Soul of Negary - Chapter 109

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Chapter 109: 109

Chapter 109: Vol2 Ch7: Supporter

As Negary’s ‘Righteous’, Noah was absorbed into Negary’s body during the battle at the kiln of the first flame .

By the common conception that the True Spirit determined whether a person was themselves or not, then Noah was already dead the moment he was absorbed by Negary .

But in terms of personality, will, and memory, Noah was still living within Negary . After infusing himself with Soul’s blood, Noah had already become a part of Negary, or perhaps to a certain extent, another personality of Negary .

What Negary had to do now was to install Noah’s personality, will, memory, and emotions into the soul of this young man so that Noah’s template would overwrite his, thus achieving the effect of reviving Noah .

Due to travelling through the channel within the first flame, Negary’s soul had grown unprecedentedly weak, so he only saved three personality templates . The first was his most important personality of Negary, while the other two were Noah and Jack the Killer .

Noah was Negary’s Righteous, thus he could perfectly execute all of Negary’s commands, and such a supporter was exactly what Negary needed right now .

As for the personality template of Jack the Killer, his secondary soul originally came from Negary . After becoming a Ghostmen, his original soul and secondary soul had a miraculous reaction with one another . While travelling through the channel in the first flame, Negary had hesitated between choosing Jack or Connor .

Connor was taciturn and obeyed orders, although he wasn’t as perfect as Noah, he was still extremely reliable as a servant, but Negary still chose to retain Jack in the end . The reason was that his unpredictable and bizarre way of thinking was something Negary needed, and since he had Noah as the superior version of Connor, Connor wasn’t necessary .

Looking down at Noah who was now unconscious, Negary began the last part of the process, detaching a small part of the tentacle in his tail and left it in Noah’s body .

〖 The burden is a bit heavy 〗Negary’s body shrank again, swiftly regenerating the detached tentacle . The Dragon of Eternal Sin form was a form achieved through Negary activating the wrongful nature of Soul’s blood . The reason why he implanted a tentacle into Noah’s body was to ensure that he wasn’t affected by the power of Luck as well .

However, maintaining two separate parts of the Dragon of Eternal Sin form at once was quite a challenge for the current Negary .

“Ugh…” the young man on the ground slowly woke up . As soon as he saw Negary, he hurriedly bowed: “Lord Negary”

〖 How do you feel? 〗Negary asked as he flapped his wings .

“The other party’s will was too weak . I have easily defeated and fully overwritten him, but his True Spirit is still rejecting me, I will need to accomplish the obsession of the previous owner in order to fuse with his True Spirit and generate Soul Essence to nourish you, My Lord”

〖 There is no need to fuse with the True Spirit 〗Negary shook his head: 〖 By defeating his personality and will, your will would be unaffected by him, but if you fuse with the True Spirit, the unknown True Spirit would contaminate you, unconsciously turning you into another person 〗

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When Negary was still Wang Yuan, he was surprised by those who identified themselves with their new identities right after transmigration . In such a case, it was unclear whether it was the transmigrator who borrowed the body of a native to resurrect or the native who actually fused with the set of transmigrated memory .

Although Wang Yuan had now become Negary, it was a choice that he made himself . He clearly recognized his shortcomings, so he absorbed the characteristics he deemed necessary little by little, and finally sublimed to become Negary .

In Negary’s mind, the way those ‘transmigrators’ slowly accepted their post-transmigration identities and values was because they were contaminated by the True Spirit, eventually falling under its total control . It was for this reason that Negary avoided the True Spirit like the plague .

“Understood” Noah obeyed Negary’s order and began to fully resist fusing with the True Spirit, refusing to accomplish the obsession of the previous owner of this body . Negary then saw the True Spirit that originally belonged to this young man leaving his body and going into reincarnation .

Following that, Noah’s remnant soul began to dissipate . Seeing the expected results, Negary was about to reclaim Noah’s remnant soul, but discovered that his [Otherworld Invasion] Authority had taken effect . Noah’s remnant soul was being protected by the Authority, although because he didn’t have a True Spirit to support him, Noah’s control over this body was insufficient, resulting in him appearing lifeless almost like a corpse .

〖 Just as I thought . Or perhaps, I should feel fortunate to have obtained the [Otherworld Invasion] Authority? 〗through Noah, Negary understood the importance of this [Otherworld Invasion] Authority to him .

This world was different from the Flame World . It didn’t have the error of the Flame World, so normally a remnant soul would never be born . Without the [Otherworld Invasion] Authority, at the weak state Negary was in when he arrived in this world, he had to either absorb the True Spirit of Xu Ming, or hunt living beings to supplement and restore himself, neither of which were preferable to Negary .

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It was thanks to the [Otherworld Invasion] Authority that Negary’s state as a remnant soul was preserved, and now it was also because of the Authority’s protection that Noah’s remnant soul could exist without fusing with the True Spirit of another .

〖 In the end, I’m still weak 〗Negary became more aware of his weakness . This time, it was thanks to ‘good luck’ that he gained the [Otherworld Invasion] Authority, as well as the fact that his status as a remnant soul just happened to be regarded as part of another world that he was protected by the Authority .

〖 In other words, if I had arrived in a world without ‘Authority’, I would have been forced by the situation to do things that I didn’t want to do〗

〖 That’s why, only by becoming stronger would I have more privilege to choose 〗

At the time, if Negary had been a bit weaker and couldn’t have even killed to survive, the only choice for him would have been to fuse with the True Spirit .

On the contrary, if he was stronger at the time, wouldn’t he have been able to maintain himself without relying on his ‘good luck’ to obtain the Authority?

Of course, this didn’t mean that Negary would discard the [Otherworld Invasion] Authority to show how great he was . Admitting one’s own weakness wasn’t shameful, and as long as one was willing to seize every opportunity to change, that would actually be a precious quality instead .

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Negary thought particularly highly of this quality of his, because only by doing so would he constantly be able to discover his own shortcomings, take the right chance to fill them up and overcome such shortcomings .

〖 Noah, for the time being, live under this identity . You should already know everything about this world, correct? 〗Negary asked .

“I have learnt almost everything from the memory of this body’s previous owner” Noah nodded: “And I have also shown signs of pseudo-release, but since my soul is too weak for now, the specific ability hasn’t manifested yet”

〖 Very good . The people from the D . E . R division should arrive here soon, so be careful . They will definitely monitor you, but don’t worry . Although they are powerful, they are shackled and restricted by their rules . I trust that you can deal with them, my Righteous, Noah! 〗

“I understand, your orders shall be fulfilled, My Lord” Noah responded .