Spare Me, Great Lord! - Chapter 354

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Chapter 354: 354

Ever since he got the purple golden gourd, Lu Shu had only been using it as a pranking tool . Before this, he never had the will, nor the reason to kill, rendering its new function unexplored .

But the situation now was different . Facing him were all people who deserved to die . The use of the head-twisting gourd was that all those who got their name called would turn their head to Lu Shu instantly . Of course, if they were facing each other, no harm would be done . But if the person had their backs facing Lu Shu, the head-twisting gourd would become a dreadful weapon .

Moreover, its accuracy was extremely scary . As long as the person's Class was below Lu Shu's his chances of survival were zero .

As of now, Lu Shu had never been able to see the effect of using it on someone of the same level as him . After he just bought it, he let Lu Xiaoyu try it on himself, and it turned out that he could resist turning his head . But he was one Class higher than Lu Xiaoyu at that time .

Then he thought, it was a hotly discussed topic among the students on how to skip lessons without getting caught, for example by asking someone to answer for them during the roll call…

If he were to become a professor one day, haha, those who did not look at him in class…

Of course, he would never put it into action . If not, what should he do if a group of his students died in the internet cafe during his lesson time?

Lu Shu recovered the sack of cash into his Seal of Lands first, since it was not the right time for counting money yet . Then, he searched the room for magical weapons with his infallible sensitivity to energy waves .

Soon, he discovered eight magical stones, but they were of little use to Lu Shu . At first, he wanted to sell them to the black market, but now since the market had been destroyed, he had no buyers anyway…

There was another black market at Tongguan, except it was to be a place that would be destroyed as well…

It seemed that he had to keep the twenty-three magical stones with him for the moment . It was such a weird feeling that you had goods but could not sell them, Lu Shu thought sadly .

There were very few Spirit Qi waves left, except for a weapon similar to the standard of an iron ax from the Beimang remains . Lu Shu had expected to find some mysterious yet powerful weapons here, but he seemed to have overestimated their assets .

Suddenly, Lu Shu was stunned for a moment by the last item, which was a delicate, flying dagger-looking object of the size of an index finger . However, there was something black stuck to its surface, covering its original appearance .

But as soon as Lu Shu took it with his hand, his purple golden gourd suddenly started trembling, and the small-sized flying dagger, as if being attracted, flew directly into the gourd!

What the hell? Using his magical instincts, Lu Shu realized that the dagger was hovering in mid air in the gourd, as though it was supposed to be there .

Then, the gourd displayed something that Lu Shu had never seen before, it was slowly drawing Spirit Qi from the surroundings! Shortly after, a flame was sparked off inside the gourd and burned the dagger .

And unexpectedly, the mysterious black matter on it started to melt…

Lu Shu tried to manipulate the dagger but to no avail . Even when he wanted to use the head-twisting gourd, the gourd refused to respond .

Lu Shu was shocked for a few minutes, it was getting strange . Could it be the flying dagger and the gourd were supposed to be a pair? And then they were separated?

A myth suddenly popped up in his mind, but he could not be sure either…

The truth was, the unreliable impression that he had of the head-twisting gourd was unable to twist back at that moment…

Never mind, wait until the black matter was burned away, Lu Shu thought as he threw the gourd back into his Seal of Lands . Instantly, he realized a problem, how could the gourd absorb natural Spirit Qi in his Seal of Lands? It was a completely isolated environment .

However, at that moment, Lu Shu suddenly sensed his internal celestial powers being slowly siphoned into the gourd, as his Seal of Lands was held within him .

He was shocked for a moment, hey Seal of Lands, could you do something about it? Why would you just let it draw my celestial powers like this?

With another glance using his magical instincts, he saw that stars were sparkling in the flames inside the gourd .

Forget it, the rate of absorption was not even as fast as his self-recovery .

The fight was easily won and there were rich rewards, Lu Shu was very satisfied . With regard to surrendering his spoils… Well, impossible .

Did the great man not say? We are from the general public, and back to the general public . What are we supposed to do? To return the resources taken by bandits from the public back to the public!

That was right . Lu Shu was the people . Because of his childhood in the orphanage, he had never joined the Young Pioneers nor the Communist Youth League . On his document application form, he could only fill in "General Public" as his political affiliation .

Who could say he was not a member of the general public?

Thus, Lu Shu had no qualms about privatizing his spoils . Everyone had rules to follow!

Due to the terrifying incident, Lu Shu had accumulated more than 20,000 distress points during the killing . Indeed, he had killed too fast…

With great difficulty, Wang Li's team managed to get rid of those middle-aged women . Until the end, Wang Li did not dare to eat the bowl of stewed noodles .

Actually, they could have rejected them with brute force, but it would not have been nice to beat those who came to serve you with stewed noodles .

In fact, at that time Lu Shu had paid 300 yuan, which was buy six get one free . Even the two girls were not spared .

When the woman brought two bowls of noodles to He Xie and Liu Xueruo's room, she also hesitated for a while . How come it was two girls? It does not matter… Girls it is then… What circumstances were unfamiliar to those women?

When they finally broke free and hurried to their target location, they agreed to investigate the situation first . Hence, two boys would go in first with one magical stone, while the rest would wait outside until further notice .

Not long after the two had entered, they called, "Come in! Quick!"

The place reeked of blood, and bodies with twisted necks were sprawled all over the floor . They had never seen something so creepy before!

The geniuses could not help but vomit at the disgusting scene in front of them . After a while, they finally got back on their feet again and looked at one another at a loss, "How did they die?! It doesn't look like an internal conflict!"

They checked against their mission information and it appeared none of the seventeen targets had survived .

And the key point was, someone had obviously killed all seventeen of them on the spot instead of one by one .

How many people would that need? Could it be a gang? If so, who were they?!