Spare Me, Great Lord! - Chapter 17

Published at 12th of May 2018 10:22:10 AM
Chapter 17

"Hey little missy, are you thin?"

"Yep," the other party sent a picture of herself over from the ‘Message in a bottle’ feature . Indeed, she was very thin .

"Wow, you’re so thin" replied Lu Shu emotionally .

"Haha, it’s not that bad," she replied cheerfully .

"I can take 10 of you on in a fight!" replied Lu Shu .

Anonymous: ? ? ?

"From Liu Ping’s distress, +17… …"

Lu Shu put his phone down as there were no more bottles left for him to pick up and reply . However, he felt that he still had more in him .

Looking at his distress points again, it had risen up from 800+ to 1020, only increasing by about 200 points . How slow…

This routine was not the most effective per se, and since it would always be a one-on-one situation, it would be normal for it to not be that efficient .

At that moment, Lu Shu sort of missed his classmates . Never before had he paid so much attention to them…

On second thoughts, since he could rake in so much distress points if it were in a group; when school starts, what sort of a place would that be? He would be practically invincible!

Lu Shu could care less about friendship and all those other rubbish, not like he had any of those from the start . If only all of his classmates could be morphed into Lu Xiaoyu and contribute to his distress points every day… …

Who could have thought that there was already a Metahuman who was scheming against them while they were still dreaming of realizing their powers!

Lu Shu decided to utilize all of this 1020 points to enter the lottery spin . With the Refresher Fruit in mind as his main objective, any other prize would just add on to the surprise .

As expected, starting off his lottery spin, the first three times he spun the lottery wheel awarded him with the display "Thank you for participating" . . . …

Hehe, such coincidences!

After going through his first two lottery experiences, Lu Shu sort of knew what the odds of winning the prizes were . His only fear was that the 1000 points he invested into this lottery would only award him with a self-strengthening Refresher fruit, but even so, it would be worth it .

However… all of his attempts so far unbelievably turned out as "Thank you for participating"!

Lu Shu was stunned . How wicked can this system be, after 9 tries and all of it was "Thank you for participating", are you even serious?!

Lu Shu felt that his heart could not take it anymore, those were all of his assets .

Having already redeemed 4 Celestial Fruits and lighted up 2 of the stars on the map within him, Lu Shu was somewhat content .

But the problem was that he had always felt that this over-elaborate system was playing a prank on him .

This was his last attempt and Lu Shu heartbrokenly entered the lottery once more . When the wheel had stopped, Lu Shu saw 6 words instead of the 4 words- "Thank you for participating"- and just as he was about to heave a sigh of relief, his face instantly turned black the moment he read what was written .

"Nevertheless, we thank you for participating . "

Lu Shu almost wanted to smash the pillow right beside him . Just put "Thank you for participating" if I did not win anything, why go to the extent of adding those two extra words?! It was as if someone was asking if it was unexpected or shocking?!

So you think you’re very funny, who’s leg are you trying to pull?

Hmm? Who are you trying to kid?

Lu Shu suddenly realized that this system had some serious issues!

He was extremely annoyed and frustrated as he once had so much confidence in his odds of winning something from the lottery but with just 20 points left, there was nothing else he could do .

Lu Shu was so heartbroken and wanted to go back to ‘Message in a bottle’ to continue to terrorize others . However, he was all out of daily chances to pick up more messages .

He went onto the web and went to The Golden Foundation’s webpage, intending to research more on other’s powers . Lu Shu was just testing out his luck as he accessed the webpage since he did not know whether the site had already been taken down or not .

Much to his surprise, even after so long, the webpage still existed as if there was nothing wrong .

Could it be that the internet police had not reacted to it yet? But this should not be the case . Lu Shu had observed that this webpage had come up in every of his chat group’s discussion and it had already reached the stage whereby it had developed into common knowledge for the public .

Or perhaps . . . The Golden Foundation had governmental backing right from the start?!

The change was too drastic . Initially, they were secretly capturing these Metahumans but now they just seemed to be publicly hunting them down .

Even the media had not made any reports about this and it's as if they had collectively decided to keep quiet . The forums were all bursting with such discussions and everyone had initially felt that after all, it was just a conversation topic . At most, their posts would be deleted and the government officials would come to remove them but in the end, their posts were surprisingly left untouched .

All at once, the situation had turned into one where no one would confirm nor deny anything about this affair on supernatural powers and Lu Shu sensed that there was surely a twist in this matter .

If The Golden Foundation was really operated by the government, then they would definitely be plotting something behind the scenes right .

However, this was not the only thing which took a spot in Lu Shu’s heart . The other pressing issue which troubled him was: It was time to go to school!

How could he juggle these three- assignments, superpowers and supporting the family- all at once?

Although just thinking about it caused him headaches, having to go to school meant that he was going to meet that bunch of classmates very soon who would ‘contribute’ to his cause . He just could not wait…

Lu Shu was pondering about all these as he slowly fell into slumber .

As for remaining days left, Lu Shu had been observing the webpage called The Golden Foundation, hoping to find out whether it would be taken down . But what shocked Lu Shu was that it hasn’t been shut down .

This was not something only Lu Shu had noticed, but something everyone else did!

Based on the videos from before, although it was considered to be related to the Metahumans, there was no other source which had brought up the concept of these Metahumans as clearly as The Golden Foundation . Not only did they clearly brought up this concept, they had even scrutinized and differentiated their powers according to grades .

Even up to this extent, the website was functioning just fine .

This series of events instantly aroused the excitement of many and within one night, the entire population of China had started to discuss the Metahumans .

Everyone was unsure if this was the intent of the government since they had initially taken some preventive measure towards this issue and god knows what else .

And of course, the most riled up were the youths, and even the middle-aged aunties and uncles were not spared from the excitement .

What meaning would becoming a Metahuman hold? It would definitely mean that their ordinary lives would be drastically different from the rest!

On the seventh day of the New Year, when Lu Shu went to the market, he had overheard two middle-aged ladies, "Oh my, I think your kid could become a Metahuman, haha, one look and I know he has the qualities to be one!"

"You kid, that’s impossible . Right now, all he should do is to focus on his studies," as the other lady replied demurely even though she was jovial deep down .

From the conversation Lu Shu overheard, he could infer two conflicting ideas which everyone harbored towards the Metahumans .

On one hand, everyone acknowledged that it was great to have a supernatural ability and they would be able to make a name for themselves in the future . Could they perform their abilities to others and earn some money for themselves? This was the most simplistic logic the commoners had, as who would reject any money-earning opportunity?

On the other hand, even though having these powers was an upside, education had to be maintained…

One of the ladies spotted Lu Shu and since they were somewhat acquainted, "Hey Shu, have you awakened?"

Hehe… even for the middle-aged ladies, the Metahumans had become as good of a conversation topic as their groceries?!

Lu Shu saw the sky slowly dimming and during the winter, the sunset seemed like a fire in the clear skies after it had snowed . Finally, it was time to go to school soon .