Spare Me, Great Lord! - Chapter 604

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Chapter 604

Chapter 604: Lu Xiaoshu, the Most Impressive Person in the Universe

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Chen Zuan stood on the waterproof mat and silently looked at the two branches in his hands . He did not say anything . It was better to have these branches than have nothing at all . What if the branches became useful in the future?

At that time, he would have the branches, but Lu Shu would not . Ha ha, this was interesting .

Chen Zuan silently anticipated for that day . If they discovered that this tree branch had a mysterious function one day, would Lu Shu regret giving him these two branches? When Chen Zuan thought about this, he started to giggle .

Suddenly, he was dumbfounded . He saw Lu Shu wave at the glittering and translucent tree root with nothing in his hands .


There was nothing in Lu Shu’s hands, but a deep and smooth cut appeared on the tree root .

“Brother Shu, what kind of crazy skill have you been practicing? Is the invisible sword so impressive?!” Chen Zuan muttered .

Lu Shu did not pay any attention to him . He continued to slash at the tree root with the Cheng Ying sword in his hands . The entire tree started to tilt to one side without much effort .

“Huh, even the core of the tree is made up of this crystal-like substance . What plant is this? How weird,” Lu Shu said in shock as he stored the entire tree into the Seal of Lands…

“Brother Shu, you are really impressive…” Chen Zuan sighed . “Everywhere you go, even the trees are not spared…”

“From Chen Zuan’s distress, +666!”

Earlier, Chen Zuan still thought that he had gotten lucky with the tree branches . But seeing the turn of events now, Lu Shu had taken away the entire tree…

In Chen Zuan’s eyes, Lu Shu’s figure suddenly became gigantic . He could not catch up to Lu Shu in this lifetime .

“Brother Shu, I have decided on a nickname for you . The most impressive person in the universe…” Chen Zuan sighed .

“Okay, stop your nonsense . ” Lu Shu sat on the waterproof . He had cut down the tree as there were very strong waves of energy coming from the tree . He decided to go back and slowly analyze the tree . If it was useless, then so be it . What if it was useful?

Lu Shu’s philosophy was that he would rather kill the wrong person than let the chance slip through his hands . After all, he did not have to put in too much effort . Lu Shu thought about it and used his Cheng Ying sword to cut out a large portion of the mirror . He would bring this back to analyze as well…

Chen Zuan was dumbfounded . He even took a portion of the ground?!

“From Chen Zuan’s distress, +999!”

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“Brother Shu, when will I be as outstanding as you…”

With tens of thousands of people in the same remains, there was a high chance of them bumping into Daoyuan Class students . But these students were either struggling to keep their balance, or had given up and resorted to lying down on the ground while eating their rations . There were even students who were watching crosstalk videos on their phones…

There were all kinds of people in the remains . There were even people who had brought two or three portable chargers .

When Lu Shu and Chen Zuan passed by them, they each contributed distress points . Some started to become suspicious . Lu Shu and Chen Zuan were obviously Daoyuan Class students . Why were they suffering, while Lu Shu and Chen Zuan seemed like they were having fun?

The mirror was very slippery, thus every time Lu Shu used the long spears move, they could advance a hundred meters forwards . Chen Zuan, who was sitting behind, felt as if he was skiing . Even if they could not find the relic, he had a lot more fun compared to the other students .

Lu Shu and Chen Zuan also saw a very determined students . Even if she could not stand up, she continued trying again and again .

“Hm? Who is that?” Lu Shu asked curiously, “I feel like I’ve seen her before . ”

“She is a Class A aptitude genius,” Chen Zuan said . “I’ve seen her several times . ”

This Class A aptitude genius was very determined . She walked carefully but with firm strides . Before every step, she had to ensure that her balance was perfect . This was to ensure that she did not slip while taking her next step .

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She had to control her muscles . Although it was very tiring, she did not give up .

Mu Xiaobai looked forward with determination . As long as she was breathing, she would not give up . As a Class A aptitude genius, she could not be as weak as the ordinary Daoyuan Class students . This was a quality they had formed after being pressured by Nie Ting . This way of thinking was also influenced by her pride .

Lu Shu and Chen Zuan passed by in a breeze . Mu Xiaobai was dumbfounded .

“From Mu Xiaobai’s distress, +666!”

Chen Zuan said softly, “She is Mu Xiaobai, one of the Class A geniuses . It is said that she had completed her task well, but her abilities fall short of the likes of Cao Qingci and Cheng Qiuqiao . It is said that during the black market task, someone had stolen her task . She had to find another task to make up for it . That’s why she is slower than Cao Qingci and the rest . She is a good lady . I don’t know which idiot went to steal her task-sk-sk-sk…”

A purple thunderbolt flashed past Chen Zuan’s buttock…

“From Chen Zuan’s distress, +666!”

“Ahem . ” Lu Shu looked up . “Zuan, you can live longer if you talk less . ”

“Okay!” Chen Zuan felt like he had solved a puzzle that troubled many Class A aptitude geniuses . It was a pity that he could not tell anyone . If he did, there might be consequences .

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Lu Shu pondered for a moment before he spoke . “The Class A aptitude geniuses will change a lot after this task . When we started on this task, they were still immature and naive . In the blink of an eye, they have become true warriors . ”

Chen Zuan sighed . “Yes, the more I work hard, the more I feel that talent is important . Take Mu Xiaobai as an example . Even though her task was stolen, she is about to reach the peak of Class C . Meanwhile, I have been hovering around Class C beginner . Sometimes, I really feel down about it . ”

Lu Shu comforted him . “No need for self pity . You have many more days to feel down…”

“Brother Shu, you really have a unique way of comforting people,” said Chen Zuan expressionlessly .

“From Chen Zuan’s distress, +199!”

“Brother Shu, why haven’t you eaten the white fruit? It looks like a mango and probably tastes good . Although I don’t know what function it has . ” Chen Zuan suddenly changed the subject . “But if is a poison, then it’s bad news . I’ve heard that people are often poisoned in the remains . Do you want me to test it out?”

People being poisoned? That was absolute nonsense . Till now, Lu Shu had never heard of poisonous fruits in the remains . They were definitely dangerous though . If these fruits allowed people to awaken certain abilities and a Class B ate it, the Class B might be intertwined with the element .

This was the reason why Lu Shu did not intend to try one of the fruits .