Spare Me, Great Lord! - Chapter 288

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Chapter 288
Chapter 288: 288、The Soul of Anger, Concealed Arrow! (Part 3)

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With great effort, Lu Shu guided the Corpsedog dagger in its slow flight back to him, while continuing his chase of the white man . Between them, the monster trees fell with thunderous roars every now and then .

The white master was astonished . The client who wanted to exchange with him the earth system weapon for Chen Baili's head had provided him with information . However, the information provided had made no mention of such a powerful Class C expert beside Chen Baili in the remains!


What a miscalculation!


In fact, he was now thinking if the client had deliberately held back this information so as to see both himself and Chen Baili wear each other out?!


The sand in the white man's hands were not used up yet . Seeing that Lu Shu was still gaining on him, he blasted the fine sand towards the pursuer as if they were transformed into artillery shells .


Even though Lu Shu's Celestial Cloak was extremely sturdy, it started to waver beneath the volleys of highly concentrated sand .


Every grain of sand which hit the cloak left an indent on the once smooth surface . Usually, the Celestial Cloak would use the Celestial Powers to mend itself when damaged, but the onslaught of sand this time was too dense for the cloak to med itself in time!


With a loud smack, Lu Shu felt a mind-numbing pain on his arm . Two grains of white sand had actually went through the Celestial Cloak and made a bloody gash on his arm!


Not only that, an increasing number of sand grains broke through the protective cover of the cloak and Lu Shu's body was suddenly covered in bloody marks!


Lu Shu was secretly startled . This won't do . If this continues, defeat will come to me at the slightest misstep .


Unfortunately, the Corpsedog was being dreadfully encumbered . It totally could not function properly around the white man . Even his speed after being injured was still too fast for the long spear . What should he do?


At this moment, the two had already been running for a very long distance . Lu Shu suddenly realised, isn't this the route he came from? The white man was actually running towards the border region of the remains?


The two, one in front of the other, suddenly came to a clearing . Lu Shu was momentarily stunned, weren't these the animals which teeth were plucked by me just now?


The wild animals were shocked too . Weren't our teeth just extracted, why are you here again?!


However, the white man did not feel any anything amiss . He paid the animals no regard whatsoever as he passed them . The grains of sand, though, pierced through all the animals he passed as they swirled around him .


The distress points in his back-end income recorder began to diminish…


He was infuriated . All the teeth painstakingly extracted, all the distress points painstakingly collected, reduced to nought simply after you went past the animals?!


Lu Shu was inflamed beyond words!


"You stand right there!"


"You @$#^%^ better stop right there!"


"Are you deaf? Bloody hell, stop right there!"


In actual fact, Lu Shu hardly swore, but now he could no longer contain his wrath!


His distress points! All the adorable little animals!


The white man continued running from him, albeit slightly puzzled . Has this bloke suddenly gone berserk?


However, at this moment, Lu Shu suddenly felt the second layer of nebula on the Celestial Map within his body starting to rotate in his fury . The seventh star remained in the center while the other six started to orbit it as planets!


Faintly, Lu Shu could almost feel that the emotion of anger was like a key, which had opened the box of secret that was the second layer nebula!


He was suddenly reminded of the meanings of the seven souls: the Corpsedog, Concealed Arrow, Yin of Sparrow, Seizing Thief, Non-Toxic, Filth Removal, Smelly Lungs . They each correspond to one of human's seven emotions: happiness, anger, sadness, fear, love, hate, lust!


Could it be that to harness the emotions of one's soul, one must first understand these emotions, then use them as the keys?!


The nebula swirled . All of a sudden, a transparent dagger coalesced on the star, with the two words "Concealed Arrow" inscribed upon it .


It would be more correct to think of Concealed Arrow as a see-through white jade needle rather than a dagger!


The white master was running in front when he suddenly heard a shrill whoosh behind him . It was piercing and explosive, just like a roar!


With no time to avoid, he tossed the final half handful of special white sand towards Concealed Arrow to envelop it . However, half of all the white sand he had had been used to enwrap Corpsedog, then a smaller portion used to attack Lu Shu . All he had left was not sufficient to cover the Concealed Arrow at all!


The sound of skin tearing could be heard . Despite trying his best to dodge the attack, he was still hit on the shoulder . Another bloody gash appeared!


He was almost driven mad . If you have two flying daggers, what have you been doing?


Why was he suddenly acting like he swallowed firecrackers? Has he gone mad?


The white man could feel Lu Shu's fiery anger, but he had no idea why was he so angry!


