Soul of Negary - Chapter 108

Published at 22nd of November 2020 03:15:08 AM

Chapter 108

As Wang Bin looked at the slowly closing door behind him, a flash of gloominess appeared in his eyes, but quickly returned to his original soft and weak appearance .

Because he was attacked by an Authority Holder, he received a suitable sum of money as compensation, but those people didn’t agree to his other requests .

“It seems general education for a basic sense of value needs to be improved” Chang Xia was slowly rubbing the bridge of his nose as he watched the CCTV footage from his computer and commented .

“Indeed . For him to actually make that kind of request” Seven put a cup of coffee on Chang Xia’s desk, then turned to the surveillance footage of Fang Ze and said with a glad tone in her voice: “Perhaps I should say we’re fortunate that Apophis isn’t that kind of person?”

The student named Wang Bin had been bullied for a long time, and this was a sad thing to hear . He had never even thought of changing or trying to resist, an overall cowardly and weak person .

But as soon as he confirmed that the D . E . R division would pay him compensation, he seemed to have changed into a different person completely . He demanded more compensation, became confident and even declared that his studies were delayed due to being a victim of the disaster .

He demanded the people from the D . E . R division come with him to his school and explain the situation, and even worse, he demanded that they protect and follow his orders as well .

“I really can’t understand where a person who couldn’t even raise a hand to resist ordinary classmates got the courage to order our division around” Seven shook her head, if she hadn’t seen it with her own eyes, she wouldn’t have believed that such people existed at all .

“He’s the type that can only bully the weak . In his perception, the classmates who have been bullying him won’t respect him and were ‘hard’, while we who gently offered to compensate him became the ‘soft’ that he can squeeze” Chang Xia chuckled: “If he knew that there was Disasforce in his body, he might have been even more arrogant”

“If he had the courage to face his classmates with the attitude just now, he probably wouldn’t have been bullied so easily” Seven shook her head and sighed .

“Maintain monitoring on him . Although we’ve confirmed that the germs in his body aren’t contagious, they might do something other than just giving him a weak Disasforce reaction . The one who gave him those germs might come into contact with him again” Chang Xia rubbed his temples .

During this period of time, disaster-related incidents had been occurring one after another . At first, there was a hidden Authority Holder who made trouble; then a suspected new Authority Holder appeared, causing one death; followed by the birth of a Disaster King, and then another person who was attacked by an Authority Holder popped up .

Of course, it was possible that the one who attacked this time was the new Authority Holder .

“The original Disasforce reaction was only grade A, so it shouldn’t be a particularly powerful Living Being Sacrificial Dance” Chang Xia comforted himself .

After Wang Bin left the D . E . R division, he carried his school bag and walked back home . After an entire day of diagnosis and checks, it was already evening . Fortunately, the D . E . R division had already asked for a sick leave for him, otherwise, he would be scolded to death by his teacher for skipping a day .

As he thought of this, Wang Bin’s resentment towards the D . E . R division grew a bit deeper .

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I’m the victim here, couldn’t they have agreed to some of my demands? If they had sent someone to protect me, that damn teacher wouldn’t even try to scold me, and those guys wouldn’t dare to bully me again .

With such a weird way of thinking in mind, on his way home, Wang Bin was suddenly pulled into an alleyway on his way home .

“Hahhhh~? Ya haven’t been beaten up enough or something? Even tried to take a sick leave?” some students surrounded Wang Bin and threatened him in a vicious voice: “You even told the teacher to come to trouble us? You wanna die or something!!?”

Wang Bin’s legs instantly softened, unable to beg for mercy . After beating him up again, those students laughed as they left him lying in the alley .

“It’s all those D . E . R division people’s fault . If they had sent someone to protect me, how could I have been beaten?” Wang Bin resented the D . E . R division a bit more .

As he came home with his tattered school bag on his back, he saw his mother who was cleaning . He immediately became angry and threw his bag to the ground, loudly cursing her: “It’s all your fault for marrying that piece of shit! If not, I wouldn’t have had to go to that shitty school!”

Looking down at this mother’s timid appearance, Wang Bin became even angrier .

With this useless mother who knows nothing but housework and that scum of a father who could only drink and gamble our money away, my life was practically ruined by these parents .

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Why couldn’t they have been rich? Why couldn’t they give me a stronger body? Why can’t they have just a bit of ability? Why can’t they at least ensure that I can go to school in peace!?

Wang Bin’s resentment soon drove him to walk up and kick his mother directly in fury . He then ignored his sobbing mother who fell on the ground and went back to his room .

Perhaps it was just an illusion, but after that kick, Wang Bin seemed to have felt something moving in his body .

In the distance, a deformed monster flapped his three fleshy wings and sensed that his Disasforce had increased a bit .

〖 How slow . Took him that long to cause a tiny bit of damage 〗Negary had such a thought as his tail waved in the air . Part of the reason why he didn’t thoroughly turn that student into his servant was that he was afraid that the D . E . R division would be able to track him, but the other part was because he recognized the unbearably hopeless nature of that student . When it came to understanding the human heart, Negary was a Grandmaster among Grandmasters .

〖 Damage caused by native creatures who were modified can indeed increase my Disasforce . The Disasforce would be shared between me and him at a current ratio of 5:5, but I can freely adjust the ratio however I wish through the Authority 〗

〖 At the same time, even if it was their actions that generated Disasforce, it still essentially belongs to me . When they are in front of me, I can directly deprive them of it 〗Negary drew a small conclusion .

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〖 The D . E . R division’s attitude towards this infected person was also quite interesting, so they only inspected and put him under surveillance 〗using his Dragon of Eternal Sin form, Negary carefully contemplated before choosing a target .

This time, Negary wanted to create a true servant who could provide him with Soul Essence .

The target was a taciturn teenager with an eternally bitter and vengeful face, as if he was very dissatisfied with the current state of the world . If someone gave him a certain notebook right now, he might even declare himself the God of the New World .


As Negary appeared in front of him in his Dragon of Eternal Sin form, he was first frightened, then revealed a grim smile: “Ahaha! So I am finally going to escape from this boring life?”

“Then, monster, tell me your purpose, has my Authority finally arrived?” the young man ecstatically extended his hands forward .

〖 I am here to give you power 〗Negary didn’t care about the disrespect in the young man’s words and instead followed up on them: 〖 When you receive your power, please relax and do not resist 〗

“You mean that there’s going to be pain? I’m not afraid of that little bit of pain” the young man scoffed .

Negary came right in front of the young man, his tail swung and pierced through the young man’s neck . The tentacles at the end extended far into his body and poured a large amount of Noah’s memories and emotions into his soul at the same time .