Spare Me, Great Lord! - Chapter 236

Published at 9th of August 2018 12:05:10 AM
Chapter 236: 236、Troublemaker (Part 1)

Originally, Lu Shu intended to puncture the tire and let the air of the tire out . But he realized that there was a mechanic shop beside the tented accommodation area which specialized in repairing cars and fueling . If he had only punctured the tire, it would not achieve the desired outcome .

But he didn't want Li Dian and Liang Che to reach Sun-moon mountain earlier than him . So… he could only carry the motorcycle away .

Lu Shu absolutely wanted to praise his own wits . Ever since he became a practitioner, many things actually depended on whether or not he was daring enough . The more daring he was, the better the results… how could ordinary people come up with a plan to carry a motorcycle away?

Honestly speaking, Liang Che's motorcycle was about 190Kg . It was nothing to someone of Lu Shu's strength of 4000Kg .

It was just like lifting a child's toy!

At this moment, there were still tourists coming over on buses and cars . Whenever Lu Shu passed by their windows, many people would think that their eyes were playing tricks on them as it was already dark . Only when they turned around once more were they stunned… it was incredible!

It was common for people to ride motorcycles but how common was it the other way around!

Liang Che stood at the side of Huanhu road with his mouth open in bewilderment, not knowing what to say, "Damn you… stop right there!"

His voice drifted through the road along with the wind, it was as helpless as however much one could imagine…

He then wasted no time in running forward while dialing for Li Dian on his phone . He couldn't care about the secrecy of their operation anymore, "Hey, Li Dian! We'll run over to Sun-moon Mountain to rendezvous directly . We wouldn't take too long if we give it our all . "

Li Dian was confused, "Where's your bike?"

"Taken away by someone!" Liang Che said with gritted teeth .

Li Dian was thoroughly confused now, "What?!"

"From Li Dian's distress, +399!"

"From Liang Che's distress, +999!"

Until now, Liang Che still didn't understand why the other guy had to carry his motorcycle off . Honestly speaking, he had seen quite a number of metahumans who were secretive and did questionable acts . Wasn't Li Dian one of them?

But… just steal it if you want, what's the point of carrying the bike? So you're impressive now that you're strong?

He wasn't aware of Lu Shu's presence . Neither did he know of Lu Shu's past with Li Dian . He was even more ignorant of Lu Shu's eavesdropping of their conversation previously . He knew nothing about Lu Shu .

If Liang Che saw Lu Shu, he would probably be able to guess half of what happened .

The night he escaped from the heavenly network was one he would remember for the rest of his life… in his 25 years of life, he had never encountered such a cunning teenage brat!

But alas, he was at the disadvantage . Lu Shu was concealed while they were in the open . Lu Shu knew what they were up to while they had no idea what Lu Shu was planning .

Liang Che was on the road behind Lu Shu, thinking that he would definitely kill him once he manages to catch up with the guy with his bike!

Liang Che was notorious within the grey area of the practitioner community . The feat of escaping from the clutches of the heavenly network was enough to glorify him for an entire lifetime . And his identity as a class D far exceeded the average level of a secret practitioner, so his confidence was extremely high now .

But he realized that… he had overestimated himself…

The other party was clearly carrying a motorcycle but no matter how hard he tried, Liang Che couldn't catch up . In fact, the gap seemed to be increasing as the other guy was speeding up even more…

Liang Che could only stare ahead as the thief gradually left his sight . He stood by the side of the road in disbelief . How are you running so quickly!?

He now had to ponder over one question: was the other guy more powerful than him?!

It shouldn't be . He was already at the middle stage of class D . Wouldn't that guy be a class C if he was more powerful than him?

No . He would concede if a class C really took his bike . But Liang Che felt that no class C would be so unreasonable and free to steal a bike .

Then there was one more possibility . The other party could be a strength-type metahuman!

If this was the case, when he engaged the other party, he had to be mindful of keeping a distance away . After all, his biggest strength was his ability to control flames from a distance . He would definitely be defeated if a strength-type could get near him .

At this moment, the phone in Liang Che's pocket shrilled . It was Li Dian's voice, "Hey, have you caught up with him?!"

" . . . " Liang Che stayed silent momentarily, "Not yet…"

"What's with you? In this case, we really have to run to Sun-moon Mountain? It's tens of kilometers away!" Li Dian was surprised . He always thought that Liang Che was very powerful, at least more powerful than him . And he was also the reason why he had no fear when facing Yuan Liangtuo and his company .

Four ordinary daoyuan students were no match for Liang Che . Although class D wasn't considered the peak amongst the practitioners, it definitely wasn't very weak .

Liang Che's face turned black, "Do you want to try chasing? Come and meet me first . The other party is likely to be a class D strength-type and he might have come prepared . So, be careful and let's not be overconfident and mess this up . "

But it really didn't seem like the other party came here for them . After all, amongst all the secret practitioners in practice, they'd never heard of a powerful strength-type who came over to Qingzhou . And it didn't seem like it was the doing of the heavenly network… they weren't so unscrupulous!

But there was nothing wrong with being cautious . Liang Che felt that it was better to be prepared . It was alright to lose just a motorcycle, it would cost merely a few thousand dollars to buy another second-hand one . The item within the Sun-moon mountain, on the other hand, was of utmost importance and could not be lost!

It could be said that the entire world was searching for magical equipment in forgotten places . Everyone understood the importance of magical equipment .

This sort of equipment could only be chanced upon with luck . If others were to know that Lu Shu not only had the seal of lands, but 12 spears as well, he could well be the target of sly schemes every day .

Of course, the heavenly network was a layer of protection when facing this sort of outlaws .

It was just like how criminals feared the police naturally, no matter how tall, fat, skinny or short the policeman . And even if he didn't possess a gun .

After Liang Che and Li Dian met up, Liang Che thought quietly and asked, "Did you encounter any trouble recently? Or piss anyone off?"

These words reminded Li Dian of his head-twisting incidents immediately, but he couldn't admit to this . But honestly, he thought that that incident was unrelated to this . Yuan Liangtuo and his friends were not class D and above! He shook his head, "No!"



"Then that's strange . Where did this troublemaker come from?" Liang Che's suspicion rose, "Or did we give ourselves away?"

Li Dian thought about his journey again upon hearing his words . He had only offended another person once, wasn't it just Yuan Liangtuo and his few friends?

Could it be those few daoyuan students . . . ? That's not possible . Li Dian denied this possibility .