Spare Me, Great Lord! - Chapter 292

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Chapter 292
Chapter 292: The root of the injury

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Lu Shu originally intended to leave with Chen Bai Li as Chen Bai Li said, but he later found out that Chen Bai Li was overly optimistic about his injury .

The old Taoist priest now donned ragged clothes . Upon seeing the holes in the clothes, Lu Shu knew that the old Taoist priest faced the same situation as he did .

At that time, the other party should have been in a state of full power . The seriously injured Class B master defeated him and penetrated his celestial cloak . One can imagine how powerful the Class B master was .

"Come, I will help you up," Lu Shu took Chen Bai Li's body and wanted to lift him up . As a result, Chen Bai Li was overwhelmed by fatigue . Chen Bai Li sighed and his roots were more severely damaged .

If this was not the case, he could have tried defeating Class A after his regaining his magical energy . Unfortunately, he no longer had the power to do so . .

Lu Shu glanced at Chen Bai Li's state and was stunned, "I'll let go and you try to walk on your own . "

Chen Bai Li fell the moment Lu Shu let go . Lu Shu caught him before he fell to the ground . "Exert strength using both legs; overcome your own pain . . . " Lu Shu said .

At that point, Chen Bai Li's face fell . Is this a paraplegic rehabilitation center? What is this? Are you helping me learn to walk again?!

"Chen Bai Li's distress value, +777!"

"Ahem," Lu Shu felt slightly embarrassed upon seeing Chen Bai Li's distress value . He said, "I shall carry you on my back then . "

Lu Shu hoisted Chen Bai Li on his back . Honestly speaking, with his current strength, piggybacking Chen Bai Li was no more tiring than playing around . He asked, "Is the core of the relic that way?"

Chen Bai Li feebly pointed in a certain direction . Lu Shu nodded and started taking giant strides toward the woods in that direction . It wasn't that he didn't know which direction it was, he merely stood by his principle -- casually asking Chen Bai Li so as to reveal as little of his ability as possible .

It was only then that Lu Shu had time to look at the distress values generated during the battle .

Maintain complete focus during the battle, for his opponent was not simply a nobody . If he were to be distracted by the distress value of his opponent, he would be dead meat .

However, Lu Shu was also contemplating whether to change his way of combat . This battle made him realize that he could judge the actual damage or level of psychological torment he brought to the other party based on their distress values . He could thus determine whether the other party was really injured, and whether there were any signs of fake injury .

This theory seemed more reliable, yet this multi-tasking skill required further practice to perfect .

Lu Shu was stunned . In closest proximity was Chen Zu an's long list of distress values . . . After observing a minute of silence out of courtesy, Lu Shu continued flipping . This White man was called Anthony Smith .

This wasn't a useful clue, for Anthony was a common name, and the surname Smith was carried by several million people .

This greatly increased Lu Shu's distress value, causing it to hit 1000 at times . On the whole, these distress values would have hit a minimum of 10,000 . However, the distress values did not provide time stamps, thus there was no indication of when the distress values increased .

As a matter of fact, Lu Shu's biggest takeaway this time was not the distress values, but the battling experience with the expert . Honestly, what Lu Shu lacked most was experience in a real battle .

He did have quite a number of fights in Mt Beimang, yet he played against more skeletons than humans . The last batch of more powerful terracotta soldiers did not even dare to fight back . . . The corspedog also caused the Class C Japanese spy to explode . . .

How was that even a real battle? Lu Shu came out of Mt Beimang feeling unfinished .

As a result, this battle with the injured Class B master revealed to Lu Shu a simple truth: he was now very powerful…

An injured Class B master was still a Class B, no? But of course, if he had unleashed all his power, the white sand hitting on the celestial cloak would not be penetrable purely due to large quantity, but instead, would exude threat every moment .

It was said that the distress value accumulated by Lu Shu was enough to light up the first star in the third layer of nebula . The distress value of 100,000 was more or less provided by small animals, except that they could not eat fruits in Chen Bai Li's presence now .

However, Lu Shu found that even after the animals' teeth extraction, the frequency of the animals providing distress values were slowly decreasing . Lu Shu was a little unhappy as they weren't learning their lesson .

Not long after entering the woods, Lu Shu was about to stop the recording of distress points when he saw that Chen Zu an and Chen Bai Li's distress values continuously refreshing .

And no matter what happened to Chen Zu an, after all, Lu Shu didn't know where he was .

Coming back to Chen Bai Li . . . Lu Shu took a glance back and realised that he was too focused on avoiding the tree branches along the way, and did not realise that the branches were hitting Chen Bai Li's face .

Several pieces of leaves were stuck in Chen Bai Li's hair, and his face turned completely from pale to black…

"Heh, I'm so sorry, I didn't notice . . . " Lu Shu said with guilt written on his face . He had to be guilty; Chen Bai Li was a Heavenly King after all!

Lu Shu continued to move forward, till he suddenly felt the compass in his pocket beginning to vibrate . Lu Shu stopped . He felt abnormal aura fluctuations on his left!

He was alarmed at once . Please let it not be some top-tier beast… Lu Shu turned around and shook Chen Bai Li .

However, not only did he not get any response, the distress values of Chen Bai Li disappeared too . Lu Shu felt that something was amiss and hurriedly asked, "Heavenly King? Heavenly King?"

Still no response!

Shocked, Lu Shu quickly lay Chen Bai Li against a tree . He realised Chen Bai Li had completely lost his mind .

He had interacted with Li Xian before and knew well that veteran experts like him had damage on their foundation . Honestly, he wasn't sure if Chen Bai Li was injured because of this . Yet, based on reason, he shouldn't have been injured so seriously . Look at how the white man master was still full of life even after the battle .

Lu Shu was not sure . In fact, the white man master would have been very aware of Chen Bai Li's weakness when he accepted the battle . His intention was never to have a life-and-death battle with Chen Bai Li . He knew he would not be able to beat Chen Bai Li .

But it did not matter; as long as he held Chen Bai Li back and bounced back himself, he would sooner or later be able to defeat this Chinese Heavenly King!

Lu Shu checked Chen Bai Li's breathing . Fortunately, he simply fainted .