Spare Me, Great Lord! - Chapter 126

Published at 15th of June 2018 12:20:06 AM
Chapter 126: Survival (Part 1)

Chang Hengyue felt that he could not wait any longer, dragging this out any further would only disadvantage and kill himself . One of them had their fill of food and water, while the other is hungry and weak . The one who dies will definitely be the weak one .

It wasn’t a matter of whether or not he wanted to make the first move . If he didn’t make any move, he was just waiting for his death . Even though Lu Shu’s sword gave him fear and doubt, Chang Hengyue couldn’t care anymore!

He inched closer to Lu Shu as Lu Shu looked calmly at him, what was impending was finally here .

Lu Shu didn’t want to kill, but in this path of training and cultivation, it was inevitable to chance upon bloody and cruel situations . He, as a practitioner, had to have the nerve to go past all these obstacles .

Chang Hengyue’s body darted forward, and Lu Shu braced himself while awaiting his opponent’s first move .

He watched as Chang Hengyue’s dagger slid out from his sleeve to his hand smoothly and he sped towards Lu Shu . As he came to Lu Shu, he turned and pivoted on his foot to evade Lu Shu’s sword .

He then erupted explosively again, his dagger in his hand like a venomous snake, taking advantage of Lu Shu who was still in the middle of a move . He wanted to take Lu Shu out with a fatal blow to his vital part!

At this moment, Lu Shu held his breath .

What was it like to die? People die like how flames extinguish . There would probably be nothing after death .

Sometimes, Lu Shu thought of death as not being able to wake up after sleeping . Death was like borderless darkness and silence, never being able to be rescued . Sometimes he would be quite terrified of it as well .

Which was why he wanted to live on .

At that instant, Lu Shu’s corpsedog within the celestial map of his chest let out a deafening roar as if it had been suppressed for a long time . It burst out of his chest and pierced through Cheng Hengyue’s heart, bringing with it a huge sputter of blood!

Lu Shu never thought that he should show any mercy in a battle of life and death . It would be too much of a pity if he was killed even before showing his trump card .

He was merely someone who… tried his best to keep on living in this world .

So from that moment, Lu Shu tried his best and used his trump card . He managed to evade Chang Hengyue’s quick strike towards his throat and unleash his sword! Corpsedog was his ultimate move!

This sword was quick as lightning and it pierced through Chang Hengyue’s vital organs in an instant, taking out his vitality .

At the same time, there was a strange power which destroyed all of Chang Hengyue’s emotions, just like a soul losing all of his ability to feel .

"Class C…" Chang Hengyue fell flat onto the floor as blood continued flowing out from him relentlessly .

He knew his death was imminent . No one could live through a pierced heart, not even a practitioner .

But he didn’t quite understand . This daoyuan student who seemed crazy, why was he class C? He must have got it wrong, this guy wasn’t a student . He must be an expert within the ranks of the heavenly network .

Everything eventually belonged to darkness and silence, this was death .

Lu Shu received 1000 distress points from Chang Hengyue just before he died and stared at the mountains and ravines far away, unable to speak or make a sound .

So this was how it felt like after killing someone .

Lu Shu’s life was once like a tragic movie . An orphan who was forced to leave the orphanage and ended up in the streets .

It then became a motivational comedy, bringing Lu Xiaoyu around to earn money and looking forward to life in future .

But now it had turned into a horrific, high adrenaline action movie . His carefree life had stopped abruptly here . He had killed someone .

"It really is a cruel world…" Lu Shu muttered as he grasped onto his rusty sword and sat on the slope of the hill .

He looked at the vicious afternoon sun shining relentlessly on the great Earth .

He looked at the evening orange glow of the descending sun . The rays of the sun dyed the entire world golden yellow .

He looked at the blood red moon, the night was like an abyss .

He seemed to be the only person in this world . Time seemed to pass very quickly and he sat at the same spot not long before tomorrow came .

As the morning sun rose into the sky again, the cheerful rays seemed to signify the birth of new life and opportunity again .

Lu Shu stood up once again . He was still himself, just lonelier .

If only Lu Xiaoyu was here .

He had to continue moving forward . He had spent too much time on this spy . Since he was here in the remains, he should make the best out of this place and make it out of here with at least more than one sword . . .

Lu Shu wondered if anyone else had any sort of reward, or if anyone was still alive .

This ancient remain was like a huge system on its own . Since he came here, he had run more than a hundred kilometers, but he could still not see the border .

He continued moving in the initial direction . He didn’t have any other plan in this place and his only hope was to keep walking until he could see something different .

He had walked for a day and had seen countless corpses of students and soldiers . He even saw corpses belonging to members of the heavenly network, and passed by rivers to rehydrate .

There was a huge vulture following him in the sky . It only flew away after a long time, as if it was rather regretful that Lu Shu was still alive after so long yet it did not dare to initiate an attack on him .

Finally, Lu Shu saw a green mountain . This green mountain breathed a new life into this gloomy yellow world and it really provided Lu Shu with much elation .

As he neared the green mountain, he actually saw rabbits and squirrels!

So this ancient remain had normal animals! But the animals here seemed extremely smart, running back into the mysterious woods on the first sight of Lu Shu . They even snuck out to sneak a peek at Lu Shu, their eyes filled with character .

Lu Shu looked up . There were actually fruits hanging from the trees, fruits that looked just like apples!

He looked again and noticed there were some leftover fruits on the floor eaten by other animals . It seemed like they were edible!

Oh my, having eaten stinky tofu for two whole days, this was really a steal!

Lu Shu wanted to pick the fruits immediately, but as the squirrels looked at Lu Shu picking their fruits, they threw some pebbles at Lu Shu . . . growling and running towards Lu Shu after finishing their pebbles, with rage written all over their faces .

"From the little squirrel’s distress,+1…"


Damn, you guys! This squirrels actually had their own mind and soul, and could actually contribute distress points, can you believe that?!

The pebbles weren’t thrown with much strength, so Lu Shu continued picking the fruits and bolted once he was done . As he ran, he spouted, "Let me tell you, I’m not afraid of you! I’ll be back once I’m done with the fruits!"

He had declined into… a state of fighting with little squirrels for fruits?! It was really heart-aching to think of his plight!

A group of little squirrels stood at the edge of the forest wailing and growling at Lu Shu in anger .

Lu Shu suddenly felt like a bad guy who had stolen a child’s candy…

Eh, since the magical energy here caused the animals to be more intellectual, if the magical energy outside continued increasing, wouldn’t all animals on Earth be smart and have their own opinions in future? Or was it to say this had already existed?