people belonged to wasn’t a secret, and the pedestrians also had a certain level of understanding about their existence, which resulted in them speeding up .

Negary didn’t observe for too long . He soon spread his wings and flew away, in any case, this was an unfamiliar world, so necessary precaution should be taken .

“No abnormalities detected . Authority Holder’s intention unclear . I suspect that the other party is trying to lure us into wasting our strength while planning something else” Seven reported the situation through a communicator .

“Understood, continue to keep a close eye on the situation” Chang Xia pushed his glasses up and hung the call, a lot of Disasforce reactions reports were spread out in front of him .

During this period, more and more undocumented Disasforce reactions had been detected, so someone was obviously planning something .

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A Holder of a Disaster Authority could use their Authority to create disasters, but could also limit disasters through them .

For example, a particularly famous Authority Holder held control of [Transportation Disaster], also commonly known as car accidents . He is able to absorb Disasforce from car accidents, as well as use his ability to prevent car accidents from happening . Within his presence, even if you purposely wanted to cause an accident, his Authority would prevent it, either by causing your vehicle to be unable to start or something similar . The point was that such a disaster would never occur .

And Authority Holders who used their abilities to restrain the occurrence of disasters were naturally the government’s favourite kind of people .

However, there were also ambitious people who would actively use their Authority to create disasters for various reasons, the most infamous incident of which was the Yue Bu earthquake of 16 years ago .

At the time, the Authority Holder of the [Earthquake Disaster] took the initiative to cause a major earthquake, wanting to absorb the Disasforce created from it to evolve his Authority into [Continental Sinking] .

That huge earthquake became a nightmare for many people, caused a huge impact and changed a lot of things in this world in many ways .

It was because of that incident that the D . E . R division came from behind the scene to the front stage, leading all matters concerning Disaster Authorities .

Naturally, their pressure also grew . If another Authority Holder were to be allowed to cause another catastrophe, things like social condemnation, government pressure, and most fundamentally, damage caused by disasters, were all considered to be unacceptable by the D . E . R division .

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“Let’s hope we can catch these troublemakers soon” Chang Xia sighed and thought .

It really is tiring to be the Chief of the 6th Domain’s D . E . R division . And those bastards had better return soon, if anything really happens, at least we’ll have a way to respond to it .

As the sun slowly went down, Negary landed on top of a building and watched the sea of lights in front of him, thinking of looking for an opportunity to infect a few servants to provide him Soul Essence . Otherwise, his currently weak soul would probably take a long time to recover .

〖 From this point of view, isn’t this Disaster Authority actually restricting me? 〗 such a doubt crossed Negary’s mind . Due to this [Otherworld Invasion] Authority, any of Negary’s actions to cause damage would create Disasforce and reveal his location .

Right now, the power of Disasforce wasn’t important to Negary . Being able to restore his soul while remaining concealed was a lot more important .

〖 Wait a minute, that is? 〗 Negary abruptly looked up towards the sky, as he felt an immense amount of surging Disasforce in the sky .

In comparison, if the amount of Disasforce he obtained from killing a bird was like a strand of hair, then the amount of Disasforce currently in the sky was probably enough to cause the extinction of all birds .

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With such a huge amount of Disasforce right there, any Disasforce Negary generated right now would be unremarkable . He wouldn’t be discovered if he created some servants right now, and even if he was, those people would probably ignore him .

As soon as he sensed that amount of Disasforce, Negary’s instincts told him that there was an issue . It was too convenient . Especially since this wasn’t the Flame World and there wasn’t a Misfortune characteristic, meaning that the concept of ‘Luck’ actually existed here .

However, Negary didn’t hesitate and flew directly into a nearby residence . That huge amount of Disasforce in the sky was still fluctuating, which meant that it could disappear at any time, it was best that he hurried up .

Meanwhile, the eruption of this Disasforce caused the D . E . R division to practically explode in panic . The D . E . R division had a scale for grading Disasforce, although it wasn’t clear who first proposed it, with grade A being the weakest, grade B being higher than grade A .

And the current Disasforce eruption had been measured to reach grade F, the highest possible level . Those who hold this level of Disasforce were commonly known as Disaster Kings .