Spare Me, Great Lord! - Chapter 103

Published at 3rd of June 2018 07:20:11 AM
Chapter 103: Secret identity (Part 2)

The big battle at Luo Cheng was making waves around the country . On that night itself, videos of the battle at Wang Cheng bridge were circulated onto the Golden Foundation’s forum . Although the video was taken from far and its contents were blurry, the events of the battle were still rather clear .

Everyone assumed that the three criminals were escaping hopelessly in desperation initially but soon after, their opinions changed as they witnessed the brutal techniques of the three of them . Shocked beyond words, most people did not expect this degree of damage to be caused by three metahumans working together .

However, their strength was not the main point under scrutiny . The important thing was- What would happen when metahumans commit crimes?

Usually, if someone commits a crime such as a robbery, murder or even a more serious offense- rape .

If the perpetrator was an ordinary person, the victim would still stand a chance . But what if the offender was a metahuman? The ordinary person would be like lamb to a slaughter .

This was just a hypothesis, but it was enough to give many people a sense of fear and helplessness .

Originally, everyone was the same . Everyone stood at the top of Earth’s food chain . Now, however, above humans were a new species- metahumans who were at least as smart, if not smarter, than them . Physically, they were much more capable and normal humans wouldn’t stand a chance .

This sort of feeling was like suddenly there was a classification between normal humans and metahumans, as well as practitioners .

Even if metahumans did not appear, certain important people could control and manipulate the lives of others easily . Moreover, these metahumans and practitioners were in reality still human .

Yes, even if they were still human, there was still reason for fear!

Luckily, there was only one such case of metahumans committing crimes so far . Many people felt that with the strict enforcement of the law, it was unlikely for such a tragedy to occur on the average citizen .

Just like how when most people watch the news regarding tragedies and natural disasters, they would never expect themselves to be caught in such a situation .

During this entire process, no one mentioned the sudden appearance of the class c practitioner . The heavenly network kept silent as well .

The details of the entire chase were hidden extremely well . Those who did not know found it hard to find more information, while those who knew what happened kept it a closely guarded secret .

That night, Lu Xiaoyu finished one portion of cold-tossed vegetables and Dandan noodles while Lu Shu had a portion of noodle soup . After Lu Xiaoyu finished her own portion, being the glutton she was, finished Lu Shu’s remaining soup . . .

Lu Shu looked at Lu Xiaoyu in melancholy . Although his finances were better and they could afford better food, looking at the way she was devouring food made Lu Shu fear for her physical well-being . . .

That night’s events gave Lu Shu much to ponder about . For example, the issue of his own identity . Everyone else around him thought he was a class F strength-based metahuman, but his other identity was one who could crush the arm of a class D strength-based metahuman, as well as being highly skilled in sword manipulation .

He continued thinking . After tonight’s incident, the heavenly network would probably be stricter in managing and regulating those neglected metahumans to avoid a similar incident .

So being a ‘master’, would he be a target for searches conducted by the heavenly network?

Yes, definitely .

If what Li Xianyi said about only being able to manipulate swords at class C was true, then he was already a highly-skilled class C in the eyes of the heavenly network . The heavenly network was definitely unable to condone such a highly-skilled individual roaming loosely in public .

Lu Shu understood his situation . In terms of strength, he could be considered a class D, albeit one who was at the beginning stages of class D .

As for his mastery of celestial strength, it was a meager class E .

If he was really considered as and dealt with as a class E, he estimated that he would be finished sooner if not later .

Which was why he must never reveal his identity .

Lu Shu eyed the group of people who were having their supper heartily . Little haven was one of the few restaurants which operated late at night and was much adored by the citizens of Luo Cheng for its good food .

He whispered to Lu Xiaoyu, "You must never show your abilities . Go back and train hard, once you complete the first star of the second nebula, you’ll have the celestial strength to conceal your identity . Don’t release the soul you absorbed today without supervision . Our secrets cannot be revealed to anyone . "

Lu Xiaoyu nodded her head as she understood the magnitude of this, "Stop being so naggy, I know!"

As for Lu Shu, he could no longer reveal corpsedog freely .

As long as he did not reveal the big clue, he was a Daoyuan class student with Tier F aptitude in the eyes of everyone . His class F ability made him one of the worst students in Daoyuan class .

Now that even class E metahumans were committing crimes, should he ‘awaken’ on purpose to display more strength to protect himself?

Lu Xiaoyu seemed like she remembered something important and asked curiously, "Lu Shu, I’ve been hearing someone singing twinkle twinkle little stars . Were you the one singing?"

Lu Shu’s face turned dark, "Really? I have never heard it! Why would I sing such a song, I can’t! You must have heard wrong!"

Lu Xiaoyu raised her eyebrow, "Oh, okay then . "

Lu Shu was covered in cold sweat . If Lu Xiaoyu finds out that I’ve been singing twinkle twinkle stars, where would my pride and authority as an older go?

Late at night, Lu Shu sat by the window at the edge of his bed to sing twinkle twinkle star as softly as he could . He had already obtained the celestial fruits through the distress points he obtained . Apart from the 5000 points he needed for the stinky tofu the next day, he used the rest of his points for celestial fruits .

Seeing the damage done by the metahumans today, Lu Shu felt it was important for him to increase his power as soon as possible . It was necessary to improve the resistance of his celestial cloak .

And using the celestial cloak required the consumption of celestial energy as well . From his level now, Lu Shu estimated that he could only sustain the celestial cloak for half an hour .

What if the situation arises where I suddenly lose my celestial cloak? If I’m facing Xi Fei do I greet him as a teacher? Wouldn’t it be extremely weird?

A large amount of celestial energy gathered once again . The celestial energy engulfed the entire celestial map like a huge wave . Immediately after, the celestial energy swirled and filled up the third star!

Lu Shu could feel the strength in his body . If Lu Shu was not as powerful as the metahuman he encountered earlier, he definitely exceeded his power with this increase in strength .

If that punch was coupled with this newfound power, it wouldn’t be just the snapping of his arm .

He summoned his celestial energy and let his power manifest as a protective celestial cloak . He was then shocked to find out that the celestial energy surrounding him suddenly displayed a pattern of lines .

Lu Shu was excited . Even a mere class D could wreak havoc in the whole city and if he continued to increase his strength to reach Class C, he would even dare to bring Lu Xiaoyu into battles .

At least I could run if I can’t fight!