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Spare Me, Great Lord! - Chapter 43

Published at 12th of May 2018 10:22:51 AM

Chapter 43

No one knew when the F9 class form teacher, Xi Fei, had appeared and why he was looking for Li Qingyu .

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Confused, Li Qingyu walked out . When he returned a short 10 minutes later, his eyes were swollen and red .

The students all felt something was strange and approached him but were shocked . Apparently, he had violated the confidentiality regulations of the Daoyuan class and was expelled!

Xi Fei had come to inform him that he no longer had to attend the Daoyuan class and even confiscated his night class pass .

To a high school student who yearned to awaken, this was a nightmare!

Lu Shu was wondering if Li Qingyu was the one who leaked about his aptitude .

The class was initially filled with chatter and laughter but after witnessing a student with tier C aptitude expelled just like that, the class was filled with fear and anxiety .

Just like any other confidentiality forms, no one took them that seriously .

Li Qingyu also felt that when Xi Fei asked everyone to sign the confidentiality regulations, it did not feel that formal . Furthermore, teenagers generally had a loose tongue and would casually talk about what happened in the Daoyuan class to the rest of their classes .

He also never expected the consequences to be as serious as expulsion .

What could he do? He was already so close to being part of that magical world but had fallen back down and it must have felt . . . frustrating!

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As to how strict the regulations were, Lu Shu was not surprised and he thought that at least the punishment would not be as extreme as facing the military court, right?

But it was hard to be sure . Awakening was a not a small matter and leaking about aptitudes seemed rather trivial . Could he have leaked about training exercises?

Lu Shu was underestimating the matter and leaking aptitudes may not be a trivial matter . What if someone out there was targeting this group of metahuman reserves and decided to capture those of tier A aptitude? Wouldn’t that be bad?

At the same time, the classes had started receiving rumors about the news- that someone had been expelled from the Daoyuan class .

Within the next few hours in the afternoon, over 40 individuals were expelled because of breaching the confidentiality regulations and never to be enrolled again .

This was a warning to the rest and the method was to be stern . The students had not been through regimental training and did not have a particularly strict discipline so this method of expelling a bunch of students was to let the rest realize what they were dealing with .

In just one city, so many were expelled . So what about the whole country?

Someone suddenly exclaimed, "Someone from class 2 awakened the moment he was expelled and was taken away by the class form teacher by force!"

Lu Shu frowned and thought, "Again… . . . The black coats way of dealing with methods - capture . "

It was unknown where the student was brought but looking at Liang Che, who seemed totally fine, it must not have been that bad .

Being expelled was also a form of stimulation, stimulation for students to generate large amounts of emotions and psychological fluctuations . And every class teacher had already been prepared for the case of awakening and to take them away immediately .

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Lu Shu suddenly thought that these black coats were really amazing and their plans were always flawless .

Even though Lu Shu was technically one of their victims, no one had found out he had already awakened and furthermore, he was improving rapidly .

It should be expected that after this expulsion incident, no one else would dare to leak information and the scariest part of it was that no one knew how the form teachers managed to accurately pick out who had breached the regulations .

It was a strange feeling as though they knew everything .

Lu Shu felt that the mysterious feeling surrounding the black coats was intentional and the next time he talked to Lu Xiaoyu, he should leave his phone a distance away .

Besides that, there wasn’t anything else of concern . All he did on his phone was to disturb some classmates to earn distress points and there should not be anything wrong with it .

Alright, it was wrong but at least it wasn’t something the black coats would bother themselves with .

His deskie Jiang Shuyi looked at Lu Shu, "Are you not angry with what they said about you?"

Lu Shu thought and replied, "There’s nothing to be mad about . "

Jiang Shuyi acknowledged his reply .

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Lu Shu suddenly asked, "Did someone write you a love letter?"

Jiang Shuyi rolled his eyes and nodded .

Lu Shu added on, "Guys are not counted, from girls . . . right?"

"From Jiang Shuyi’s distress, +261!"

Hehe, Lu Shu continued looking through his phone records .

He felt that having Ye Lingling as a deskie was still better as there was no need to feel guilty when earning distress points from her . . .

Since yesterday, there were classmates telling Jiang Shuyi that his deskie was a little special and that his main characteristic was his toxic mouth . . .

At that moment, Lu Shu finally found Li Qingyu’s contact and sent a message, "Did you get expelled because of leaking information about the aptitudes?"

Thinking about it, Li Qingyu was the only one from his original sophomore class 3 who was expelled and the rest were still in F9 class . And since the other Daoyuan classes could not have known their aptitudes, it must have been Li Qingyu .

Since Li Qingyu had leaked and joked about Lu Shu’s aptitude, earning distress points from him definitely felt deserved . . .

Lu Shu was not that generous . He wasn’t that angry as he knew his own aptitude .

Sending a few messages to annoy him was considered quite generous and chat groups were his main sources of distress points .

"From Li Qingyu’s distress, +131 . . . " Li Qingyu did not reply but distress points were definitely repaid . He must have seen the message and decided to ignore Lu Shu .

Lu Shu did not care and continued messaging, "HAHAHAHAHAHA!"

"From Li Qingyu’s distress, +411!"

Li Qingyu was so mad that he was exploding with rage to the point of almost awakening but did not .

He must have been in the wrong which explained why he did not dare to reply Lu Shu’s question . But that ‘HAHA’ and that exclamation mark left a distasteful feeling within him .

But Lu Shu also knew his limits . Firstly, he should not be so mean to his classmate who was already upset .

Secondly, if he awakened because of this, Lu Shu would not be able to torture him anymore . . .

Lu Shu looked at the 3800 distress points he had and thought about trying the lottery again later at night . He wondered if something new could be won now that the refresher fruit was gone .

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