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Spare Me, Great Lord! - Chapter 130

Published at 17th of June 2018 12:25:06 AM

Chapter 130: The Farmer and The Snake (Part 1)

If only the students of Luo Cheng’s daoyuan class did not mention that Lu Shu was a Class E strength type metahuman and was always at the bottom of his class, Zhao Yu and his group's impression of him would be someone unfathomable .

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However, when they knew the truth, they started harboring some contempt towards him because of him having tier F aptitude .

A class E strength type metahuman was not a someone to be ignored . But at least for now, such people weren’t as mysterious anymore . Even if a class E strength type metahuman was strong, Zhao Yu and his group thought that he would be unable to defeat all 8 of them . Even without the girl, there were 7 of them . He couldn't possibly beat 7 men, right?

They had already forgotten how battered and exhausted they were when facing the skeletons while Lu Shu, on the other hand, was so powerful .

He subconsciously thought to himself that he was facing mere humans now compared to those skeletons before, so it wouldn’t be that scary as humans had the bottom line of morals and values .

Hence it could be said that sometimes humans can be peculiar and weird; no one would dare to catch a non-venomous snake when instructed even though this would have been an easy task . However, he would still dare to fight with others till severely wounded, and that wouldn’t be an issue at all as he thinks that he actually wouldn’t be killed .

Unfortunately, numerous people had lost their lives due to this fallacy and misconception . . .

Furthermore, Zhao Yu felt that the fight wouldn’t escalate at all . After all, Zhao Yu’s group consisted of many men, and very few students in school ever dared to fight back while being constrained in the men's toilet by 7 to 8 other students .

They merely wanted some food and hurting someone was never their intention .

Zhao Yu exchanged glances his friends standing beside him, and said, "I think you should share some of your food with us . "

Lu Shu’s raised his eyebrows, what a great way to use the word ‘should’! He then replied, "Let me share a story with you guys…"

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Zhao Yu and his friends were confused, what story was there to tell now? Was he going to tell the story of the farmer and the snake, Mr . Dong Guo and the wolf or the good people and the porcelain lady as a form of irony and revenge against them?

However, if Chang Hengyue was still alive and present at this moment . . .

"Once there was a man who loved to travel; he accidentally stumbled upon an ancient remain and realized that carved on the walls were pictures of food . Steamed lamb cake, roasted duck, roasted chicken, roasted goose, braised pork, sesame chicken, roasted delights…" Lu Shu momentarily forgot the rest, but managed to continue without much hesitation, "Fish floss, Kung pao chicken, hairy crab, steamed fish…"

The people listening to the story were furious, wasn’t he supposed to tell a story? How was this a story?

"From Zhao Yu’s distress, +789!"


A single wave of about 5000 distress points came in and he was just 5000 points away from lighting up his fifth star!

When the group of starving people heard all those delicious dishes, it was like all those food rained down from the sky and all they needed to do was to reach out and grab them . . .

They already braced themselves for Lu Shu’s criticisms and curses but weren’t expecting this . It didn’t matter whether they were called snakes and wolves when it comes to food, but in the end, it's not like all those food mentioned will miraculously appear out of nowhere! After listening and thinking about all these dishes, their brains and eyes hurt from imagining all these food in front of them .

At this moment, Lu Shu stood up suddenly . it was as if he was a goshawk, quickly rushing towards Zhao Yu’s direction; Zhao Yu wanted to raise his ax to block but he realized that Lu Shu’s speed was worlds away and he was simply too slow to do anything!

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Lu Shu was merely a Class E strength type metahuman, while Zhao Yu was an arrogant prodigy of tier B aptitude back in his daoyuan class . Even so, he was still too slow!

Just as he thought that Lu Shu was going to hit him, Lu Shu had retreated, and the ax that was originally in Zhao Yu’s hands had been taken away .

Lu Shu laughed as he gripped the ax, "Do you want the gold or silver ax?"

"From Zhao Yu’s distress, +999 . "

Zhao Yu almost collapsed; was it possible to be any more annoyed? He tried testing, "I want my metal ax?"

Lu Shu stopped smiling and coldly replied, "No, this is my metal ax . "

Damn, Zhao Yu almost couldn’t breathe, what in the world was he, how can he be such an ass!?

"From Zhao Yu’s distress, +1000 . . . "

"From . . . "

The fifth star could finally be lit up and while Lu Shu was rather excited here, he never expected to gain so much distress points for this adventure in the remain!

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The others wallowed in fear after seeing Lu Shu’s reflexes . Perhaps they would not be able to beat him even as a group!

Lu Shu’s very action caused the rest of them to humble down . Zhao Yu and his friends were now gripped with fear . They had seen strength type metahumans in action on the Golden Foundation’s website and even received reports from their form teacher . So they knew the dangers of an awakened strength type metahuman .

However, it would be hard to understand this unless you experienced it yourself first-hand in real life: so this was how it felt like to be dominated in terms of speed and strength .

Most important of all, they were students who had only just completed their mysterious senses chapter, and they never even had the chance to practice a skill before!

So with only the magical energy of a class E, they weren’t even able to do anything else with no other skillsets learned . This was why they could not face the skeletons while Lu Shu had the strength to destroy them . Speaking of strength, they only had 2700 pounds while in theory, a class E strength type metahuman would have 4800 pounds!

They definitely weren’t of the same class . Moreover, Lu Shu had surpassed class E a long time ago .

When you encounter someone despicable, but whom you still cannot beat with your best… All you can do is cry in despair .

At this point in time, Lu Shu was using his distress points to fill his fifth star . It was finally enough!

Lu Shu stood up to prepare to leave . He wants to find a better place within the remain to explore and search for clues .

Time in the remains had already been rather long, but the relic had yet to be found by anyone . Lu Shu was someone who trusted his luck at times… What if Lu Shu himself finds it?

He would then show off to Lu Xiaoyu when he gets home, "I have done so and so in the remains . Everyone else was struggling in there while I was exploring it with much ease and even obtained the relic . The relic of the remain, what, you don’t even know what a relic is? Let me tell you…"

He could almost see Lu Xiaoyu rolling her eyes at him yet still interested in his stories… He wondered if this remain contained other fruits he could bring back for Lu Xiaoyu .

At the side, Zhao Yu and his group were dying of hunger . Lu Shu, on the other hand, was thinking of bringing fruits back home…

Thinking of lighting up his fifth star, Lu Shu suddenly felt that Zhao Yu’s group was his gold mine, and to be honest… Growing up in an era of peace, no matter how disappointing the world was, he could not let this group of people die without doing anything . What would that make him? Cold-blooded? Merciless? Indifferent towards lives?

He wasn’t .

But he wasn’t a saint either . The issue here was not preventing anyone from dying but it was what he did or did not do . Lu Shu thought that he had his own moral compass and did not need to accept any judgment from anyone .

"Listen to my instructions and walk straight . You guys will find food in two days, I’ll give you guys two green fruits . The 8 of you will share on each day, it should be enough to last you the journey," Lu Shu placed two fruits on the floor as he finished speaking, standing up and heading towards the center of the remain .

If this group of people wasted their last ounce of energy fighting for the fruits, even God would not be able to save them .

Sometimes, a person’s choices will determine whether or not he lives on .

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