Spare Me, Great Lord! - Chapter 174

Published at 9th of July 2018 12:15:06 AM
Chapter 174: Sea of Chi (Part 2)

Lu Shu felt that he had not seen a different prize in an extremely long time… It was stinky tofu everyday, so much that he had subconsciously treated this lottery as a tofu buying system!

But just as this fruit appeared, Lu Shu’s surprise felt like a floodgate which just opened, and clear fresh water flowed through .

The mysteriousness of the refresher fruit aside, the celestial fruit was practical for training . This experience in the remains had taught him that training diligently was an act which complemented his development . The most effective was still annoying other people!

Lu Shu opened his system’s inventory and saw the name of the fruit - Chi fruit .

He was stunned . He understood what a celestial fruit was, but what was a chi fruit?

Lu Shu ate this white fruit in one bite and suddenly felt the fruit melt into a cloud of chi energy which entered his body . The chi flowed to his four limbs like a waterfall and it flowed back from the four limbs, eventually settling below his navel area . The settled chi swayed gently and it felt like a bundle of strength .

This was actually pure feeling, and it wasn’t practical, but Lu Shu felt extremely comfortable . Although nothing had changed, it seemed like some sort of pure energy was slowly dissipating and stabilizing!

He was rather curious as to what use this chi fruit actually had . After eating it, there didn’t see to be any obvious use, just like that flame in his heart . Although he acknowledged the existence of it, he didn’t know the use of it .

Lu Shu entered the lottery another 49 times, and he managed to obtain two chi fruits after 50 tries . The rest were all, as usual, stinky tofu .

Two chi fruits but no evident change in himself .

At 3am in the morning, Li Xianyi was already holding onto the middle school math book in his yard . He also had aunty Liu install a lamp outside their house so that he could conveniently read his

The moment Li Xianyi saw Lu Shu, "Continue to practice your picks . "

Lu Shu thought for a moment before asking, "When I was running around the remain for two days, it felt as if I could achieve the same effect as practicing swords . "

Li Xianyi nodded, "vitality is extremely wonderful and mysterious . Normal practitioners use magical energy to improve their physical aspects while what we use are will and determination . "

"So when can I breakthrough?" Lu Shu asked curiously .

"You?" Li Xianyi narrowed his eyes at him before reverting his attention back at his math book, "It’s still early, don’t look so far . Why not you shout the word breakthrough and see if you breakthrough? For things such as training, actions speak louder than words . "

Li Xianyi felt that he couldn’t allow Lu Shu to feel that his own training was too smooth . After all, teenagers had to have their characters tested . This was much better now compared to when he was younger . In the past, when he asked his master when he could attain aurablade, his master’s first words were twenty years for the foundation . . .

And that felt really sour . . .

But Li Xianyi also considered Lu Shu’s words seriously . Lu Shu never liked to ask people for help and he wanted to see if this kid could control his temptation to ask him how he could breakthrough earlier . To be honest, he didn’t have big tips but he did have small shortcuts which he felt he couldn’t reveal to Lu Shu yet .

"Okay," Lu Shu nodded his head and didn’t speak anymore .

What did okay mean?

Now that he had met Lu Shu and Lu Xiaoyu, the old man was much more tolerant and this sort of minor incident didn’t agitate him .

He was clear that a person with determination and calm character could go far in terms of vitality . In the past, he spent two years to unlock his sea of chi using his will, and Lu Shu seemed to have more potential than him so perhaps a year and a half would be enough .

Looking at Lu Shu’s training reminded Li Xianyi of his past . In that era, Li Xianyi was so skinny that his teacher had to search the mountains for herbs to provide nourishment for his body’s foundation . Magical energy was scarce during that time, and without the help of herbs and medicinal baths, training wouldn’t have been possible .

At that time, his master loved toying with him .

"Little Xianyi, the day you unlock your sea of chi, I’ll buy you candy and bring you to a show in the city!" This was Li Xianyi’s greatest motivation at that time . The sooner he could unlock his sea of chi, the sooner he could eat candy and watch shows .

"Little Xianyi, you’re the cream of the crop in terms of aptitude . Unlocking your sea of chi will probably take about twenty years…" Li Xianyi never understood how other students were treated as unique and the best while he felt like he was being toyed with?!

"Little Xianyi, Master is getting old . Whenever there’s meat, let me eat more . One more for me and one less for you…" At that time, Li Xianyi didn’t dare to take a single piece of meat for half a year . But his master’s body was in great condition, radiating with a glow every single day .

But with the bare magical energy at that time, even the strongest could not withstand the test of time . In a blink of an eye, the young man had journeyed with his sword and managed to become the leader of the Golden Foundation, while all that was left of his master were memories and ashes .

"Little Xianyi, if you still don’t unlock your sea of chi, I’d get angered to death by you even if I don’t die of old age . All you do is play everyday instead of training with your sword . Seems like I must teach you a secret . Make a shout for every swing you make! Make ten thousand shouts and your sea of chi will be unlocked!"

So Li Xianyi gained motivation immediately after listening to the advice and after ten thousand swings later, nothing happened . When he looked for his master to question him, his master gave him another technique to stall him, saying that the previous technique didn’t suit him . After all, it was normal for different techniques to have different effects on different people .

Only after he grew up did Li Xianyi know how sly his master was . . .

Li Xianyi then realized that he himself was very old, to the point that he was living through his memories .

He remembered the past and said jubilantly to Lu Shu, "I’ll teach you a secret . Shout for every swing you make . Use your breathing to move your body, it could help with the breakthrough . "

Lu Shu took it with a pinch of salt and tried it with his sword, "Open!"

Just then, Li Xianyi who treated this as a joke initially realized that under this sudden shout, there were indeed thin clouds of chi flowing around . That chi was rather thick and real . The sea of chi was really opening!

Damn, how long did he take to unlock his own? Two whole years!

How long did Lu Shu take? Two months? Did his master not lie to him? He felt that his world had been a lie . . .

Lu Shu felt that after his pick, the originally silent and traceless chi started flowing again . He was curious as to what happened but all he saw was Li Xianyi angrily returning to his house to sleep upon dumping his math book on the table!

"From Li Xianyi’s distress, +999!"

Lu Shu felt rather strange, what happened?