Soul of Negary - Chapter 105

Published at 22nd of November 2020 03:15:13 AM

Chapter 105

At some unknown point, the power of Disaster Authority began to spread around this world, and Authority Holders were able to wield the disasters they held control over .

Holders of powerful natural disasters made people feel like Gods, but even ordinary man-made disasters could grant people great strength .

From large disasters like earthquakes, tsunami, flood, hurricane, drought, and war, to small accidents like car crashes, falling objects, common cold, and even skirmishes could give birth to their corresponding Authority .

And there were no set rules or order to the emergence of these Authorities .

Some people obtained their Authority from experiencing the corresponding disaster . For example, the man who obtained the [Transportation Disaster] Authority, went through a car accident that completely broke his life apart: taking away his fiancée and his unborn child inside her belly, paralyzing him to the point that he was confined to a wheelchair to this day .

While another Authority Holder could just be minding their own daily life when a large amount of Disasforce manifests out of nowhere and floods into their body .

And this was the case with the huge amount of Disasforce that appeared in the sky today .

“Manifesting in the sky like this, what kind of Authority is this energy level? Thunderstorm? Hail? No, those disasters can only be grade E at most, not grade F” Chang Xia quickly recalled the level of those monsters who held grade F Disaster Authorities .

For example, if the man 16 years ago managed to successfully evolve his grade E [Earthquake Disaster] Authority to [Continental Sinking], then that would have been a true grade F Authority .

However, since this was a direct manifestation of a grade F Authority, if this wasn’t handled properly, there was a chance for this to become a planetary disaster .

“The Disasforce reactions showed the characteristics of impact and high temperature . Our team has concluded with great probability that this is the grade F disaster – Asteroid Impact” Seven entered his office and reported, her complexion a bit pale: “It is still looking for a host, but once a host is born, they would become Disaster King Apophis”

Apophis was a planetoid near this planet . Due to its high probability of collision and a size large enough to cause the death of all life on this ‘Earth’, it was named after an entity in Egyptian mythology whose purpose was to cause the world to fall into permanent darkness, the ancient evil and demon of destruction, Apophis .

If this Disaster King really was born, they would be able to summon asteroids to strike the Earth whenever they exercised their Authority . Not every asteroid they summoned would necessarily be ‘Apophis’, but every asteroid that struck the Earth had the chance to be a world-class or at least national-class disaster .

Furthermore, if an asteroid on the same level as Apophis were to be summoned, the Earth itself might be fine, but humanity would definitely become extinct . After all, there had been several extinction events caused by relatively small celestial impacts in the Earth’s history .

“All personnel stay on guard . As soon as Disaster King Apophis appears in the 6th domain, they need to be immediately found and put under protection” Chang Xia swiftly gave his orders . The appearance of a Disaster King was an issue that couldn’t be ignored or glossed over .

Why were these people being called Disaster Kings? That was because an Authority Holder of world-class disasters could act as willfully as they wanted .

If it weren’t the fact that the non-natural death of an Authority Holder would most likely cause the Authority to go out of control, none of the so-called Disaster Kings would be left alive . Poisoning, assassination, etc . there were countless ways for large organizations and governments to make sure that a single individual died .

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But because of this fact, Disaster Kings became kings in the truest sense of the word . The Disaster Emergency Response Division practically catered to everything they desired, be it money, power, or anything else they had in mind, with their only request being that the Disaster King doesn’t activate their ability .

But of course, there was always a bottom-line . If the Disaster Emergency Response Division were to agree to everything without a bottom-line, the other party would only demand more and more .

Additionally, becoming a Disaster King also carried a certain risk . There were always ambitious folks in this world, and the existence of a Disaster King was the biggest threat to such people . In a sense, they were strategic assets and deterrents not unlike nuclear weapons .

Every Disaster King was accompanied by a large team that served them, on one hand preventing them from getting out of control, and on the other hand, to protect them .

One such incident that involved a Disaster King occurred in the year 2012, during which the Disaster King of a certain country was assassinated by terrorists . The Authority that Disaster King held was [Solar Storm], so when he died, what came after was most likely the most violent coronal mass ejection (CME) seen in human history .

At the time, about 1 billion tons of plasma exploded from the sun . If that had hit the Earth, it would have been enough to cause long-term severe weather; a world-wide power outage for several months; the paralysis of all artificial satellites, wireless electronic communication and modern power transmission networks; all the while wrapping the planet inside a beautiful aurora . The specifics of which could be referred to the Carrington event of 1859 .

With how much modern society relied on electricity and electromagnetic instruments, such a solar storm eruption would have caused immense damage to modern society .

Fortunately, someone intervened in that disaster and caused that solar storm to miss Earth .

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The Disaster King who died at the time held the [Solar Storm] Authority, but what if it had been the [Continental Sinking] Authority instead? An entire continent would have collapsed and become submerged, raising the planet’s overall sea level .

Because of this risk, the protection of Disaster Kings had always been the top priority .

And today, a completely new Disaster King had shown up, holding the Authority for [Asteroid Impact], temporarily referred to by the code name Apophis .

It was crucial for the Disaster Emergency Response Division to immediately locate, protect and educate this new ‘king’ .

In Area 13, Fang Ze was observing the stars in the night sky through Qiao Jie1‘s birthday gift, a telescope, with a happy smile on his face .

As a high school student, his hobby was astronomy, so the fact that he now had his own telescope made him very joyful .

The other reason why he was ecstatic was because of the one who gave him this gift, Qiao Jie .

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Qiao Jie was a girl 3 years older than he was who lived next door, their families had quite an amiable relationship .

The two of them had been close ever since they were young, so as Fang Ze matured physically, it was inevitable for him to hold a sort of indescribable good emotion towards the neighbour sister who had been taking care of him .

And the pure joy of receiving a gift from someone he liked was probably enough to leave Fang Ze on cloud nine for several days .

“Huh? What is that?” through the telescope, Fang Ze saw a ray of light that grew brighter and brighter in his vision . Then, before he could react, he felt something rushing in his mind before he fainted from the headache .

Meanwhile, Negary looked down at the four unconscious people collapsed on the floor . These were all people who were used to living in peaceful times, although the power of disaster existed in this world, it was still something detached from their daily lives .

〖 Individual will and characters aren’t up to standard, basically useless even if they were turned into Crowmen 〗Negary observed these people and commented about their unbearably weak willpower .

〖 Zhang Jiu Wei, the owner of this house . Bai Jie, wife of the owner . Zhang Yu Lu, daughter of the two 〗Negary didn’t act in a hurry and instead slowly confirmed the identities of the four people present .

〖 He Qiao, Zhang Yu Lu’s best friend 〗Negary confirmed the identity of the last girl .

Looking down at the four people, Negary flapped his wings and sensed the violently changing Disasforce in the sky outside . If he didn’t act now and waited until the Disasforce fluctuations calmed down, his modification of these people would generate a great amount of Disasforce reactions and cause him a lot of trouble .