Spare Me, Great Lord! - Chapter 358

Published at 10th of April 2019 08:45:05 PM

Chapter 358: 358

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Unable to vent her anger after Lu Shu left, Lu Xiaoyu's temper was ignited again by the word "giggling"!

Indignant . Very indignant!

At first, the director's courage was boosted by the numerical superiority of his team . It was normal for an earth-type Metahuman to be able to transport through soil, and their chances of victory seemed obvious despite their rival's rare ability of transforming into a black fog . After all, they had more people, which meant more power!

The director himself had encountered quite a number of Metahumans . Although most of those outside the Heavenly Network might not be weaker than him, very few were actually stronger .

Thus, he had developed a sense of pragmatism, they would be fine unless the Heavenly Network were there and if they really came, it would be an inescapable siege anyway . Else, why would they call themselves the Heavenly Network, such an awe-inspiring name…

However, as the saying goes, you'll never know how good you are till you try . Now, their feet were tightly tied to the floor by the layer of fine sand, and their struggle was rendered futile by the strong grip .

Apparently, their enemy was at least a Class C!

But the question was, you as a Class C still came to steal our magical stones and weapons? Are you shameless?

The director immediately signaled to his men on the sly, take out the gun under the mahjong table!

One bullet would surely blow up the shadow's face, while the rest would waste no time subduing him .

Until then, they did not dare to think that they were facing a Class B . It was not due to their lack of imagination though, Class B's were as rare as national treasures these days . Who would expect a Class B master to go on a magical stones hunt? It simply did not make any sense!

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As soon as the gun was taken out, a blanket of sand suddenly swept the person off his feet, throwing him on the iron door with a loud bang . Instantly, both the gun and the door fell apart, with the man lying in anguish on the floor .

Lu Xiaoyu's anger peaked at the sudden drama . She rearranged the Deep Sea White Sand into another line of words . "I want all of you to laugh!"

The atmosphere was spooky . A shadowy expert who could not stop giggling for no reason was asking you to laugh together with him…

Recognizing the enemy's overwhelming power, the wise director immediately cooperated, "Hahahaha!"

Other people's reaction was not as fast, but laughing foolishly alone was embarrassing too, "Hahaha, all of you, you jolly well laugh, hahahah!"

Everyone present quickly started giggling until their cheeks went sore, but it seemed the shadow had no intention to let them stop…

Only then was Lu Xiaoyu slightly placated, and she began controlling Anthony to search the entire factory room .

It was easy to find magical weapons . There was one just by the director's side, a standard sword .

Anthony reached out his hand, but the director protectively shielded the sword with his arms, "Hahaha, please don't take this . Give me a way to live, hahaha . "

It was meaningless though . What should be taken would be taken . After a while, Anthony still could not find any cash or valuables . In the end, he discovered a big safety box under an oilcloth in the corner .

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To unlock it, Anthony did not even need keys or passwords . Instead, he concentrated sand into sharp saws, cutting the hinges open, revealing the cash and eleven magical stones inside .

The director was on the verge of breakdown . That was all of his savings! Their power was clearly below his and the one who got hit earlier was still vomiting blood on the floor . Honestly speaking, they began to wonder if he was a Class B .

But Class B? Was he driven crazy by his poverty? The director was tearing up due to the pain in his chest and his aching feet . The sandy palms were grabbing onto them too tightly .

Having stuffed everything in the sack, Anthony turned, with a line formed in front of him, "Laugh for thirty minutes . I'll be watching you . "

He sunk into the floor after he finished his sentence, and the grip on their feet loosened too . But the director had stopped laughing once he was gone .

Instantly, Anthony reappeared, staring into his eyes, giggling . A grain of Deep Sea White Sand immediately dug a hole through the director's foot…

The director almost fainted in shock . He was a strength-type Metahuman! How could a grain of sand penetrate his foot so easily?

Suppressing his pain, he asked, "Hahaha… Do you really have to do this? What's the point?"

"I'm teaching you to grow up," the words were rearranged, "Do you know what maturity is?"

The director made a guess, "Maturity seems rather cruel . It symbolizes the fading of youth and the decolorization of dreams…"

"Maturity is to learn to laugh when you tear up . "

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The director: "???"

It was smiling when you tear up! Not giggling!

Just like that, Anthony reemerged again and again, until the director was almost desperate . Are you so free? Do you wanna play mahjong together?

In the end, none of them was certain whether the shadow was really gone .

. . .

At that moment, the group of geniuses responsible for taking care of the place were approaching the refuse treatment plant under the disguise of the night . They had done a thorough investigation during the day . Actually, besides seven to eight Metahumans of varying abilities, there were ordinary people as well . Thus, with their Class D power and a standard sword each, they had no reason to lose the fight .

"Be careful of their guns . The information shows that they have them!"

"Let's break through in the shortest time possible . Try to subdue the Class D factory director first . Kill anyone with guns . We'll cover one another!"

The seven sneaked in gingerly . Before they were near, someone asked, "I heard them playing mahjong last night . Why are they not playing today? Did something happen?"

"Quickly, let's go," the leader accelerated his pace .

As soon as they got over the garbage pile, they saw the door swung wide open . One person accidentally kicked a ring-pull can, and the noise alerted those inside the door . In the next second, everyone saw those inside were "laughing wildly" at them through the open door…

"What the hell! Ambush!" the geniuses were white with terror .

But the director immediately figured out what was going on from their standard swords . The Heavenly Network!

When thieves meet the police, it was in their subconsciousness to run! Before the geniuses could come up with a plan, the director ran away with his men following behind, "laughing wildly"… .

The shadow was way scarier than those geniuses . Who the hell knew whether he was still around?

"What… What are they laughing for?!" they were still yet to recover from being startled .

"Are we pursuing? Could there be ambush?"

"A strategy? Laughing so wildly so that we don't dare to chase? Because they knew they couldn't win against us!"

The geniuses were pondering what kind of emotions were infused in that wild laughter .

"We don't have time! We can't let them escape! Chase them!"

The geniuses followed them, and the director's laughter came from the front, "Hahaha, split up, hahaha!"

The geniuses were slightly annoyed . Lunatics!