Spare Me, Great Lord! - Chapter 345

Published at 2nd of April 2019 03:45:05 PM
Chapter 345: 345

The silence in the police station was disrupted as the middle-aged policeman on duty cast a glimpse at Lu Shu . The way he carried Chen Zuan was simply too unique . The policeman hesitated for a few seconds and then asked, "Can you put him down first?"

"Alright," Lu Shu put Chen Zuan down on the ground .

"What did you say? Over a hundred people are waiting to beat you up? Where are they?" an air of justice surrounded the policeman . In his twenty plus years as a policeman, he had never seen anyone blatantly engage in a mob fight at the police station . After all, the place itself was a deterrence over these outlaws .

He rose and shot a glance outside and then turned to Lu Shu again, "There's no one outside . Kid, this is not a place for jokes . "

Lu Shu poked his head outside, and as expected, there was no trace of those people at all . They were not stupid either . Seeing that Lu Shu had shamelessly gone inside the police station, they retreated straightaway .

The streets were empty and quiet, as if nothing had ever happened . Those people, who were running behind them with "Beat him up" coming out of their mouths just a moment ago, seemed like an illusion as well .

But the questions was, how could Lu Shu explain this to the policeman? Sorry man, over a hundred fighters wanted to chop me into pieces just now . For what? For the tribe?

Nonsense .

Lu Shu grinned, "Haha, we were joking . Please pardon us . "

The policeman looked at Lu Shu, a little skeptical, "Are you sure?"

"Yes, of course," Lu Shu smiled broadly and pulled the little fatty outside with him before the policeman could react .

However, once they were out, Hao Zhichao and the rest immediately walked out of the shadows behind the buildings . Horrified, Lu Shu quickly retreated back into the police station . So they were waiting for them outside?

Why this level of hatred? I only smashed some stones at the metro station?

Lu Shu almost forgot that he had robbed their secret hoard the day before . In fact, it was a tug-of-war between the veterans and the newbies, which had always ended with the victory of the former . There was no reason for Lu Shu to disrupt the pattern!

As Lu Shu darted back into the police station, the policeman asked, "What's wrong this time?"

Lu Shu took a look outside . Fine, they were in the shadows again .

In the absence of external assistance, how could they resolve this? Lu Shu knew very well that it was absolutely unacceptable to involve a third party in their issues .

Things had come to a standstill .

The policeman sensed that something was off, "Show me your identification card . "

Lu Shu pretended not to hear .

The policeman walked closer, "Where are your identification cards?"

Lu Shu mused for a moment, "Yeah, where's my identification card?"

Who are you talking to? The man's face darkened instantly .

"From Wang Yuchi's distress, +199!"

Lu shu and Chen Zuan looked at each other and they both knew that they could not delay it any longer . Since neither of them had their identification cards, the policeman had every reason to doubt their identity . If they were arrested, they would not be starved, but they would lose a lot of face!

When the policeman was in a daze, Lu Shu suddenly threw the little fatty onto his shoulder like a mad man and darted outside, "Fire at me! Fire at me! Our country will be proud of me!"

Before the man could even react, Lu Shu had already stormed out . What the hell is going on?! Fire what? Why would our country be proud of you?

They turned out to be two psychopaths?!

"From Wang Yuchi's distress, +399!"

Lu Shu ran out without stopping . Just when Hao Zhichao was about to fight him, the policeman followed outside too, out of pure curiosity in the alleged psychopaths . Hence, without a choice, Hao Zhichao's team retreated back into the shadows once again and stared helplessly as Lu Shu escaped from their sight .

Hao Zhichao clenched his teeth . What a cheeky person!

Indeed, it would be inappropriate to reveal themselves at that moment, as it would probably have stupefied the policeman . After the policeman returned inside, Lu Shu was already nowhere to be found .

On a side note, Practitioners were really strong . Just a while ago, there was an interesting incident posted on the Golden Foundation . A Daoyuan Class student had jumped off from the third floor of a building following his breakup, but immediately went back to lessons after he landed uninjured .

On that night alone, Hao Zhichao and the rest contributed more than forty thousand distress points to Lu Shu .

Having got rid of the pursuers, Chen Zuan was still badly frightened, "Brother Shu, I would have been dead without you! From now onwards, I swear my life to you . Please don't…"

"Can you please not say something so scary? It's midnight!" Lu Shu was annoyed, "Do you know where the headquarter of the Heavenly Network is?"

Chen Zuan swallowed his saliva, "Yes, I know . In fact, it's no secret here . You know Heavenly King Nie, he hopes all of the foreign powers would target him so that he could wipe them out altogether . But, I think it's better not to tell you . "

"Are you telling me or not?"

"Really cannot . If I tell you, I guess we'll spend the remaining eleven days being chased all day and night," Chen Zuan was smart enough to know what Lu Shu was up to . If their conflict intensified, Chen Zuan himself might be the first one to suffer .

He was already made well aware of his clear disadvantage in running off as compared to Lu Shu .

With 700 yuan in Lu Shu's pocket, staying alive would not be an issue as of now . No matter how high the cost of living was in the Capital, the money was enough for them to live for ten days . Therefore, in Lu Shu's opinion, the current priority was not to make more money, but to fight against those who wanted to steal their money!

Urban survival, Day Four, Night .

"Beat him up!" "Run!"

Urban survival, Day Five, Night .

"Beat him up!" "Run!"

Urban survival, Day Six, Night .

"Beat him up!" "Run!"

Well, you might not believe it but Lu Shu and Chen Zuan actually had not slept for three days…

"Now, we have reached a point where our very existence is at stake . Hence, we can no longer keep still and wait for our enemies to strike . Instead, we must take preemptive measures . On this ever changing battlefield, we have to…"

By his side, Chen Zuan looked like a panda with his dark circles, "What do you want? Just spit it out . You don't need to be so outlandish…"

"Tell me where the headquarter of the Heavenly Network is!" Lu Shu said firmly .

In the afternoon of the same day, Lu Shu and the little fatty went to buy two sets of low quality Heavenly Network-styled black clothes together with black masks, which cost as low as 120 yuan in total .

But their camouflage had one extra feature, as even their eye bags were black…

The two exchanged a look, and Lu Shu's eyes shimmered with the confidence of victory in sight . The only thing left was to wait until night fell!