Spare Me, Great Lord! - Chapter 41

Published at 12th of May 2018 10:22:46 AM
Chapter 41

Lu Shu was rather unsettled . Having eaten so many refresher fruits, why was he classified as tier F?

And at this time, Lu Shu realized something was wrong . When did he eat the refresher fruits? He then remembered that he only ate the refresher fruits in big amounts after having his blood drawn, which also meant that whatever indicated wasn’t an accurate indication of his class now!

As Lu Shu was weak since young, did that mean his foundation was not solid?

But after eating the refresher fruit, it only increased his aptitude by a little compared to normal humans . Through the blood drawing, his aptitude rank is now at the rock bottom, only with two other guys .

Having thought through this, Lu Shu calmed down . Since his actual aptitude was not accurately depicted and he was satisfied with his own training, what was there to worry about?

Actually, this test was good for him . At least there would be a lower chance for him to be noticed by the black coats . After all, who knew what would the students of Daoyuan class be asked to do after training .

At the moment, there seemed to be numerous metahumans outside of China as well . What if they were sent to war? Or sent to other countries for missions?

If there really was a war, he would have to contribute to defending his country, didn’t he?

However, he thought that his life shouldn’t be in the plans and control of other people .

Despite this, he was still quite convinced by these black coats . If it was just like what he thought, the black coats wanted to gather everyone to get them trained up quickly . Lu Shu still felt that this was rather unreasonable . What if the training results in a student going crazy? How could they be accountable to the student’s parents?

Eventually, the black coats gathered all the metahumans to learn and train together .

Seeing this document, Liu Li looked at those few in his class . When he saw Lu Shu was a tier F, he subconsciously felt a tinge of joy .

Previously he wanted to cajole Lu Shu but was treated indifferently by him . Seeing Lu Shu’s tier now, he almost couldn’t hold his laughter . In the future, he didn’t see Lu Shu as someone worth sucking up to anymore .

Liu Li thought for a moment . Their class had such an organized classification, and other classes probably did the same thing . His tier B aptitude was probably one of the best amongst the entire Luo Cheng’s Daoyuan class .

And the girl who transferred over from another school, Jiang Shuyi . She was also tier B . The aptitude of students in their class was rather high .

Who knew what potential Li Qi had . Everyone in their school looked at Li Qi as if he was the leader and caused this entire flow of events . Liu Li didn’t like this, which was why he didn’t join Li Qi’s clique .

Now that he had an advantage in terms of aptitude, if he trained slightly harder in future, he might be able to replace Li Qi as their school’s leader .

In recent years, teenagers had become rather egocentric, willing to do whatever it took to surpass everyone else . They would think that they were competent and capable of accomplishing whatever they heard from the adults .

Everyone says that connections are the most important in the world . But once they enter society, they’ll realize that connections aren’t formed merely by simple chats and conversations .

To be a student leader, even more so for a metahuman student leader . This sort of ambition only existed in teenagers who were egocentric and self-centered . . .

Thinking of all this, Liu Li decided he should carry it out . He interacted with his close friends and asked who was in the same class as Li Qi . Soon, he got the answer that he wanted: Li Qi was tier F, just like Lu Shu .

He also heard that Li Qi was quiet and aloof now, sitting in a corner of his class . It was probably because it was hard to accept, in such a short time, that he had the lowest aptitude .

Liu Li was gleeful upon hearing this news . However, at the next moment, a classmate handed him a piece of rather shocking news, "The class next to you, class 3 . There’s a girl who's tier A . It seems like she’s the sole tier A in the entire city of Luo Cheng . "

Liu Li was stunned . The sole tier A student . . .

This was already no secret . Within Li Qi’s big group, there were already people congratulating this girl, who was called Cao Qingci .

Lu Shu was not surprised that this girl was tier A . In his opinion if someone deserved to be tier A, it had to be this girl .

The other party awakened a long time ago and her ability was definitely higher than class E . It was natural that she had improved since then .

Lu Shu was curious . What changes will training bring about for people like her who had already awakened their abilities? Will it have no effect, or will further training result in even greater power?

Lu Shu felt inclined to believe it was the latter .

The greatest takeaway Lu Shu felt he had gotten from the night was that he managed to get into another chat group: the one created by Xi Fei .

Just by looking at the group, he was tempted to add them as friends . Apparently, the maximum number of friends was 5000 . He was still early .

Lu Shu turned around and looked at Jiang Shuyi . This teenager was also tier B . At this moment, by his side was a boy, looking extremely nervous, informing him that he had sent him a friend request, and wanting his approval .

Jiang Shuyi didn’t even look at him, and his cold, harsh hostility chased the other student away .

Lu Shu felt that this Jiang Shuyi wasn’t the type to be cold and arrogant . He was still rather warm and friendly this afternoon . It was probably because he was mistaken to be a girl, causing him to be rather unhappy .

Jiang Shuyi’s facial features were rather unrivalled . Lu Shu estimated that only Lu Xiaoyu might be able to compare with him in future .

However, this was none of his business . Just as Lu Shu was about to think about other things, Jiang Shuyi suddenly turned around and spoke to him, "Teacher Xi Fei is right . Even with a poor aptitude, anyone can accomplish anything for himself with sufficient determination and grit . "

Lu Shu thought for a moment, was this comforting him? Jiang Shuyi was definitely saying this only because he saw his aptitude .

Lu Shu smiled, "You’re right . "

Was this a warm teenager with a cold expression? No one knew what his personality was like .

Some people might seem decent, but were actually jokers and clowns . These things couldn’t be determined just by appearance alone .

Lu Shu suddenly thought of a question . If the Daoyuan class had anything to do with blood drawing again, he had to avoid it no matter what . Else his quick improvement from tier F might be seen as suspicious and he might be brought away for investigation .

"Mm," Jiang Shuyi didn’t say anything else .