Spirit Conductor - Chapter 17

Published at 18th of March 2018 08:56:03 PM

Chapter 17

Chapter 17 – Elite Monster Appears (3)

Shira thought he was quite unlucky today .

However, later he realized that his moments of suffering hadn't ended yet .

It was when he finally found a way to go back home, in the middle of the road, an Elite Monster appeared .

His body froze for a second and when his instinct reacted, Shira quickly jumped to hide in the bushes . If he didn’t spend ten silver coins yesterday night, maybe Shira would have already walked towards his death by now .

The Elite Monster whom was waiting for him was a gorilla, or more precisely, a golden fur armored gorilla . Beside him, there was an angry looking lesser gorilla . It had a familiar wound on his body, concluded Shira that the beasts definitely waiting for him .

“Where is that unreliable spirit when I need him the most!” Shira thought as he gritted his teeth and then proceeded to move soundlessly under the curtains of foliage .

However, the golden fur gorilla Elite Monster was already in full-alert mode . As Shira tried to move while concealed, the gorilla’s ears twitched before slowly glanced toward the muffled noises coming from some mountain bushes .

“You'll never not escape, O’ human child!” the golden fur gorilla actually spoke . He was big and ugly, but his awesome speed is the only thing he could boast his entire life . As the gorilla activated his special lightning elemental affinity power, sparks of yellowish lightning exploded from the pores of his skins .

Leaving a trail of light-golden thunder, the Elite Monster charged with great momentum, trying to catch the sneaky human brat with his giant hand .

Shira, who experienced a near-crushed body under the golden gorilla's grip, let out a shrill squeal of pain .

The Elite Monster was so fast, that he couldn't even react with his low-level ‘Water Flowing Style’ mastery!

“I catch you, child . You people is the one create rule, annoying! Human think we is stupid? You is think us, the mighty Banana-Eater Clan is stupid?”

Shira felt goosebumps all over his body . The gorilla spoke so close that he could smelled the horrible breath of the elite beast .

“Answer I, human child! You is think us is stupid, issit? You think because you is creating rule you is can stealing us heavenly artifact of us Banana-Eater Clan?”

“I never stole anything from your clan…” Shira gritted his teeth .

“But Young Master of Banana-Eater Clan no speak lies!”

The Yashura youth didn’t even know how to answer, he glanced pitifully towards the lesser gorilla, who was talked excitedly by now, pointed its finger toward Shira and spouted some nonsense in gorilla language that could make some white truth into black ugly lies .

“See, us Banana-Eater Clan no speak lies! You, human, die!”

Shira finally was able to free his hand from the elite beast monstrous grip . However, before he could draw his own short sword, the golden-fur gorilla threw him into the air .

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The thrown Shira was crashed hard on the ground .

He wanted to stand up again, but found the bones in his hands were broken and cracked .

Yet, he somehow managed to stand up while his entire body trembled . His limbs could not be straightened again, the youth was able to stand up not much later after that .

The light in his eyes was clouded . His expression changed . Blood poured from his head, covering his violent young face . Then, with a gentle whisper, the ever mild-mannered youth of the Yashura Family uttered a word he never spoke his entire life:

“Fuck . ”



Jhuro Yashura watched the burnt camp from afar . Beside him, there were four other mercenaries also hunted at late hours .

“What’s happened there?” asked a Knight Class mercenary .

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“They were battling each other . What the hell happened, that, I don’t know for sure,” the other mercenary answered .

Yet, Jhuro Yashura, besides the occasional f-word that slipped through his lips, was silent the entire hour .

The mercenaries also were lost in thought .

Then, out of the blue, a faint decayed human flesh wafted through the air .

“I really have a bad feeling, I’m going to check what’s happened . ”

A Scout Class mercenary stood up . However, a serious voice immediately ordered him to sit down again .

“You fucker gonna die no matter fast you run,” Jhuro Yashura said .

“I’m a Scout, I can fucking watch from afar . ”

“Then you are going to fucking die from afar too,” Jhuro Yashura took a glance toward the camp . “I was familiar with this smell . A man arrived . That son of a bitch is an once-in-hundred-years fuckin’ insane dude . ”

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Everyone became silent once again .

All they wanted was to gamble their life for money . They didn’t know, the risk was this fucked . This dessert definitely was a shithole .

“Sooner or later we’re screwed too if we don’t take actions . ”

“All our supplies are inside the camp . ”

“If food and water us five brought depleted, then what gonna happen?”

Jhuro Yashura answered them .

“What's gonna happen? Of course, we going to get fucked,” while narrowed his eyes, he continued, “We gonna get fucked very very very hard, alright . ”