Spare Me, Great Lord! - Chapter 192

Published at 18th of July 2018 12:10:15 AM
Chapter 192: 192、Shifting Magical Energy(Part One)

He didn't know what after-effects the distress points from Japan would cause . Lu Shu thought that nothing much could happen since no one knew that the relic was in his possession, be it the heavenly network or the Japanese .

Speaking of the relic, Lu Shu remembered that he wanted to look into the land of seals again before he could really be sure of being able to provide Jiang Shuyi with magical energy . He was of much help and Lu Shu should really do something for him .

And Jiang Shuyi trusted him so much that he had to help him . Anyway, it was just a simple way of helping since he could actually be considered a 'God' in terms of magical energy in Luo Cheng . . .

He was preparing to send his consciousness into the seal of lands and to control and manage the entire Luo Cheng!

But how could he test it now? He knew the uses of the seal of lands, but he wasn't sure if anyone else knew its ability . They could maybe make use of the clues in the shift of magical energy to find him .

This was rather troubling . . .

It would naturally be good if they didn't know . No one would realize it was him no matter what he did to the magical energy .

Lu Shu started shifting the magical energy from one part of Luo Cheng towards Zhou Wangcheng Center . Zhou Wangcheng center was one of the bustling centers of Luo Cheng and its main infrastructure was a sculpture of a six-horsed chariot and the rest were plots of grass and gardens .

This place was about two to three kilometers from Luo Cheng train station . Some old people of Luo Cheng claimed that Luo Cheng, which used to be an ancient capital, contained buried treasures beneath Zhou Wangcheng center all the way to the train stations .

Lu Shu thought that all these were just rumors . . .

As an ancient capital, the people of Luo Cheng were proud of Luo Cheng . But as the economy progressed, this place had become quite a tasteless place . Economic development had been slow, and the tourism industry wasn't taken seriously . Those companies responsible for Luo Cheng's tourism were a joke . . .

Who would have thought that with the beginning of the magical era, this place had become of such importance?

Lu Shu had made discoveries when he was back in Mt Beimang's military camp . He dragged Jiang Shuyi with him around for a day to find out the state of practitioners from other places and the conclusion was that they were slower and weaker than those from Luo Cheng!

It can't be that students from everywhere else were weaker than students from Luo Cheng! That didn't make sense .

So there was an answer: Luo Cheng's magical energy was richer than that of other places .

This magical energy could not be explained by science and could only be understood and explained by experts on magical energy . Moreover, the heavenly network had treated this place seriously right from the start, and Lu Shu speculated that the heavenly network consisted of people who could feel magical energy .

Although the magical energy could be moved, it moved at a slow speed . Luckily, Lu Shu was patient… this trait of his was already tested thoroughly back in the remain .

And as a huge cloud of magical energy gathered at Zhou Wangcheng Center, Lu Shu observed the changes in the surroundings . He chose this open area just so that he could observe with more ease .

After an hour, there was still no movement or change in the surroundings and Lu Shu thought that there should be no problem . He then mentally shifted the magical energy back to its original position .

Just as he wanted his consciousness to return from the seal of lands, he hesitated and decided to continue observing .

Just 10 minutes after the magical energy had faded, Lu Shu saw Li Yixiao leading a huge group of experts from the heavenly network walking by the infrastructure at the side . Cold sweat started forming on Lu Shu's head, what a close shave! He didn't even realize when the other party came over . So the heavenly network really had much more up its sleeve . When did these people come over? Was it some concealment technique?

At this moment, a practitioner started using a skill at the center of the area . Waves started spreading out in a circular radius with him in the center .

This circle extended up to 30 meters before dissipating slowly, and the practitioner shook his head .

Lu Shu then received a wave of distress points from members of the heavenly network, including Li Yixiao… It wasn't much, just a thousand five hundred points in total . . .

But something caught Lu Shu's attention: Because of his ability to know a person's real name, Lu Shu had recorded all the names of personnel of Luo Cheng's heavenly network earlier on . However, two of the names which contributed distress points were names he had never seen before .

Lu Shu thought, were they just transferred here? It couldn't be that they were transferred here specifically to investigate the case on the relic, could it?

Using his mind once more, he altered the magical energy at ten sites within Luo Cheng . These ten sites had different amounts of magical energy .

He wanted to know how much movement of magical energy could be detected by these people .

He classified these ten places into ten classes and realized that the heavenly network's method of detecting magical energy was not flawless . Only then was he relieved .

He could now improve the magical energy around Jiang Shuyi!

But in reality, Jiang Shuyi's training progress wasn't slow . There was probably some disparity between him and those with tier A potential but it wasn't much of a problem as Lu Shu was there to help him bridge this disparity .

Although this secret of his could not be revealed to Jiang Shuyi, he felt really satisfied . As long as he repaid the gratitude of those who treated him well, it did not matter if they didn't know as he felt appeased in his heart .

Speaking of which… where does Jiang Shuyi stay . . .

Lu Shu suddenly realized that he didn't even know where Jiang Shuyi stays! Then what was the point of spending so much effort the entire evening!?

He couldn't call to ask now either or else it would be extremely weird once the magical energy changes right after he asked: Hey, where's your house, here's some magical energy for you…

Wouldn't he expose himself?

Lu Shu was thinking that there was another parent meeting tomorrow afternoon . Even if they couldn't meet tomorrow, he would still see him the day after . He'll leave this issue to the day after then .

The journey of training is extremely long and these two days wouldn't make a difference .

He tried to push that gate in front of the seal in his mind once more but to no avail once again, as he had expected .

At the moment, an energy surged within him and shocked, Lu Shu took his mind off the seal and went back to suppress his chi . The relentless surging of the chi gave Lu Shu a weird feeling… as if he was having the runs . . .

He just entered the lottery tonight and the probability of drawing the chi fruit wasn't stable . He tried more than 60 times only to get two chi fruits . The volume of his chi increased again after eating those two fruits and he eventually turned out like this .