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Spare Me, Great Lord! - Chapter 31

Published at 12th of May 2018 10:22:31 AM

Chapter 31

Just from having Lu Shu’s name on the list, his classmates contributed an immense 5710 distress points . And upon adding those from the exams, he had reached a never-before peak of 7792 points .

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Why was the students’ resentment towards him so great?

Labeled as one who was frail, sickly-looking, the most uncooperative and the most foul-mouthed, who would expect him to awaken .

There were even people who openly discussed him, turning it into a hot topic to debate after a meal .

His relationship with his classmates was not as bitter as this initially . According to logic and his current circumstances of coming from a rough family background; everyone should have been mostly willing to help him out and they would have gotten along harmoniously . This way they did not need to suffer Lu Shu’s occasional disrespectful remarks…

However, part of it was due to Lu Shu’s personal reasons . Having been raised in an orphanage, there would definitely be some sort of difference in his mentality no matter what it was . It could be narcissism, low self-esteem, loneliness or it could be a hatred towards human interaction .

Even if they were from a normal, ordinary family, they would still have some sort of problem and Lu Shu was just one of the more introverted ones .

It was not that he did not want to get along with his classmates but since he had been surviving and supporting himself all along, he had felt that time was too precious and did not wish to waste it on these impractical reasons .

After some periods of time, the relationship between them did not improve but instead deteriorated .

But now the most unlikable person had suddenly awakened and become someone everyone desired to be . As such, for those who were scheming behind his back all this while, what kind of emotions were they exactly experiencing?

As for those who insulted him before, the ones who insulted him more had ironically contributed more to his distress points .

Forgoing their pride, everyone had to admit that Shi Qingyan did indeed read out Lu Shu’s name just moments ago .

And according to their predictions, Lu Shu could perhaps be one of the Daoyuan class’ reserves . Only after he had entered the class and through training would he then awaken to his powers and start a new chapter in his life .

Lu Shu’s excitement was, however, not due to the fact that his name was on the list but rather, because of the enormous amount of distress points he had gotten!

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This was life!

With today’s 7792 distress points on top of his own self-practice, perhaps he could light up two of the stars tonight?!

Or even better, the entire Nebula!

As Lu Shu headed off, three other students together with the form teacher of the Daoyuan class was already standing outside the door .

The youth who was wearing in a black coat warmly smiled but upon having a closer look, behind his smile hid a huge level of hostility .

Introducing himself, "My name is Xi Fei, uhm, ‘Fei’ as in the Chinese character used in ‘Barking’ . Tomorrow night, all of you will have to report to me . The location will be the Music building, classroom F9 . The class’ sign will be hung up tomorrow afternoon . "

Upon spotting a flash of doubt in their eyes, Xi Fei continued to add on, "The ‘F’ does not have any link to my grading, don’t bother about it too much . "

Lu Shu realized that Xi Fei was probably thinking of the grading system The Golden Foundation had come up with . As such, he decided to add in that last sentence just in case .

When close enough, Lu Shu could sense Xi Fei’s powers brilliantly churning about . He was very curious as to what class would Xi Fei be . E? Or could it be D?

And within the government sector, what was the class grading of their highest grade Metahuman?

Xi Fei left and continued moved on to the next class together with the class’ respective form teachers . With these form teachers around, Xi Fei was able to cut down on the unnecessary talking he would have to do in front of every class .

As Lu Shu quietly headed back to class, Liu Li, his class representative, patted all three of them on the shoulder and said, "We’re initially from the same class so even as we enter Daoyuan class, we must still stay tight . I’ll create a small chat group later and add you guys in . "

As expected, Liu Li indeed had better coordination skills and foresight than most people, taking precautions before they had even entered Daoyuan class .

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Liu Li even spoke to Lu Shu in private, "Lu Shu, your body isn't that strong usually . So when we get to Daoyuan class, just hit me up if there’s anything you need help with and I’ll definitely find a solution for you . "

The amount of bootlicking in that sentence was too obvious . Help? It was not as if you had wanted to help out in the past and anyways, Lu Shu did not really require any assistance .

If it was an actual high school student he was talking to, maybe he would have carried on the conversation at the very least to be polite . However, this time it was the unfriendly Lu Shu… …

"Ha . Ha . " as Lu Shu laughed and walked back to class . He had learned this secret weapon from Lu Xiaoyu which can end all conversations at once .

"From Liu Li’s distress, +70… …"

Upon entering the class, every student in the class shot their gaze towards Lu Shu with disbelief in their eyes . At this moment, Lu Shu’s records were still popping up with notifications due to their constant resentment towards him as they continued contributing to his points .

He went back to his seat and kept quiet as he wanted this situation to develop for as long as possible .

Even so… Lu Shu still had much more to say . He picked up his phone and sent a message to his WeChat group, one which was long enough for them to have to hit "see more" in order to read his entire message .

At this current moment, everyone was sending messages to their chat groups to discuss the announcement of the Daoyuan class nominal roll and how they did not have the heart to study anymore .

Like they all said, the higher you aim, the harder you fall . Initially, everyone thought that they all would have a chance to become a Metahuman . Even going so far as to think of what powers would be the most suitable for them and in the end, their disappointment had arrived early .

But that was not the most significant issue here . What was important was that the person everyone thought to be the last one to become a Metahuman was chosen to be part of the Daoyuan class… . . .

Afterwards, they had received Lu Shu’s message and it read:

As long as you stay alive, good things will definitely find their way

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to others .

The moment Lu Shu had sent the message, his records were once again bursting with activity . Yet another 2000 distress points had been contributed and together with the continuous resentment from before, he had accumulated a whopping amount of over 10 thousand points!

His classmates were annoyed relentlessly . Taking advantage of others, only Lu Shu was capable of such actions, right?

This was clearly too wicked of him, adding salt to everyone’s wounds!

This was what he had learned from his previous incident during the exam . If he had taken more time and had failed to seize the moment, he would probably miss the opportunity to rake in the points!

Today’s wave of distress points was over the roof! Lu Shu felt that he had another shot and simply sent another message to the group again- one which had "See More" once again .

Since I had been enrolled in Daoyuan class, from today onwards, your main attraction in this circle of friends would rest in the hands of







Me .

Upon reading this message, all of them felt unwell instantly!

Go screw yourself, have you had enough? !

Aren’t you just sick in the mind, are you even alright?

At this moment, everyone from Sophomore Class 3 seemed as if they had been struck by lightning, including the three others who had been chosen to enroll in Daoyuan class…

. . .

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