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Chapter 34

Yu Heng’s hands were behind him . Listening to Ye Shaohua’s voice, and he couldn’t help but feel shivers down his neck .

Others didn’t know, but he knew . The last person who challenged her patience… now couldn’t find his family’s gate anymore .

The head of Internal Affairs seemed to hear her voice from inside the Crown Prince’s palace . When he came out to see Ye Shaohua, he immediately invited the people to enter .

” Head of Internal Affairs, what’s the crime for disrespecting the Crown Prince called?” Ye Shaohua retrieved her hand and took the handkerchief Yu Heng handed her . She started to wipe her fingers, neither quickly nor slowly .

“The crime of treason and heresy . ”

Ye Shaohua apparently seemed very satisfied, “Only this . ”

After speaking, only then, she brought Yu Heng in .

The Head of Internal Affairs who did not take heed the color of the Third Prince’s face, was actually extremely deferential to Ye Shaohua, which left the  ministers seeing it somewhat surprised .

The Crown Prince of Yun Country who originally was heading to Jiangnan also stopped because of this unforeseen event . Anyway, if that person unexpectedly appeared in front of him… Even if he died, he wouldn’t find her, it is better to stay and watch the show .

Especially… This feeling of familiarity that Ye Shaohua gave him .

The Emperor’s general safeguarded the Crown Prince’s Palace and would not let even one drop of water leak out . There was no way for even one person to come inside the palace by himself . Once Ye Shaohua and her people came in, they became isolated from the world outside . Everyone was trying to guess the state of the Crown Prince .

And at this time, the Emperor finally took time to care about the Empress, the Third Prince and the other people . After he came out, he was furious with the Empress . He sent the Empress and the Third Prince to confinement, forbidding them from leaving .

As for Bai Zhenzhen, it was said to the Emperor that she was even more disrespectful towards the Crown Prince than the others . However, because of Bai Zhenzhen’s very high popularity with the commonfolk, he finally only made an imperial decree stating that General Bai dropped two ranks1 .

This made Bai Zhenzhen very indignant, and her hands uncontrollably threw several priceless flower vases to the ground .

This was ancient time, where there were no human rights . Without her rights, she would always get trampled on!

For the first time, Bai Zhenzhen understood that this was ancient time, where imperial power was greater than everything else . When the emperor was unhappy, she would need kneel down, because she was just a general’s daughter . Without having Ye Shaohua’s high status, would she keep on being humiliated by Ye Shaohua?

Bai Zhenzhen’s eyes were deep, she never thought about throwing stones at Ye Shaohua who was down a well . She even thought about letting Ye Shaohua go . But now Ye Shaohua was bullying too much . Since Ye Shaohua forced her, she wouldn’t let Ye family go so kindly .

Thinking up to here, Bai Zhenzhen immediately called on her subordinates, and secretly sent private letters to the Third Prince .

Because the Emperor was furious and punished the Third Prince’s faction, people had no choice but to suspect wether or not Huangfu YunZheng was really uncurable .

The palace of the Crown Prince was still protected thightly . No good news came through, which only added to other people’s suspicions .

In these few days, even the ordinary palace eunuchs and palace maids avoided the Crown Prince’s palace as if it was filled with snakes and scorpions .

The emperor thus beat to death several court eunuchs . Right now, a new group of palace maids and court eunuchs were assigned to the Crown Prince’s Palace to suffer .

“Truly bad luck,” one of the middle-aged court eunuchs whispered, “to be assigned to such a damnable place!”

“Speak cautiously,” A young palace maid, possibly new, leaned to the side and whispered, “The person inside is the Crown Prince…”

“What Crown Prince, you will soon turn into a ghost with a lonely oul,” the middle-aged eunuch took a quick look at the people around him . “Don’t blame me for not reminding you, this person inside will not live long . You should plan well . I already bribed the Internal Affairs’ people . Tomorrow, I’ll be transferred to the Third Prince’s residence . Although it is merely to do odd jobs, it is better than dying here . ”

“The Crown Prince’s close guards just said that the Crown Prince can now stand up and walk, and that he will soon be healthier than the average person…” The palace lady was somewhat hesitant .

“You newcomers are so naive . The Crown Prince’s close guard was kneeling in front of the Empress’ palace just a few days ago and imploring her, right?” The eunuch dignifiedly sneered, “will recover completely at once? It’s just dreaming in the middle of the day!”

On the other side, during this period of time, Bai Zhenzhen spent a lot of money to recruit soldiers, buy horses, buy the best equipment for these soldiers, and entice the court’s important ministers .

At present, the Crown Prince was in imminent danger, and the Maternal Uncle directly led the ministers to force the Emperor to exempt the Third Prince from his punishment and remove his confinement order .

The Maternal Uncle was the Crown Prince’s blood-related uncle, yet, even him stood on the Third Prince’s side . Perhaps the Crown Prince would really be unable to turn around this hopeless situation .

Those who had remained neutral before were wavering one after the other .

The Emperor’s sons were not only the Crown Prince and the Third Prince . The Seventh Prince, son of a favoured concubine, was most likely disguising himself as a pig to eat the tiger .

This person always did not show the mountain and did not reveal the water2, and according to Ye Shaohua’s original trajectory of the world, he was the Third Prince’s biggest competitor . However, in the end, he also liked the dynasty’s richest person who hid behind the scenes, Bai Zhenzhen, even giving up the title of emperor for her .

