Spare Me, Great Lord! - Chapter 372

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Chapter 372: 372

Back then, Chen Baili gave Li Yixiao the magic scribbles after thorough discussion with Nie Ting . At the helm of Luo Cheng, the heart of the cultivation realm, Li Yixiao was expected to have supreme power, which took time to form . Thus, when he returned the refresher fruits, the old priest presented him with the scribbles to strengthen his leadership in southern Tibet, a strategic locale in foreign relations .

Moreover, it took immense energy and power to summon a top Class B ancient hero, even for a few minutes, which resulted in the instant depletion of one's Spirit Qi .

Therefore, the old priest was not ready to produce the second piece of scribbles even after the stabilization of his Class A status . But he would have never expected this dramatic ending following its debut .

Would it not have been better to have a helper in the remain? Lu Shu thought, his head throbbing . In fact, Nie Ting had picked Li Yixiao for this mission partly due to his possession of the magic scribbles, but what he did not know was that their secret weapon had already been lost…

Lu Shu had never questioned Li Yixiao's ability which enabled his ascension to Class B, but truth be told, he always wondered how Li Yixiao was accepted as an apprentice by his master?!

Another thought suddenly struck Lu Xiaoyu, what if Lu Xiaoyu could summon a hero's spirit this way and capture him…?

Forget it . It was unacceptable to arrest a good man's soul by any means . Besides, they no longer had the scribbles…

And now, Lu Shu had a bad feeling about going to South East Asia together…

Their destination was Thailand . There, white elephants were worshiped as the holy creature, who must be treated with reverence and whose slavery was a blasphemy . Actually, the locals were friendly people, but the country was often victimized by outlaws due to its position as the world's travel paradise, boasting both affordable goods and picturesque scenery .

The remain will appear in the widely known city of Pattaya, which was said to house a huge population of foreigners who wandered the streets .

They could have entered the country easily as tourists had Li Yixiao not been on the blacklist .

"How about we split our routes? You smuggle in and we take the plane," Lu Shu suggested . After all, their travel fares would be fully covered but actually the plane ticket would be so much cheaper than smuggling…

Li Yixiao asked, "Do you have a passport?"

"… No . "

No choice then!

However, Lu Shu did not really want to leave Li Yixiao behind as well . He had plans .

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By right, traveling to Thailand on foot would not take long as well, but still many chose the boat .

As a matter of fact, Thailand was most famous for its transsexual men, which used to result in derogatory labeling of the country and the public's misunderstanding due to being misled by the media .

Many people thought they disrespected themselves only in exchange for money . But it was not entirely true . Thailand held women in high regard . According to their traditions, there was a ceremony for the kids when they entered the temple, called mendicancy .

During which, they had to beg for alms with a bowl the size of their stomach, which made them look like pregnant women . This served to remind them of the difficulty endured by mothers and to learn gratitude .

In this context, women were highly esteemed . Many boys made the leap of faith out of the admiration for their mothers .

Those who traded their bodies and dignity for money were despised by the locals . They were called "the black pearls", a disparaging term in the country .

The three traveled southward to a small fishing village . At night, Li Yixiao led Lu Shu and Lu Xiaoyu to the shore, where many departed and landed in secret .

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Li Yixiao faced the darkness over the sea and flashed his torchlight six times . Immediately, another torchlight also flashed back six times from within the darkness .

Then, a fishing boat slowly sailed into vision . Li Yixiao led Lu Shu and Lu Xiaoyu aboard and passed a brown paper bag to the head fisherman, "Count it yourself . "

The man shot a derisive look at Li Yixiao's swollen face, "Trying to escape? Such a poor boy… tsk!"

Li Yixiao was fighting his urge to throw the man off the boat . He had been ridiculed by Lu Shu and Lu Xiaoyu for the entire journey!

But how could he get to Thailand without the man on the boat? He knew when to hold back .

Waiting for his temper to pass, Li Yixiao hissed after a long silence, "… It's none of your business . "

Usually, illegal immigrants would travel to North America or Europe and only those who got themselves into trouble would go to South East Asia… Thus, the head instinctively associated Li Yixiao with a loser trying to flee from usury or gang fights . He was lucky to be able to keep his body in one piece!

The man did not mind at all . He slowly tore open the bag and started counting his money . Then, he shifted his gaze to Lu Shu and Lu Xiaoyu, "I don't recall kids in the passenger list . I want more money . If they catch us and punish me for being a human trafficker, I can't explain myself . "

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His five followers on the boat moved slightly and encircled the three of them .

From the start, they never suspected the identities of their clients . If they did, they would not have the guts to ask for more, nor to take this business .

Usually, those being smuggled would be transported to the open sea, where they would be taken away by merchants and then hide in their cabins . Then the fishermen's job would be done . It was a convenient business for them .

The head sat at the prow, "Don't be nervous . It's been rather peaceful recently . But to be blunt with you, I may even know your boss or have sent him out before . So, which faction are you from? I don't find you familiar . "

In fact, he was trying to dig out their information . Although the clients were introduced to him by an acquaintance, he really did not know them . Sometimes they did double business to maximize their profits, and that little girl seemed lucrative!

Which faction? Lu Shu pondered for a while, "Zombie Faction?"

The man rolled his eyes, "You are the savior of the world, aren't you?!"

Lu Shu and Lu Xiaoyu exchanged a look of confirmation, and the latter gave a calm nod . It was him .

The other reason for Lu Shu's decision to smuggle in with Li Yixiao was to search for a person . Based on the memory pieces they obtained, a person named Malicious Four would handle all trafficking cases in the region . Lu Shu lied to Li Yixiao that they got the name via interrogation and Li Yixiao questioned it no more before providing his assistance . He had made many old friends in his adventurous life .