Soul of Negary - Chapter 106

Published at 22nd of November 2020 03:15:12 AM

Chapter 106

“I really don’t know what happened last night, sorry that you had to sleep on the floor all night”

“It’s okay, I’ll see you later”

As the two girls said their goodbyes at the door, a strange creature hovering in a secret part of the corridor was observing all of this .

It then quietly followed the girl who left .

Negary squinted, flapping the three fleshy wings on his back while trying to conceal his body as much as possible .

Due to Negary’s paranoia, he had chosen to transform into his Dragon of Eternal Sin form .

As the embodiment of error and mistake, the Dragon of Eternal Sin’s wrongful form had the ability to nullify many abilities . For example, Eldridge’s ability, despite how powerful it was, couldn’t do anything at all while he was being kept inside the Dragon of Eternal Sin .

Especially after being burnt by the first flame, this characteristic of the form had even been strengthened .

As he took the Dragon of Eternal Sin form, Negary decided to give up on this chance after giving it some thought . The huge amount of Disasforce in the sky almost seemed like something was urging Negary to quickly take actions .

If he actually took actions at that time, there was a possibility of falling into an unknown trap, and not taking action was just one missed opportunity for Negary .

Although, what really made Negary decide to give up this chance was that after taking the Dragon of Eternal Sin form, he realized that he was a bit impulsive while disguised as a crow .

A bit of impulsiveness was normal, but for Negary, it wasn’t normal, and it was because of this slight impulse that made Negary become aware of this problem .

〖’Luck’, was it? 〗Negary scowled as he followed the girl named He Qiao from afar . Right now, he was suspicious of this girl .

The first reason was that she was quite a beautiful girl, and people with good looks were given preferential treatment regardless of where they were .

If there was such a thing as a ‘protagonist’, then the protagonist’s supporting characters could most likely be identified through their appearance . After all, the style of a supporting character was usually more refined compared to an extra .

The second reason was because of Zhang Jiu Wei’s family . Through his observations of their shallow psyche as well as various things in their house, Negary was able to confirm the state of their interpersonal relationships . Besides the wife of the owner whose personal life was a bit chaotic and frequently went out to hair salons, there weren’t any particularly notable characters .

Nevertheless, Negary still kept the address of the house in mind .

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As He Qiao continued heading to her destination, Negary became even more sure that there was an issue with the girl, because that was where the Disasforce disappeared yesterday .

〖 So I almost became the first villain that the protagonist needed to defeat, huh? 〗Negary didn’t continue to track her . Since such a huge amount of Disasforce disappeared at the girl’s destination, he wasn’t sure what kind of power the person who obtained that Disasforce would have, so the best approach was to temporarily take distance .

Flapping his fleshy dragon wings, Negary flew away . He suspected that the person who absorbed the Disasforce yesterday was the ‘protagonist’, and if that was true, this place wouldn’t calm down any time soon, he would soon have more opportunities to take .

“Ugh…” as Fang Ze woke up from his coma, the first thing he saw was a pair of dainty and delicate feet in white stockings in front of his eyes .

By slightly tilting his head up, he saw a girl in a maid costume tilting her head down looking at him . Even more embarrassingly, from his current position, he was easily able to see the sight hidden within the ‘absolute territory’ .

At the very next moment, the girl knelt on one knee in front of Fang Ze and lowered her head, her long black hair fluttered in front of Fang Ze with a slight comfortable fragrance: “Your subordinate is Liu Shi, greetings my king Apophis”

“Wait, wait a second…” Fang Ze hurriedly retreated as far as he could, then got up and looked at this girl who seemed to have come out from some fantasy, considerably confused .

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“Why are you dressed like that? And this is my house” finally having a grasp of the situation, Fang Ze quickly asked: “And what the hell is Apophis? Is that some sort of demon sword? I don’t have money to protect Allah you know!”

“Eh? Doesn’t your highness like maid costumes?” the girl Liu Shi asked, tilting her head: “All the movies you watch have this kind of clothing”

“Cough, cough, nonsense!” Fang Ze became flustered: “And even if I like it, it’s just 2D okay? How can anyone really… wear such… a… thing…”

Fang Ze’s voice became lower and lower as he spoke, because there was actually a girl wearing such clothes right in front of him .

“You still haven’t told me why you’re in my house” Fang Ze looked at the girl in front of him and quickly changed the subject: “And why are you calling me something like ‘your highness’?”

“Your highness is your highness . Liu Shi’s duty is to protect your highness’ safety” Liu Shi answered with a serious expression: “After all, your highness has only just taken a hold of your Authority . As your highness isn’t familiar with the application of Disasforce, it is easy for your highness to be ambushed by people with ill-will”

“Authority?” as Fang Ze heard that, information began to surge within his mind, informing him about his [Asteroid Impact] Disaster Authority .

There were currently a total of 19,500 known asteroids near Earth, among them, several hundred had been confirmed to be over 4km in diameter, and probably more of them unconfirmed . Even the Apophis asteroid that was enough to destroy the majority of life on Earth was only about 394m in diameter, not even 400m .

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In 2002, an asteroid with an estimated diameter of 10m collided with Earth . The asteroid exploded and burnt away in the atmosphere, but the amount of energy it released was about the same as that of a medium-sized nuclear weapon .

In 2013, an asteroid with a diameter of about 15 meters exploded into a meteor shower above the sky of Russia, the shockwaves of which caused the windows of 300 houses to break and the injury of around 1200 people .

Studies had shown that an asteroid with a diameter of about 40 meters was enough to level a city .

After Fang Ze recognized the Authority, he understood what he was able to do, almost like it was a natural instinct . With a single thought, he would be able to summon any asteroid he wanted, but the bigger the asteroid he wanted to guide, the longer it would take .

As soon as he gained this Authority, Fang Ze’s first reaction was fear, this was the kind of power that could create a great disaster with just a bit of carelessness .

“So, I’m a Disaster King now?” Fang Ze sat down on his bed with a dazed expression .

He wasn’t a transmigrator or a NEET who knew nothing about current events . Ever since the Yue Bu earthquake incident of 16 years ago, and the Disaster Emergency Response Division became the authoritative department, even if the public didn’t quite know how many Disaster Kings there were or who they were, they still had a basic understanding of concepts like Disaster Authority and Disaster King .

After all, it had become mandatory for schools to conduct orientations and educate all students about disaster-related knowledge . Only by making the relevant knowledge widely-known would there be no people who disregard the law and order because they happened to obtain supernatural abilities .

A particularly famous example in these orientations was the most renowned Authority Holder of the 6th domain . He was originally just an ordinary salary man, but as he obtained the Disaster Authority of [Medical Malpractice], every hospital in the domain welcomed him like a VIP, while people who were actually VIPs took the initiative to associate themselves with him . Just by doing nothing and staying at a hospital every day, he earned a large amount of money, eventually marrying the office goddess who used to look down on him, becoming an overall winner in life .