Spare Me, Great Lord! - Chapter 34

Published at 12th of May 2018 10:22:35 AM
Chapter 34

Lu Shu only retrieved the 4 refresher fruits after he had returned to his room .

With no intentions of hiding food from Lu Xiaoyu, the reason he went into his room was due to the embarrassment of him having to sing a lullaby for training! In addition, he wanted to experience fully the speed of his training after the consumption of the refresher fruit .

The key point was that this sh*tty system had required him to sing and he was not about to do it in front of his sister who looked up to him .

Frankly speaking, Lu Xiaoyu’s abilities to piss people off was not far from his own . If she had realized that he needed to sing a lullaby for practice, would he not lose all the respect that she had for him?

Shouldn’t he be worried?

How sinful!

After gobbling down a refresher fruit, Lu Shu started singing the lullaby as he started his training . This time, he opened his eyes in surprise . The effects of his training in one night had already risen to the same as what consuming a celestial fruit would give .

Lu Shu had absolutely no idea how much potential the refresher fruit had . If the efficiency of his training could continue to increase, wouldn’t the speed of his training be unparalleled?

To Lu Shu, regardless of how much stronger the other awoken metahumans were, it was just a matter of time before he could catch up to them . If he could obtain the effects of the celestial fruit from just a minute of cultivation, then the celestial fruits would have lost its worth!

But of course… … that was something impossible .

The refresher fruit from the first night had sped up Lu Shu’s training from 2 days to 1 day . In fact, that one day of practice only included that night’s practice, which was roughly about 8 hours .

Upon the consumption of the second fruit, Lu Shu’s cultivation speed of 8 hours shortened to 6 .

Upon consuming the third one, Lu Shu’s cultivation speed of 6 hours shortened to 4 .

That being the case, a night’s worth of training for Lu Shu would grant him the same effects as consuming 2 celestial fruits!

What if he had continued to consume more refresher fruits?

Just as Lu Shu was about to consume the fourth refresher fruit, an alert popped up in his mind stating, "The refresher fruit usage limit has been hit . Refresher fruit shall now be moved from the lottery to the shop; lottery will no longer have the refresher fruit as a prize . "

Limit? There actually was a limit? This shocked Lu Shu . He opened up the shop to see that the lone celestial fruit it was selling initially was now accompanied by the refresher fruit . It had been moved to the store and now cost 1000 distress points to purchase!

From this point on, the refresher fruit was in the shop permanently and was readily available for purchase anytime . It would also no longer be available in the lottery anymore .

Darn it, Lu Shu exclaimed . This was much cheaper than when he had to obtain the fruit from the lottery . From just a rough calculation of the amount he had spent on the lottery to obtain the refresher fruit, he realized that he had wasted so much more distress points on the lottery as compared to buying it directly from the shop .

Although he had hit the consumption limit of the refresher fruit, he could still allow others to eat the fruit . In the future, even if Lu Xiaoyu was to reach the consumption limit for the refresher fruit, he would still be able to sell it to others .

Imagine if a wealthy man or his son wanted to become a metahuman! No matter if others did not have the means to help them achieve their goals, Lu Shu did! Thus, their only limiting factor was their natural aptitude for abilities .

This might be his way of getting rich .

Lu Shu assumed that the blank slots within the shop would now be filled up each time he had hit the limit of a fruit’s consumption . The empty slots from the shop had always bugged Lu Shu and he had always questioned whether this shop could really be considered a shop since it was so empty .

Now, it was way better with the addition of the refresher fruit . At least he didn't have to face the "Thank you for participating" phrase whenever he wanted to obtain a refresher fruit . What a blessing!

But what did the lottery have to offer now?

Lu Shu’s cultivation speed had currently stagnated at 4 hours to achieve the same effects as eating a celestial fruit . And of course, that was surely not the limit as his training speed would only continue to increase as he rises through the class gradings .

Lu Shu sighed a breath of relief as it looked like his aptitude for abilities had already risen to an optimum level . He would now be able to focus on his training without holding back; knowing that he could not have done more to improve his training speed . Similarly to being well equipped in a game, he felt a sense of satisfaction…

Having one refresher fruit left in his inventory, he was definitely about to leave it for Lu Xiaoyu . But he pondered once again, "Would the fruits exist physically forever or would it vanish with the passing of time . "

Lu Shu had to understand the characteristics of the fruit before he could continue to plan his scheme to riches .

That night, he was carrying out his training as he simultaneously observed if there were any changes occurring to the fruit . And on the 6th hour after retrieving it from the inventory, Lu Shu started to feel energy seeping out of the refresher fruit .

From the look of it, the power of the refresher fruit had started to diminish on its 6th hour although he was uncertain as to why was it the case .

Lu Shu hurried, with the refresher fruit in hand, to Lu Xiaoyu’s room and knocked on her door loudly, "KNOCK KNOCK KNOCK" .

"From Lu Xiaoyu distress points, + 199!" Lu Shu was elated when he saw this .

"LU SHU, ARE YOU MAD? LOOK AT THE TIME!" Lu Xiaoyu exclaimed .

"Here, I have some food for you, hurry! Open the door," as Lu Shu felt more energy seeping out of the refresher fruit . Although it was negligible, he was uncertain how much more energy would seep out as time passed .

Hearing that there was food, Lu Xiaoyu opened the door without any pride and peered out to see the ruby, red fruit Lu Shu held in his hand; Lu Xiaoyu was hardly able to contain the saliva that welled up in her mouth!

Even though it was tasteless, the refresher fruit brought a solid sense of relief to those who ate it . It felt as though two huge sandbags which were tied to both your legs had been magically taken off after consuming the fruit .

It was like unlocking the shackles within one’s body!

Lu Xiaoyu always remembered the time when she had consumed the fruit but she had never pestered Lu Shu for it ever since . However, since Lu Shu was taking the initiative to hand it to her, why would she even hesitate?

"Lu Shu, so you don’t have to consume anymore Six Flavor Rehmanni?" Lu Xiaoyu cheerfully asked .

Instantly, Lu Shu face darkened, "Did we not agreed that we would not speak of those pills again?"

"Oh, it was a slip of tongue," as Lu Xiaoyu quickly slammed her door closed and went back to sleep . Being able to consume the refresher fruit was indeed beneficial for her but getting woken up in the middle of the night did make her mad!

Even if she was not angry, she had to keep up appearances… … her appearance!

Lu Shu with a face full of dust from the slamming door sniggled, "Haha" . Turning back around, he went back to his room and continued his training .

These to-and-fro petty arguments that they always had were special in their own way . It was their own form entertainment, and no one was truly mad at the other party .

Lu Shu continued substituting his sleep with his training . With a quota of 8 hours of training tonight, he had managed to achieve the effects similar to the consumption of 2 celestial fruits, successfully allowing him to light up the 5th star .

That being said, the price of being able to light up the 5th star was similar to 4 celestial fruits .

Lu Shu felt that he needed to test out his strength . After lighting up the 4th star, he already had strength comparable to 4 grown men and currently, he felt it had increased again by another 2 adult’s worth of strength .

The problems were that he only had a rough gauge of his strength and he hoped to have specific figures so that he could better understand his strength .

For example… How many pounds would one of his punches weigh?

The current Lu Shu could easily wipe the floor with Li Qi if given a chance to fight him .