Spare Me, Great Lord! - Chapter 758

Published at 28th of November 2019 10:40:06 PM

Chapter 758: 758

“18, and just turned 18, if I remember correctly . As for the date he was sent to the orphanage, I would need to check,” said Shi Xuejin, as he took out his phone to retrieve Lu Shu’s information . Yet, his expression darkened at once . “Access denied . Did you set the access to yourself only?!”

Speechlessly Nie Ting changed the accessibility setting on his phone to allow Shi Xuejin to view Lu Shu’s documents . Then, he checked against the date when Lu Shu was sent to the orphanage and heaved a sigh of relief . “Not that night . The date is off by more than three months . Besides, the age doesn’t match too . ”

“Do you think that Lu Shu is the demon king?” Shi Xuejin could not stop laughing, as if he had heard the most funniest joke . “He? The world would be in peace if the demon king is like him . Besides, does he look like a monster who feeds on fear? He’s irritating indeed, but have you ever heard of an annoying demon king like him? I really admire your imagination…”

Nie Ting stared at Shi Xuejin expressionlessly, until all traces of a smile faded from his face . “Well, do you want pancakes? I can cook some for you…”

Then, Shi Xuejin went to the kitchen, leaving Nie Ting alone to study the files .

“Enhanced muscular strength . ”

“Enhanced cellular activity . ”

Inside the Species Research Lab of Luo Shen Cultivation College, Chen Zuan and Cheng Qiuqiao were busy with their work . Beside them, Lu Shu was stunned by their observations . He looked at the wolf on the operating table and asked, “How could there be cellular activity in a long-dead wolf?!”

Chen Zuan put down his scalpel and took off his lab coat and mask . Then, he replied helplessly, “Tell me, Brother Shu, are we still getting any professional teachers or not?”

The observations earlier were purely bullshit . Chen Zuan did not even know what muscular strength and cellular activity meant .

Now, the Species Research major was not equipped with any teacher, despite the professional-level laboratory…

As for Lu Shu, there was no way for him to understand a field he had never learned before, no matter how smart he was . It was true that he had brought back samples of mutated species, but how were they to study them?

Where was their teacher? He had been brought away by Nie Ting…

Distress crossed over Lu Shu’s face . “This is truly a major, cursed by Nie Ting…”

Chen Zuan grinned . “Anyway, we can be called semi-scientists already . Being a scientist used to be my childhood dream . I once came across an article that said that usually each lab would be allocated one lousy student to motivate other researchers and students . His constant failure would also encourage other people to continue trying . How funny! But our lab consists purely of talented people . This is how powerful our Species Research department is!”

Once he was done speaking, he saw Cao Qingci, Lu Xiaoyu, Lu Shu and Cheng Qiuqiao staring at him in silence…

“From Chen Zuan’s distress, +555!”

Lu Shu agreed that not having a teacher was a serious problem because they could not possibly research aimlessly in the lab all day with all the samples ready!

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“I’ll talk to Zhong Yutang . You can all stay here,” said Lu Shu . Then, he exited the room and walked towards Zhong Yutang’s office .

As he was walking, he saw a giant figure with sunglasses and a cap rushing down the office building . Lu Shu shouted after brief hesitation, “Li Yixiao! Li Yixiao!”

Without any intention to stop, the man hurried on .

“From Li Yixiao’s distress, +99!”

Lu Shu felt suspicious . Did that fellow do something bad? Why was he ghosting him?

He ran towards Li Yixiao at once . Then, he drew a cold breath upon seeing Li Yixiao’s face .

“Who beat you like this?”

Sadness crossed Li Yixiao’s face . “It’s Nalan Que! I think her mum was right . We are not fated together!”

Lu Shu was stunned . “What? Why? What happened?”

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“I don’t know where she saw the article that said men would be better off when their wife was not around . So she asked me, what I would do if I couldn’t see her one day,” replied Li Yixiao .

“So how did you answer?” Lu Shu had a bad hunch .

“I replied that my life would be pretty good… Then, she disappeared for two days and… I could finally see her through my swollen eyelids on the seventh day…”

Lu Shu was shocked . “… How did you two stay together for so long…”

“It was a mistake that has led to even more mistakes…” Li Yixiao said, looking regretful .

“No, I mean, it’s impressive that Nalan Que has yet to kill you until today…” Lu Shu sighed .

“From Li Yixiao’s distress, +666!”

“Lu Shu, do you have any plans to go overseas recently?” Li Yixiao suddenly asked, “Please remember to bring me if you do! I have to stay away from that woman!”

“You can go overseas yourself,” Lu Shu said, confused, “Why do you have to drag me along?”

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Nalan Que would probably blame him if he dragged Li Yixiao overseas . Lu Shu decided not to do such things…

Li Yixiao looked as if he was about to cry . “I only have 20 bucks in my pocket each day . Where can I go? Huh? Where can I go?! It’s all your fault! Don’t act as if you don’t know!”

“From Li Yixiao’s distress, +788!”

“Ah!” Lu Shu turned and walked away at once . “I almost forgot that I was looking for Zhong Yutang…”

Now that he thought about it, it was really too much to reduce his daily pocket money from 50 to 20 .

If Lu Shu were to do it again, he would definitely… laugh out loud…

“Hey, I almost forgot about the serious matter,” Li Yixiao shouted, “Be careful . ”

Lu Shu stopped short . He thought the Puppet Masters had found him and were coming to kill him . But Li Yixiao continued, “Mutated plants have been spotted in a foreign city . They feed on all creatures unconsciously and have destroyed the entire city . You must be careful about such incidents!”

Lu Shu understood at once the rationale behind increased trimming of plants in Luo City . It was because another city had been compromised!

Then, a thought struck him . He was a self-proclaimed God of Luo City when he acquired the Seal of Lands, and he could manipulate the concentration of Spirit Qi locally to avoid the appearance of mutated animals and plants in the city!

With that thought, he decided to return home at once . Sitting on the sofa, he retrieved the Seal of Lands from his body . Then, with a simple scan via his magical instincts, he instantly climbed up the sky ladder of the Seal of Lands and had a perfect birds-eye view of the whole city!

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