Spare Me, Great Lord! - Chapter 301

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Chapter 301
Chapter 301: 301、Taking Stock of Their Loot (Part One)

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In an express hotel, Xijing City of Qingzhou .


Lu Shu and Lu Xiaoyu sat cross-legged on their own singlestandardbeds . Little Fury laid obediently on Lu Xiaoyu's head . Lu Shu asked, "My gain in this remains is pretty large . Little Fury, what are the three blue fruits for?"


Little Fury gestured for a long time . Lu Xiaoyu said, "It doesn't know . It only felt that the fruit would taste good and be very useful, hence it went to snatch them . It's asking if it can receive one . "


"No," Lu Shu rejected Little Fury's request tactfully . He continued, "I still have eleven flower petals here, but noth of us could not use it . Let's store it in the Seal of Lands first, then sell them when we find the chance to . It seems like the petals can be brewed with hot water to be drank, with effects similar to magical stones . "


Lu Shu was feeling curious . After defeating Anthony Smith using the Corpsedog, no soul ball was produced . In the Celestial Map, there was still only the colorful soul balls of the Class C spy whom he killed in the Beimang remains . Lu Xiaoyu was also adamant that it should not be fed to the soul…


Was it that only slaying a ghost would produce one? Lu Shu was not very sure, he could only test it out the next time there was a battle .

The greatest economic gain from this trip to the remains was still the watch which used to belong to little fatty . The four hundred and twenty thousand dollars IOU, once produced, settled the transfer of account . As for Chen Baili's words about another form of fortune which would befall the Chen family, nobody knew what he meant .


There were now over five hundred thousand dollars in Lu Shu's bank account . He simply could not resist opening his online banking records on his phone every hour to check the money . It was just too irresistible!


He was deeply worried that all these were just a dream and the numbers would disappear once again in a blink of the eyes .


Lu Xiaoyu always looked down upon such behaviour, "Lu Shu, can you be more mature!"  

"How rude . These are money we earned through our own efforts . What's wrong with looking at them?" Lu Shu was unhappy . "This time, I had exchanged blows once with the Class B master . I personally felt that it is still too strenuous to fight a proper Class B master . I could have been killed any second . However, I don't think there will be many Class C who are my match . How did you and the little fatty run into the fighter? You should have asked him where did he kill . In this way, a stronger soul could have been exchanged . "


Lu Xiaoyu looked at Lu Shu calmly for a few seconds, "The soul has been captured . "


Lu Shu was momentarily stunned, "The Class B?!"


What the heck . It took so much effort for me to cultivate to Class C, and Lu Xiaoyu had easily encountered a Class B fighter? What is this…


"Hmm…" Lu Shu mumbled sorely, "Draw it out for me to have a look . "


"It still requires about twenty odd days for it to manifest properly . The amount of Celestial energy it needs is simply too great," Lu Xiaoyu said .


"Oh . That's true," Lu Shu nodded . This time he no longer had to worry too much about Xiaoyu's safety . Bringing a Class B master around as bodyguard, there would not be many people in the whole world who would dare to touch her…


However, what about his own dignity as her elder brother?!


Lu Shu cleared his throat, "You still have to take note of your own capabilities and strengths . A foreign power is still a foreign power…"


"Heh heh . "


What the heck . To be honest, even Lu Shu himself felt that it was a little unreasonable . Moreover, the crucial thing is, the soul was not even a foreign power . It was a capability that came with her cultivation technique, and she could even store the soul in the Celestial Map to bring around…


In that case, the white sand he collected could be put to good use . He should just give it to the soul to use .


Lu Shu still remembered when he was fighting with the person . The power of the white sand almost overwhelmed him . They totally could have been used as bullets, pretty frightful .


Lu Shu decided to change the topic, "Are there any other gains? Other than the soul, Naughty Pig and Big Meow . "


"Also the space ring in the hand of the white man . I've not opened it, but all his assets are probably inside," Lu Xiaoyu said calmly .


Heh heh, space ring… Lu Shu realised what he got from this remains were peanuts, Lu Xiaoyu was the true winner . Class B soul, space ring, the entire assets of the Class B master … the feeling was just like repeatedly killing the boss in a game and collecting all the goodines that it dropped .


However, Lu Shu did think about how good it would be if he could get hold of another Matrix Eye like the Seal of Lands which came with its own space . He could give it to Lu Xiaoyu for her to stuff enough snacks to enjoy wherever she goes… that was the kind of rich and extravagant life he wanted…


Their combined power now could be considered very great . He himself was a Class C, Lu Xiaoyu a Class D nearing C . In addition, they possessed the soul of a Class B earth element metahuman . This did not seem to mean much in their country, but it would still be enough for them to travel far and wide without much to fear, as long as they did not provoke any extra fearsome groups .


Lu Xiaoyu passed the space ring to Lu Shu . Lu Shu looked at it carefully and his face instantly glowed in elation!


Ding ding ding! Lu Shu directed the Celestial Energy into the ring and upon activation, poured out dozens of gold bars inside . Theydid not expect the guy to be bringing around so many gold bars!


May kind people be blessed with life-long peace!


After a count, it turned out to be thirty bars in total . After a weigh on their hands, it seemed that the gold bars were not too heavy, perhaps around 100g . What was the gold price this year? 327 per gram? In that case, the thirty bars…


Lu Shu's hands trembled . That would be a million dollars in value?


Even though it did not seem much for a Class B boss to walk around with a million dollars, to Lu Shu this was a gigantic sum of ill-gotten gains!


Not only the thirty gold bars, there were also a hundred thousand US dollars' worth of cash, which were all taken out in bundles by Lu Shu .


This was the feeling of striking rich overnight!


Even though all these US dollars could not be spent right now, even though all these gold bars could also not be exchanged for money in such a short time, who could argue that this was not getting rich overnight?


Now, Lu Shu simply could not wait to be promoted and go all over the world in search of Class B bosses in remains to have a good chat with them about life and aspirations!


Can you guess what is Lu Shu's aspiration? His aspiration is to be rich!


Lu Shu kept all the gold bars and US dollars in the Seal of Lands . He rummaged through the space ring again and dug out a phone . He pressed the unlock button and found it locked . Lu Shu looked at Lu Xiaoyu, "Know the password?"


"There is none in the memory fragments . However, I have an indistinct feeling that there is something wrong with this phone," Lu Xiaoyu said . This feeling of unease came from the memory fragments .


"Oh," Lu Shu nodded . Stuff like phones were best left untouched . Who knew if there would be any function such as automatic snapping of picture by the phone if the password entered was wrong, for example . Lu Shu had heard from someone previously at the Foundation Forum about somebody who was worried that his wife would check his phone . He had therefore downloaded a software to take photos automatically . As long as a person entered the wrong password, he could find out who was trying to unlock his phone…


To be honest, Lu Shu was not quite clear what was the selling point of such a software, but it probably had its market demand .


In principle, most people would not set their phone in such a way, but they would never know if this phone did indeed have such a function and could send the pictures taken automatically too . Lu Shu simply tossed the phone into the Seal of Lands . He was very sure that nobody could track the device through the Seal of Lands .