Soul of Negary - Chapter 107

Published at 22nd of November 2020 03:15:10 AM

Chapter 107

Negary was feeling gradually weaker, the reason of which was because his soul hadn’t been replenished for a long while .

But Negary didn’t regret his decision, as he was still within his period of weakness, he had more to lose than he does to gain by rashly getting involved with the protagonist’s events .

〖 And there are still a lot of doubtful things about this world 〗Negary flapped his wings and landed on a random location .

He originally travelled to this world through the channel left inside the first flame, following the traces of the New Deity and the Progenitor Dragon . In other words, if there were no accidents, the New Deity and Progenitor Dragon should have already arrived in this world .

〖 But there isn’t a single trace of them in this world at all 〗Negary had used the Zhang Jiu Wei family’s computer to check the relevant information .

But there were two issues . Firstly, Negary’s understanding of this world’s language and writing all came from the dead author Xu Ming, and since he was in a hurry at the time, he only picked out some commonly used phrases and common sense to absorb .

Secondly, although basic knowledge wasn’t restricted in this world, there was no way secret information would be placed anywhere on the accessible internet .

〖 However, I managed to learn a bit of basic common sense 〗Negary recalled the information he had found: 〖 A single Authority can only have a single Holder 〗

〖 Since I have the [Otherworld Invasion] Authority, I should have a special sense of connection towards everything related to invasions of other worlds, and yet…〗Negary could sense that the only living being from another world right now was himself, which meant that the New Deity and Progenitor Dragon most likely didn’t exist in this world at all .

〖 Of course, there is the possibility that my Authority is still too weak to sense them 〗Negary squinted his eyes and observed his surroundings: 〖 Now that I have a grasp of basic information, let’s try to develop myself a bit 〗

In an alley not too far away from where he was, several people who looked like students were beating up another student .

After waiting for the bullying students to leave, Negary turned back into a crow and flew down from the tree, landing on a trash can next to this bruised and battered student .

Without asking whether he wanted it or not, Negary’s talons grabbed the student’s neck, the claws at the end transformed into tentacles as they punctured his skin, infusing Disasforce from Negary into his body .

“Arghhhhh…” ignoring the painful wailing of the student, Negary observed the state of the Disasforce he used .

〖 So the main function is to destroy . Because my Authority is [Otherworld Invasion], it’s highly corrosive? 〗Negary recorded the data of his experiment: 〖 Combined with my germs, I can make my germs infect the other party at a faster pace, while this power itself has the effect of mutating the target 〗

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Disasforce and Disaster Authority were closely related together, similar to his interference force, it wasn’t an energy that would deplete when used, but rather a power derived from the Authority . The more he used the Authority, the stronger his Disasforce became, and vice versa .

Compared to his previous experiments on birds or the use of germs to make Zhang Jiu Wei’s family fall unconscious, it was only now that Negary was truly exercising his [Otherworld Invasion] Authority, the amount of Disasforce produced from this was considerably greater than the tiny bits from the previous times .

Negary withdrew with tentacles and turned them back into claws, then swiftly flapped his wings to flee . After disappearing into a remote corner, he transformed into a mouse and returned to that small alley, suppressed his Disasforce as best as he could and observed the situation .

Just a few moments later, the uniformed D . E . R division personnel quickly arrived . They swiftly surveyed the area, used their instruments to check whatever remaining traces they could, and finally left with the infected student .

To be on the safe side, Negary didn’t modify him into a Crowmen who had a strong direct connection with him, but a normal infected . This student may awaken a certain amount of power, or he may not, after all, his role at this point was only to be a pebble to test the waters .

After being infected by Negary’s germs, this student could be regarded as a partial otherworld creature, which should fall under Negary’s Authority . Through him, Negary could learn if there were any consequences to creating dedicated servants .

〖 With the current state of my soul, I wouldn’t be able to sense that infected beyond a certain distance 〗Negary carefully confirmed it: 〖 But with the [Otherworld Invasion] Authority, I can tell his location and overall state, even control him to a certain extent 〗

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〖 This is the true usage of the [Otherworld Invasion] Authority 〗Negary considered the possibilities . Unlike other Authorities, his Authority didn’t only create disasters by using it, as he was part of the disaster himself, any of his actions that were ‘invasive’ were considered to be the same as exercising his Authority and would generate Disasforce .

〖 By infecting a large amount of people and creating an ‘otherworld’ army for myself, my Disasforce should be able to increase to the degree in the sky last night 〗Negary felt himself growing eager, that level of disaster power capable of destroying the world was…

At the very next moment, Negary’s body quickly transformed into a small Dragon of Eternal Sin, swiftly dissipating the eagerness in his heart away .

〖 Some sort of power is constantly pushing me 〗Negary flapped his dragon wings . If he didn’t have this wrongful Dragon of Eternal Sin form, Negary estimated that he would have likely been led down the path of some ultimate villain that desired world destruction .

〖 Then gets defeated by the righteous protagonist and becomes one of his feats? 〗Negary shook his bizarre dragon head, it didn’t feel good to be under the control of some unknown power .

〖 The Dragon of Eternal Sin needs to continue being improved . After all, its wrongful characteristic is able to interfere with the majority of outside forces 〗in the end, worlds with the Misfortune characteristic were rare, it could be assumed that most worlds would have a protagonist or some sort of ‘child of fate’, and the Dragon of Eternal Sin form was Negary’s only means of interfering with fate and luck right now .

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The bullied student was quickly taken in and underwent a series of checks at the D . E . R division, the results of which soon came out .

“There is a peculiar germ living in symbiosis within his body . Its specific use is unclear but we can confirm that there are traces of Disasforce in his body, albeit very weak” Seven recited from the report: “According to his own words, it was a black crow that scratched his neck and left this mark”

Chang Xia opened the report . The photo included within showed 5 black spots around the size of a grain of rice on the wounded student’s neck .

“Can the germs be killed or expelled from the student’s body?” Chang Xia frowned and asked: “It’s very rare to see an Authority that can allow another living being to control Disasforce”

This boy wasn’t an Authority Holder, but he could use Disasforce . If such people became widespread, it would bring them an infinite amount of trouble .

“Some basic treatments have been conducted, but the effect wasn’t satisfactory” Seven continued her report: “According to our tests, the small amount of detected Disasforce contained the ‘intrusive’ characteristic . It is speculated that the perpetrator holds control over a [Viral Infection] Authority”

“Understood, set up a file for the crow and make sure to keep monitoring” Chang Xia nodded: “Find that crow as soon as possible”