In this lifetime, the richest person was in Jiangnan, so the Seventh Prince finally put his attention on Jiangnan and did not pay attention to this Fengya Lou’s “Second Master” . His relationship with Bai Zhenzhen was thus was non-existant .

At present, the Crown Prince was seriously ill and another heir to the throne was about to be conferred this title . The Third Prince was sitting in the main hall, showing off his abilities .

However, they did not think that the usually unremarkable Seventh Prince would unexpectedly be involved in sevral major events at this time .

The battle between the Third Prince and the Seventh Prince began .

Crown Prince Palace .

“Yesterday, the Third Prince’s faction put things in your resting palace,” the Crown Prince’s secret guard quietly reported, “Do you want to…”

The Crown Prince waved his hand and drank the medicine that Yu Heng handed him . He , neither quickly nor slowly, said “No need to care about it . ”

Yu Heng stood on one side and heard these words, he could not help but take a quick look at the Crown Prince .

Even if this person had not recovered completely, he was like the scene of the moon in a sky clearing up . When he was standing there, it was like he had his own aura blocking the hustle and bustle from outside, not at all like someone in troubled times .

Thinking of Ye Shaohua’s painstaking efforts, even risking exposing her identity, to seize that blood ginseng, just for this person before his eyes, Yu Heng felt somewhat sullen, and his attitude towards the Crown Prince could not be regarded as good .

The Crown prince seemed to not have felt it at all, and he was friendly toward him and smiled .

Letting Yu Heng feel depressed .

Ye Shaohua did not feel the undercurrent between the two men . She only tried to recall the memories given to her by the system . The previous Ye Family had been obliterated completely . The Crown Prince was framed with the crime of “plotting a rebellion” and died while imprisoned . They basically had not been in the Third Prince’s eyes .

In this life, even if the Crown Prince was “seriously ill”, they did not intend to let her off . Ye Shaohua sneered a little . In that case, she would let the Third Prince and Bai Zhenzhen experience for themselves what was really called plotting a rebellion

Two days later, the Third Prince brought people to the Crown Prince’s resting Palace to find the evidence of his rebellion .

The Emperor knew that the Crown Prince’s body was gradually getting better . However, when it came to the title of Emperor, even if he believed and was partial to the Crown Prince, his heart still held suspicions . He immediately put the Crown Prince on house arrest

This time, Ye Mansion, which had always supported the Crown Prince, had also been affected . Most of all, the Emperor knew that Ye Mansion had a great amount of money from unidentified origin .

This made him doubt even more . His heart feeling heavier, he took back all the real authority that Prime Minister Ye had .

When Ye Shaohua returned to Ye Mansion, she heard a woman crying . “Sister-in-law, what should be done ah? Shaohua and Huaijin are still young, didn’t even take a wife yet…”

This was precisely Prime Minister Ye’s younger sister, Ye Shaohua’s only young paternal aunt, Great Military Officer Wen’s wife, who had returned to Jingcheng only a few days ago because of the Crown Prince’s matter .

“I went to look for my husband before I came, he didn’t see me…” As Aunt Ye thought of it, she bowed her head and wiped her tears .

Madam Ye gently sighed, “You, why did come you come to my residence, following the wind . Now, the Crown Prince is accused of a crime and Ye Family is also powerless to defend itself . At this time, saying that we have no relationship is the correct path to take . You have to go back quickly . Isn’t there still you eldest son? Great Military Officer Wen has been promoted to a higher job . This time, he will not leave you alone . ”

Hearing this, Aunt Ye’s maid opened her mouth . “Respected Madam, you don’t know, Great Military Officer has always had an outside house3 . After the Crown Prince’s incident, Great Military Officer Wen directly connected his outside house to the residence . The daughter of this outside house will immediately get married to General Bai’s residence . Great Military Officer Wen unexpectedly said that he wanted all of Madam’s dowry store to supply that outside born daughter! In the Great Military Officer’s Mansion, Madam is treated worse than that outside mistress . ”

This is simply a thankless wretch !

“That surnamed Wen is unexpectedly this daring towards you?!” When Madam Ye married into Ye Family, Aunt Ye had not gotten married yet . The relationship between the two was very good . Hearing this made the pit of her stomach hurt .

At the moment, the Prime Minister had to say he retired from public life, and Ye Huaijin was still under the suspicion of having plotted a rebellion . The Third Prince and the Seventh Prince were fighting each other . In the eyes of the outside world, Ye Mansion basically has no possibility of getting out of this predicament .

Even the court eunuch and palace maids judged the hour and sized up the situation, let alone Great Military Officer Wen .

“He said that he wouldn’t stop me and that he already rewarded Big Brother for his kindness of recognizing his worth and employing him back in those years . ” Aunt Ye bowed her head and her tears flowed even more fiercely .


1 . In ancient China generals were ranked . You make a good contribution and your rank increases . It’s a big penalty to be downgraded because your yearly salary depends on your rank, and it’s very hard to be upgraded . To Bai family it may not be much cause BZZ is oh so rich but well . Emperor did his best .  

2 . hide the key facts 

3 . When you have an outside house, it’s that you have a secret house, separate from your mansion, where your secret mistress lives . I think you can have concubine in ancient time, but it’s frowned upon to have an outside mistress like this

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