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Spare Me, Great Lord! - Chapter 300

Published at 20th of November 2019 02:41:30 PM

Chapter 300: 300

Chapter 300: 300、Goodbye, Qingzhou (Part 3)

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Translator: Sparrow Translations  Editor: Sparrow Translations

Lu Shu looked at the nine wild animals behind Lu Xiaoyu . As he did not think that Lu Xiaoyu is able to bring them out, so Lu Shu didn’t even think of one question… how were they supposed to feed them?!

How much sheep or cows do they have to eat per day? Their sizes were gigantic, and their appetite would be the same . How was he going to feed them?!

Even though Lu Xiaoyu’s side still had Little Fatty Chen Zuan’s 420 thousand IOU, they couldn’t waste all the money like that right? If all of them were in the size of Little Fury it would be fine, but the problem was they are not .

So when everyone saw that many wild animals, their first reaction would be fear or in awe . However, for Lu Shu, it was heartache…

Lu Shu held on to Lu Xiaoyu and whispered for a long time, “Xiaoyu, it wasn’t easy for us to be here today . I feel that bringing these animals home would result in us being poor, should we…sell them?”

Lu Xiaoyu was a little unhappy, but she thought that it really wasn’t easy for Lu Shu to earn money . So she whispered back, “Then can we keep Big Kitty and Naughty Pig?”

“Hm…” Lu Shu looked at the distress expression on Lu Xiaoyu’s face and knew that she didn’t want to sell any one of them . However, she compromised sensibly . Even when she asked Lu Shu whether they could keep that mountain cat and Naughty Pig, her tone wasn’t exceptionally firm .

It was like should Lu Shu said no, she would not insist on it .

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Whiling look at Naughty Pig, Lu Shu clenched his teeth and said, “Sure!”

Lu Shu couldn’t imagine what the small courtyard in his house would become… Should he change his house? Or should he secretly leave the two animals at Mt Beimang, and let them play by themselves? Will the relevant authorities find him and accuse him of destroying the ecological environment?

Lu Shu thought that he had to think through thoroughly by himself…

However, now is not is not the time to think about this . Lu Shu turned around and said loudly, “Does anyone wish to purchase any animals? Clever and sensible animals! The price can be discussed!”

The counting of combat strength is going to happen outside the relics now, Lu Shu was also not sure whether he could sell the animals like this . The previous time when he was selling at Beimang relics, it was low-key… Although there were people who did not think that way .

Originally, the people around were using a gaze of looking at a mysterious master to look at him and Lu Xiaoyu . However, the image of a master crumbled once again, just like how it did at Beimang relics .

The coolness of Lu Shu seems to not be able to last more than 3 minutes… 3 minutes might be a little too long .

Some of the people started to crowd around . This was because the importance of combat strength could be comprehended without saying .

Someone asked, “How much is this lizard?”

Now that they were out of the relics, he didn’t have to struggle about wanting watches or chains . The best would be cash, it wasn’t like they couldn’t transfer as it was in the relics .

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Lu Shu smiled, “One for 50 thousand!”

He thought about it in his heart, 50 thousand in exchange for combat strength was not considered expensive right?

The potential buyer seemed to be a little hesitant and asked the person beside him whether it was worth it . Lu Shu became a little anxious, it was the best to deal with these little animals quickly . Otherwise, delaying would only bring out more trouble . He said, “Don’t ask for other’s opinion about something you fancy . You are already old enough, can’t you make your own decisions? Quickly let your family know about it and make a transfer . ”

At this moment, Lu Shu saw the Class C master who is the Qingzhou in-charge walking towards his direction . Lu Shu quickly changed his words, “Forget it, I don’t want money anymore . Let’s trade . I see that the pendant on your neck looks pretty good…”

In the end, the deal hasn’t been made and that Class C master was already here with a serious expression . He said, “All these will be recorded into the combat strength of that young lady . You cannot buy or sell without permission . ”

Lu Shu became silent in a moment . The weaker one couldn’t win over the stronger . After all, what he was doing now was indeed against the rules . Yes, just that little .

However, Lu Shu said, “I have to bring this mountain cat and the wild pig along with me . The Heavenly King promised me . ”

He looked at Lu Shu suspiciously, how was he supposed to verify that? The Heavenly King should still be at Heaven, his phone wouldn’t receive any signals .

Lu Shu saw an opportunity, and added, “The Heavenly King also agreed to allow me to sell these wild animals!”

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At this moment, the other totally did not believe in it . Lu Shu felt a little distressed, why didn’t he mentioned Chen Bai Li earlier . Anyway, they couldn’t find anyone who can testify!

Chen Zuan witness the entire interaction from the side, and in his heart, he thought that Lu Shu was really shameless… Even Chen Zuan didn’t dare to make use Chen Bai Li’s name to frighten others .

Ultimately, these wild animals still couldn’t be sold . Lu Shu said no regardless of any reasons, but he agreed on bringing the mountain cat and wild pig along .

Regarding transportation issues, it was Chen Zuan who helped to resolve it . He called home and roughly mentioned the experience in the relics . The Chen family immediately sent an army truck for Lu Shu .

In the end, as the size of Naughty Pig was too big, and made use of another military truck to fit another two wild animals with difficulty . One truck for Naughty Pig, and another for the mountain cat . Lu Shu initially wanted to follow these two trucks back . It helped to help money as he didn’t need to buy tickets .

In the end, Lu Shu remembered that he promised Lu Xiaoyu, to take a plane when they return…

In fact, Lu Shu was honestly not willing to let Lu Xiaoyu suffer with him . To be in the car hopper of the truck for over 10 hours, it is really uncomfortable .

Jiang Shuyi only appeared at this moment . Lu Shu was watching Jiang Shuyi holding a sword to Liang Che’s neck in astonishment . To say that being escort into the hands of the Qingzhou Heavenly network, that was indeed valiant . He knew the capabilities of Liang Che, and the opponent did not play fairly .

The fact that Jiang Shuyi could capture Liang Che, that was enough to show his capabilities .

Lu Shu could see that Jiang Shuyi’s body had burnt injuries, he most probably spent quite an amount of effort to catch Liang Che .

However, compared to the credit in catching those wild animals, Jiang Shuyi probably had more credit for this . Lu Shu asked Jiang Shuyi whether he wanted to leave together, but Jiang Shuyi remarked that he couldn’t leave now . He needed to coordinate with Qingzhou’s side to complete the information and record of capturing Liang Che .

While holding on to Lu Xiaoyu’s hand, Lu Shu bade farewell to Gao Shenyin and Chen Zuan . Chen Zuan actually felt a little unwilling, “You have to let me know when you come to the capital to report for your duty . I added everyone as friends, let’s have a group later . After all, we can be considered comrades . ”

When Lu Shu heard that there was a group, his eyes brightened . Wise words, wise words!

Chen Zuan and Gao Shenyin looked at the big and small figure slowly getting further on the crystal clear salt lake between the heaven and land . They suddenly felt that in the world of the siblings, it seemed to only have the two of them . No other people could infiltrate .

Gao Shenyin laughed coldly, “Let’s go and record the combat strength . Let me see how much combat strength you have attained?”

“Hahaha, I really think I will scare you if I say it . The girls from the capital, I, Chen Zuan is coming back!”

Lu Shu heard the yells from Chen Zuan and he turned back to face the endless whiteness of the salt lake while smiling . Everyone’s reflection was as if it was on the mirror-like lake, linking to the sky that was sky blue . There was no end to it .

Goodbye, Qingzhou .

Book 2, End .

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