Spare Me, Great Lord! - Chapter 221

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Chapter 221: 221、The Poor life of training in secret

When Lu Shu shouted the name Yu Qian, the purple gourd started to suck magical energy from his body .

Just at this moment, before the strength of the gourd could enter Lu Shu's body to draw energy, Lu Shu's celestial map was jolted awake!

It was just like in the past when Lu Shu would train the yinyang kinship of the three . Even before external energy could be amassed, the celestial map would suppress it . . .

Li Dian and Lu Shu were both confused . The gourd didn't have any reaction!

The purple light didn't even appear . . .

Only people who understood magical equipment truly understood that the light wasn't emitted by the magical equipment, but it was just a layer of soft glow .

"What's wrong? Aren't you a practitioner?" Li Dian was surprised . He could use it when it was in his arms, why did it stop working when it went over to Lu Shu?

Coughs, Lu Shu cleared his throat . Only he himself knew where the problem was . . .

It seemed like in order for him to use this magical relic, he had to treat it like the spears . He had to use his own celestial energy to direct the item instead of waiting for it to use its energy .

The celestial map was really too commanding .

"From Li Dian's distress, +233!"

"Definitely not . Any name works as long as you yourself believe that it's a real name!" Li Dian said with a black face .

Lu Shu pretended to be dissatisfied, "Your relic isn't easy to use . Lower the price slightly… This only works occasionally, wouldn't I be paying for my life if I use it in a fight?"

"From Li Dian's distress, +88…"

Li Dian couldn't understand why "You try again!"

"Guo Degang!" No effect .

"From Li Dian's distress, +333…"

"Cao Yunjin!"

"From…+444 . "

"Miao Fu!"

"Wang Sheng!"

"Song Xiaobao!"

Even after trying so many times, there was no effect . In contrast, the distress points generated from Li Dian was quite immense . Lu Shu felt that he should try a few more times just for the distress points!

At this moment, Li Dian was frustrated . Could it be that only his family could use this relic?

But he dared not get another person to try it . He was a fugitive avoiding the world and it was tough to even encounter an opportunity to trade for magical stones . He didn't want to risk everything by blowing this up . Eventually, it led to this .

Even at the start when Lu Shu asked him if he possessed anything real, he said no . If Lu Shu hadn't revealed his identity as a member of the heavenly network, he would still be keeping the gourd to himself .

Li Dian thought for a long time before defending himself, "You saw it just now when I used it . This is definitely not my problem! At the very least, it can be used! I'll give it to you a little cheaper, four magical stones, no lower! Any less and I can't break through!"

Lu Shu thought gleefully . This was such a great bargaining method he came up with . . .

He confirmed once more, "It works as long as I shout someone's actual name? No matter the volume?"


"That's not right . The gourd in the journey to the west worked when Sun Wukong, Wu Sunkong or Kong Sunwu was shouted! Yours is a fake! Lower the price!"

Li Dian hesitated, "I can't lower it anymore!"

"From Li Dian's distress, +288!"

Looking at Li Dian's determination, it seemed like any less wouldn't allow him to breakthrough to class E .

He suddenly thought of a problem . Could this relic be used with his ability to obtain someone's real name? Woah damn, then wouldn't this be very useful to him?

He just didn't know how effective this gourd would be when used against other people . It just didn't seem too reliable . . .

This unreliable feeling wasn't because it was ugly or other factors, it was merely because it was too cheap . . .

In the past, everyone would think that it's better for something to be cheaper, as it's more value for money .

But slowly, some people started to suspect the quality of cheap items . Is it genuine? Is it good? Or if there were any problems .

And for most of the time, these suspicions were… confirmed to be true .

It's just that Lu Shu felt that the difference in value between magical stones and magical instruments was too great . Magical stones were useless to him but magical instruments, on the other hand, could be used by him right now .

Even if it's a lowly magical instrument, it was new and fresh . After all, with his rank, he could receive 3 magical stones next month .

Lu Shu retrieved four magical stones and handed them over to Li Dian . A maniacal expression appeared on Li Dian's face, he had probably been dreaming about magical stones for a long time .

It had to be said that since the heavenly network was in control, secret practitioners such as Li Dian were really pitiful . Thinking in Li Dian's shoes, Lu Shu felt that he wouldn't even dare search for a plot of magically rich land for himself to train in fear of being exposed . . .

Li Dian passed the gourd to Lu Shu and disappeared amongst the crowd as if he was afraid to lose the 4 magical stones he had just received .

"Who knows how long he can train secretly for? Even if he has magical stones, his rate of improvement is really too slow," Lu Shu shook his head as he watched Li Dian disappear into the crowd .

He really wanted to see what exactly were the effects of this gourd, but it wasn't the right time now . Lu Shu removed his jacket in a secluded corner and then removed the t-shirt that was acting as his mask . . .

Coincidentally, he bumped into Yuan Liangtuo and his party just as he walked out . It was an incident of two enemies chancing upon each other on a narrow road . Yuan Liangtuo and his party knew that Lu Shu was indeed stronger than them, which was why their eyes exuded more envy than hate .

"Are you following us!" Yuan Liangtuo suddenly remembered what he said about the black market on the train . This Lu Shu didn't even have friends or family here, how could he know about the black market on the very first day of being here?

Lu Shu's eyes lit up the moment he saw this group of people . It would really be inappropriate for him to try his new instrument on strangers . . .

He laughed amicably, "Shop well, there's quite a lot of good stuff here . "

Neither admitting to it nor denying it .

Lu Shu and Yuan Liangtuo's party merely brushed shoulders and distanced themselves . As he was arriving at the alley, Lu Shu leaped up to the roof from a secluded corner . He felt that it was best not to be seen by Zhu Bishi who was keeping watch at the alley .

"Lu Shu, is there anything fun inside… Why did you wrinkle my shirt so much!" Lu Xiaoyu whined .

"Coughs, I traded a gem out . We'll try it later! I even sold a magical stone . We can go for some roasted mutton and mutton soup tomorrow! Apparently, the muttonhead soup is not bad at Xijing City . A light layer of oil would float atop the clear soup and the mutton inside is pure and tasty…" Lu Shu laughed .

Lu Xiaoyu's drool almost flowed out of her mouth, "Are we going tomorrow morning?"

"Yeah!" Lu Shu heaved a sigh of relief from his heart . She finally changed the topic from her wrinkled shirt .