Spare Me, Great Lord! - Chapter 79

Published at 27th of May 2018 07:25:06 AM

Chapter 79: You can just maintain your current attitude (Part

This was an era where both metahumans and practitioners co-existed . As the old order was demolished, a new one would appear .

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The recovery of magical energy was just the opening act of the upcoming fantasy world as everything in front of your eyes- life, existence, knowledge, work, business, and the government would all undergo bizarre changes .

Whether metahumans or practitioners were better was a hot topic on the Golden Foundation forum, not to mention that the forum had just been released for 2 days .

Many jumped into the discussion of worldviews changing and anticipated the future with mixed feelings .

Li Xianyi had thought that Lu Shu was just a normal Daoyuan class student who had just been introduced to the ways of practice, and just as he wanted to tell Lu Shu how the practice was a step by step process .

Lu Shu easily lifted up a 300kg weight in front of his eyes and that weight in Lu Shu’s hands seemed like a toy . . . During Li Xianyi’s era, his teacher only allowed him to start using the 300kg weight after how long of training? 5 years? Maybe even longer .

Under the calm night sky, Lu Shu smiled, revealing a set of white teeth, "This is a little light, is there something heavier? I’ve awakened as a strength type . "

Times had changed but Li Xianyi was not surprised but delighted, "Do you know the difference between people who have awakened and those who have not?"

Lu Shu found the question weird, how did this topic even begin and so he asked curiously, "What’s the difference?"

"The Golden Foundation website only mentioned how metahumans could level up but as for instances of awakening, they revealed nothing . Training could also replace awakening," Li Xianyi laughed, "If you’re a Class F strength-type, then as your training leveled you up to Class E, your strength-type abilities will also rise!"

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Lu Shu was speechless . Doesn’t this mean that those who awakened and underwent the same training procedures would be more advantageous?

So that was why Jiang Shuyi told him to report his awakening as the organization was planning to learn more about awakened students . Because they would be stronger after training?

Lu Shu explained his theory but Li Xianyi disagreed, "There’s nothing for sure in this world . Sometimes, ten can’t even compete with one and no matter the number of variances, everything can be cut . "

Lu Shu thought about it and it made sense, there had always been no logic behind this world and even with a thousand changes, if there existed someone who could cut through everything, then all of it would be pointless .

"So what exactly do you want to impart to me?" as Lu Shu calmly asked .

Li Xianyi casually lifted up a piece of scratch paper on the table and the world momentarily came to peace . Even the summer cicadas that were chirping noisily had stopped .

Only at this moment did Lu Shu recognize Li Xianyi’s legendary existence as Li Xianyi replied, "I want to teach you that everything and anything in this world can be cut . "

Li Xianyi held the piece of scrap paper between two fingers, and as if it was a legendary sword, Li Xianyi swung his hand towards the ground and the white scrap paper rippled downwards, creating a deep line in the floor!

Is this . . . sword energy?!

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. . .

After Lu Shu and Lu Xiaoyu had returned home that night, they snuggled on the sofa and chatted . He was not worried that Li Xianyi could listen to them through the walls as if he was really that powerful, he would have known about Lu Shu’s secret .

Even for himself, leveling up would also heighten his senses but the increase was limited . At most, it was like recovering from short-sightedness .

Lu Xiaoyu asked curiously, "Are you going to take him as your teacher?"

That night, Lu Shu had asked if there should be a teacher-disciple ceremony but Li Xianyi said there was no rush which was actually posed as a test to Lu Shu .

Wow, you’re the one who wanted to teach my swordplay so why are you reserving now?

But Lu Shu wasn’t in a rush either . What Li Xianyi was teaching now was still the basics . Even the legendary training methods had not been mentioned and the only thing he did was to get up a bit earlier and head to the backyard to practice swinging of his arm to build the foundation .

This method was really antique but Lu Shu wasn’t one to be afraid of toughness and did whatever was told . The sword energy that Li Xianyi demonstrated earlier had really piqued Lu Shu’s interest and if everything in this world could really be cut, what a mysterious world would it be .

The celestial map had already created the ‘corpse of the dog’ and if nothing goes wrong, he would be getting 6 more . His system was clearly suitable for learning the art of sword .

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Furthermore, every time another star in the map was lighted up, he would gain enormous strength . Instead of learning magic, he would be better off learning about swords to increase his advantage . And the strength the celestial map gave him was comparable to strength type metahumans and he was definitely not weaker than anyone .

And if awakening really was advantageous in this road of training, then Lu Shu wasn’t losing out either .

Learning the art of the sword was Lu Shu’s main goal right now and any requests from Li Xianyi, Lu Shu would always do his best .

This wasn’t for anyone else but mainly for the money to be able to settle down if life .

He thought before replying Lu Xiaoyu, "That should be the case sooner or later . "

Lu Xiaoyu replied, "Then I’ll be more polite to him next time . "

From Lu Xiaoyu’s point of view, where or not to be polite would depend on that person's relationship to Lu Shu… . . .

"Erm," Lu Shu formed a sentence in his head, "Actually . . . . No need to be polite, you . . . can just maintain your current attitude . "

If Lu Xiaoyu were to be polite to Li Xianyi, then wouldn’t his plan of increasing his stable income of distress points be destroyed? That cannot happen!

At that moment, Lu Xiaoyu was confused . Was this the attitude a disciple should show to his teacher?

But whatever Lu Shu said, she would obey and anyways she did not really like that old gramps .

That night, Lu Shu exchanged for 50 servings of stinky tofus and the remaining 4000 distress points were exchanged for celestial fruits . He trained until 3 am before reporting to the backyard next door as told .

At that point in time, the 2nd star of the 2nd nebula was almost completed, only needing about 4 celestial fruits worth of power .

As compared to the first nebula, the increase from 1st to 2nd star was the same . So by counting backward, each subsequent stars would need 20, 40, 80, 160, 320 celestial fruits .

This was acceptable and Lu Shu had the utmost confidence in his abilities to earn distress points .

When he arrived at the backyard, Li Xianyi was already waiting as he threw Lu Shu a sword on the verge of rusting, "1000 swings, do your best and at the same time, try to feel the changes in your muscle . If a strong man did not have full control over his own body, then he would be a fake . Details, can, in fact, determine a match . "