He could no longer be concerned about conserving strength . He had not expect that after mortally wounding Chen Baili, such a devil would still emerge in what he thought was a remains with no more enemies who could be of match with him . Moreover, this demon was incensed for no apparent reason…


Lu Shu's adversary used his last handful of white sand to stall Concealed Arrow while he burrowed down into the ground in a flash . The soil seemed to have merged with him . To Lu Shu, the white man seemed as though he had simply melted into the sea with not a hint of distinction .


Lu Shu leapt off the ground . The leap sent him more than ten metres into the air and even though he had to go through many layers of tree covers, Lu Shu broke through every twig and branch in his way!


"When a friend comes from afar, he shall be eradicated no matter how large the distance! Die!"


In the next moment, a long spear appeared in Lu Shu's hand . He bent his body back like a bow before thrusting the spear straight into the ground with a deafening roar!


One spear after another were thrusted into the ground like missiles . Lu Shu stared intently at the energy waves on the ground . In midair, Lu Shu was just like a rocket launcher as craters erupted on the ground, as if they had been ploughed through once!


Lu Shu, his energy spent, fell back to the ground . He noticed that some of the soil churned up had blood on them, but he could see no body .


Lu Shu closed his eyes to feel for his opponent's energy waves, but could not detect any . He lowered his head to look at the compass, but it was showing no reaction too .


Did he actually escape…is this all from the Class B master?


However, Lu Shu did win this round of fight with the Class B master .


Despite the fact that his opponent's true capability now was only at the Class C peak level, a win was a win . Lu Shu felt at peace .

. . .


The sound of Lu Shu's battle with the Class B master travelled far and wide . However, nobody could see for themselves the actual situation as they were blocked by the monster trees and could only stay and wait in the clearing till daybreak .


Li Dian, bandaged up with a piece of tattered sackcloth, was feeling frightened as he crawled along . Could this be the din caused by the old tree demoness? Isn't that the direction where the old tree demoness had leave?


Chen Zuan stood up from beside the fire when he heard the crash caused by Lu Shu's barrage of spears . The sound had spread far and wide across the forest!


"Xiaoyu…" Chen Zuan was stunned for a moment, "Could this be the ruckus caused by my Second Master?"


Lu Xiaoyu asked, subconsciously, "Would Lu Shu be in danger?"


Since before that, she had already started feeling an odd sense of unease . Hence, she was worried about Lu Shu after hearing the loud noise .


Following that, Chen Zuan saw Lu Xiaoyu actually rousing all the wild animals while she herself mounted a Naughty Pig, "Naughty Pig, let's go and take a look!"


"Hey, Xiaoyu, the weird forest is dangerous . Wait for daybreak . How can it be Lu Shu? He is just a Class E power system type, impossible for him to cause such a ruckus!" Chen Zuan dissuaded .


Lu Xiaoyu took a sidelong glance at him in contempt, "Don't go if you are scared . "


Chen Zuan was instantly pained, "Go, go, let's go!"


However, at that moment, Chen Zuan suddenly saw Lu Xiaoyu leaping off the back of the Naughty Pig and landed a punch upon the ground in the clearing!


A thunderous reverberation was accompanied by rolling dust spreading outwards . Chen Zuan could make neither head nor tail of the situation, "Cough, cough . Lu Xiaoyu, are you out of your mind!"


He fanned away the smoke and dust before his face . He had choked on all the smoke and dust inhaled .


Is this the power of a Class D power system Awakened person? With one punch, she had made a huge crater on the ground almost two meters deep!


How could this be done by a eleven-year-old girl?


However, as the smoke and dust cleared, Chen Zuan was shocked to see a pool of blood seeping out from the cracked earth . Astounded, he looked up at Lu Xiaoyu, "What is this?


"A human," Lu Xiaoyu said simply and with the greatest calm . "Someone who passed by underground . I killed a person . "


"What!" Chen Zuan was thrown off his feet, "How did you discover him?"


Lu Xiaoyu did not say anything, because Lu Shu disallowed her from telling anyone that she could sense spirits .


Chen Zuan looked on, befuddled, as Lu Xiaoyu did something inexplicable . She raised her hand and made a scooping motion, as if to scoop something underground into her own body . However, Chen Zuan could see nothing . He asked curiously, "Xiaoyu…what are you doing?"


Lu Xiaoyu gave him a phlegmatic glance, "Nothing . "


This soul, as compared to the one detained previously,… is so much stronger!