Spare Me, Great Lord! - Chapter 248

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Chapter 248
Chapter 248: 248、Coincidental Bump Into Jiang Shuyi (Part 1)

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When it came to things like fighting, Lu Shu already had quite an abundance of experience . Be it bumping into Chang Hengyue at the start of the remains or encountering that weird class C spy afterward, regardless of it being meaningful or not, Lu Shu had made a significant contribution through fighting .

It was as if all the spies within Yuzhou's heavenly network and daoyuan class were taken care of, or he wouldn't have received countless distress points from Japanese names back then . They must be facing many problems since they lost all their spies in Yuzhou after just one remain…

It could be said that all the Japanese spies in Yuzhou were wiped out…

Luckily, Lu Shu didn't reveal his ability of real name identification or any of his other weird abilities . If he had, he would have dared to approach Li Yixiao and go through the entire list of daoyuan students and heavenly network members in the system… how many distress points would that be?

Lu Shu and Lu Xiaoyu didn't need any of the supplies brought in for the civilians . Yuan Liangtuo and his friends, on the other hand, almost teared up when they saw the biscuits…

Those people who bought stinky tofu also received supplies from the soldiers . All of them were then holding onto a tofu in one hand while Lu Shu received a constant influx of distress points from them .

But the military's task of relief was not that simple . The road to Chaka salt lake was jammed on both sides . There were many traffic police directing and soothing traffic at the back, telling all drivers that no cars will be allowed to pass through this place for the next half a month .

After their hopes of waiting out were shattered, cars at the back slowly showed signs of backing out of the huge traffic jam . Although there was no clear indication as to when the jam could be completely solved, there was at least hope now .

The tour bus, at this moment, was filled with the sound of squabbles . The aunties were extremely displeased, "Fancy us bumping into such a situation on a tour! What are you going to do about it!"

Tour guide Wang was in a tight spot . What could he do about this? This was a decent tour compared to others where families had to bring their own tents, these people got their own tents and had good food to dine on .

If they really wanted a refund, how much did he have to pay? What about his own commission!?

Wang Shuli and her friends didn't seem to care much about this . She turned her head to ask Lu Shu and Lu Xiaoyu, "Do you have any plans if we return to Xijing City? Do you want to go and explore the nightlife in Xijing City with us?"

Lu Shu and Lu Xiaoyu glanced at each other for a moment before Lu Shu started shaking his head, "We won't tag along with you guys anymore, we might have some other stuff to attend to . "

Regardless of whether they returned to the city and waited for an opportunity to come back to enter the remains or staying here now, Lu Shu and Lu Xiaoyu definitely had to separate themselves from the group .

In this sort of thriving magical climate, it was no doubt that many people, apart from them, wanted a part in this remains .

But honestly speaking, Lu Shu used to feel that the power within the country was concentrated within the heavenly network and everything was under their rule . But upon encountering Kumbum Monastery, he noticed there were many more priests and high-beings who stayed out of these affairs .

Lu Shu definitely didn't think that the heavenly network neglected this aspect of the magical era . There must be some other reason .

But in reality, under the heavenly network's all-rounded rule, Lu Shu didn't feel that the Buddhist priests had much ground to be a threatening force to the heavenly network .

Because the heavenly network was the main force in the country .

If only Jiang Shuyi was here . He could ask him if he wasn't sure of anything . It was rather slow to try to comprehend everything on his own .

As to the issue with the Buddhist priests, why were they never mentioned in the golden foundation? It seemed like… they segregated themselves from this world of magic and training on purpose .

Because of the incident at Kumbum Monastery, Lu Shu didn't have a good feeling towards Buddhist priests . The first encounter resulted in them spouting some nonsense about him…

But he didn't exactly hold a grudge against them because of this . It wasn't fair to just hate them because of a minor incident . He could just avoid them in the future .

This time, if the remains really surfaced on the land of Qingzhou, Lu Shu wanted to see if the Buddhist priests would come over and stake a claim . He could also understand the heavenly network's stance on these people .

Just then, an old priest was walking slowly along the fields towards Chaka salt lake .

His movements were slow, so slow that he didn't seem normal . But the speed at which he was moving was fast and within an instant, he was out of Lu Shu's sight and had already entered the area of the salt lake .

Lu Shu also felt a huge amount of magical energy waves from the man . This was… a heavenly king!

Was he the old priest who guarded Southern Tibet?

It actually made sense upon some thought . Now that the strength of the Indians was significantly depleted, they weren't much of a threat . And as for those people at Southeast Asia, they were still shocked by the incident at the remains in Laos . They didn't even have the ability to protect themselves, why would they go overseas to look for trouble?

It was the north that they had to be wary of .

From this perspective, it was indeed more suitable for the old priest who guarded Southern Tibet to be sent here .

He once heard Li Xianyi mention that this priest had a bad temper…

Lu Shu was curious back then, "Having practiced for tens of years, why would his temper still be bad?"

"It's exactly because of his bad temper that he has to practice to be calm . If his temper was good, he might have just become a secluded monk…" Li Xianyi once lamented .

Lu Shu was stunned back then, who knew there could be such an effect? And in the end, the product was a class B practitioner? No one would have anything to say about his bad temper .

Lu Shu himself didn't have any impression of that guy .

"Lu Shu! Why are you here!"

A familiar voice was heard behind Lu Shu . Lu Shu immediately turned around, "Jiang Shuyi? You…"

Speak of the devil! Lu Shu was just thinking how convenient it would be if Jiang Shuyi was here moments ago, he wouldn't be making blind guesses about everything .

Wang Shuli, who was next to Lu Shu, noticed that he was stunned by Jiang Shuyi's appearance . She looked at Jiang Shuyi's expression and said, "Little Shu, could this be your girlfriend? So pretty…"

"Keke, he's a guy," Lu Shu was rather awkward .

Wang Shuli was shocked, "Guy? A male on his identification card as well?"

Jiang Shuyi walked off a vehicle accompanied by two soldiers as if he wanted to enter the restricted area directly . Honestly, Lu Shu really didn't expect Jiang Shuyi to be here .

Jiang SHuyi smiled, "I took a plane here to use the magical energy here . "

Lu Shu was enlightened . Since he had already said it, it was certain that there would be a remain surfacing here . He couldn't comprehend Jiang Shuyi's background even more . This remain was just opening and he's already here to make use of the magical energy?

It had to be known that the magical energy in a remain was akin to an experience multiplier in a video game . It could be said that in Lu Shu's knowledge, the best 'magical land' would be the area around remains .