Spare Me, Great Lord! - Chapter 411

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Chapter 411: 411

Silence . Not only Evan, other unaffiliated Practitioners all fell into a long silence . Now, they had trouble getting along with Lu Shu, especially Evan . Due to the long history of conflicts between the Phoenix Society and the Heavenly Network, they were never on good terms with each other, though the former had never purposely targeted the latter .

Honestly speaking, Evan was scared of being killed by Lu Shu .

All of a sudden, a series of hasty footsteps were heard from not far away . Based on the sound, it seemed there were quite a number of them . Everyone let out a sigh of relief as the intense atmosphere lightened .

Following the sound, they saw six Asians drawing close . Just when Evan was about to wave, the six of them gradually came to a stop, their expression cold as stone . Apparently, the air around them was not one of surprise or joy, but ambitions .

Lu Shu frowned upon the detection of two Class C's through their energy waves . How lucky must they be to gather two Class C's together?

This time, the opposite party spoke first . One of the Class C's stared intently at Lu Shu and Meng Jingchan, "Put all your cultivation resources and magical weapons on the floor and we will spare your lives . "

It was in Japanese, which was then translated into English by their translator behind . However, their accent was rather awkward . Despite being perceived as accurate by some for their clear articulation of each syllable, Lu Shu found it difficult to understand "sorry" when being pronounced as "solly"…

Composed, Lu Shu asked in Japanese, "You are from the Collection of Gods?"

Although Coral could not understand Japanese, it did not stop her from gazing at Lu Shu with admiration in her eyes . The boy of her dreams could actually speak Japanese! Impressive!

At the moment, Lu Shu had occupied all her attention . So long as he displayed anything remarkable, Coral's eyes would be beaming with affection…

The Class C leader fixed Lu Shu with a cold stare . "Who are you? From the Heavenly Network?"

The Collection of Gods and the Heavenly Network had a complicated and hostile past . In the Beimang remains, none of the CoG spies made it out alive, and later on Nie Ting specifically went to the CoG for a killing spree and even returned unharmed .

As a result, neither side would be merciful to the other upon their encounter .

Lu Shu sneered . "I'm a stranger . "

The CoG people drew a startled breath . Isn't that a given, idiot? Also, what's wrong with you? Why the sneer?

"From Heizo Neji's distress, +299…"


Unexpectedly, in the next instant, Lu Shu took the first move and the stream of divine water suddenly hurled forward towards the CoG like a golden dragon .

There was no reason to settle things peacefully . Besides, Lu Shu had never planned to go easy with CoG people . Since a fight was unavoidable, he was going to unleash it all!

Just when the opponents were putting their guard up, the dragon split into two and aimed directly at the two Class C pros' katanas!

Although the divine water had engulfed a number of gargoyles, the number was far from enough . Moreover, due to their low quality equivalent to a piece of broken magical weapon, the volume of the water had only doubled to two rice cookers…

During the battle, Lu Shu was already able to trap and consume two magical weapons simultaneously . Instead of the attempt to break through the two Class C's Spirit Qi armor, he chose a safer approach, by weakening their fatality while expanding the water at the same time…

The katana was good stuff, much better than broken weapons!

The CoG experts had no idea of the function of the golden water, which soon encapsulated the swords in the blink of an eye and swelled up towards their palms and wrists at lightning speed!

They could sense that the golden liquid was corroding their armor and the katana!

"What's that?!" the CoG experts darted towards Lu Shu at the same time while forcing their Spirit Qi into action in an attempt at resisting his divine water, thwarting its rate of erosion .

But soon, to their surprise, the katanas could no longer be imbued with Spirit Qi!

So, how was that different from scraps?

Decisively, they immediately abandoned their katanas . Instantly ten plus shurikens were fired at Lu Shu with a wave of their hands . Meanwhile, other members behind them tossed their katanas to the two Class C's, sacrificing themselves in support of their leaders .

However, in the next instant, Lu Shu had already dodged the blades and swerved towards the back!

"Chase him!" thinking that Lu Shu was trying to escape in the knowledge that he could not win, the CoG members decided to pursue . Though strange, the golden liquid did not seem any more useful besides its ability to consume two weapons simultaneously .

Evan's people did not dare to follow . After all, if Lu Shu had failed, they would probably become the next target!

"Let's leave this place, as far as possible . A single Class C can kill us all!" Evan analyzed calmly . In his opinion, Lu Shu was at most a Class C, no matter how strong he was . Didn't he run away already?

There was no reply . Even those who had thanked Lu Shu for saving their lives had started walking in the opposite direction .

Biting her lips, only Coral suddenly ran in Lu Shu's direction . She wanted to help Lu Shu in his fight .

That made Meng Jingchan's heart shudder . In fact, she admired her straightforwardness . Her devotion to Lu Shu was simple and pure, just out of her love for him .

But how about herself? She did not even dare to raise the topic even though she had hoped Lu Shu would join her team .

No one expected Lu Shu to have any chances of victory over the CoG pros . At the moment, after finishing up the two katanas, the divine water suddenly shot up to the sky and soared towards Lu Shu . It took much less time than the digestion of gargoyles due to the presence of that wisp of smoke .

In the distance, Lu Shu gradually slowed down as he was certain that he was out of the sight of Evan's people . It was within his expectation that Evan had no guts to rescue him . Thus, he had purposely kept the distance so as to keep it a secret of his invisible storage equipment .

Fixing Lu Shu with frosty stares, the CoG members closed in in a semi-circular pattern . Lu Shu's voluntary pause was an indication of his intention to use his trump card, which made them even more alert .

"Watch out for his flying dagger . A powerful weapon . However, he only has one dagger but we have six people," the leader gave out instructions composedly . In addition, he had intentionally pointed out Lu Shu's weakness to pressure him .