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Spirit Conductor - Chapter 22

Published at 18th of March 2018 08:56:01 PM

Chapter 22

This is unedited version, LGB hasn’t checks for errors . I post it ahead to prioritize update schedule . Sorry for mistakes . –SideKarakterGendut .

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Chapter 22 – Unconscious

The Good-Natured Spirit was infuriated .

“Shit! I knew it! I knew it! He was possessed!”

Only ghosts could do something creepy things like talked his own dialogue inside a silent film!

He smashed his own guitar against a giant boulder . Destroyed the musical instrument into pieces . Yet, after all the venting his ethereal hands still shook with fury . He started to pick a weapon to fight the ghost bastard .

He opened a small, smooth surface chest that had a strange looking lock . The sharpest dagger known to human history was laid inside, still waiting for its master to unleash the thousands of years of sleeping weapon artifact back to the surface of the world . But the spirit frowned . It was too sharp and too fast for his liking . After that, he glanced at the katana beside the chest . Good-Natured Spirit remembered this katana was once filled with the angst of ten million souls and contained the blood of demon kings from various eras . It was the king of all evil weapon, as people used to say . Both of the dagger and katana were top-notch weapons that their existences were deemed as legends by the annals of humankind . The spirit found it hard to choose between the two . However, out of the blue, he suddenly remembered his glorious favorite melee weapon back when he was still alive and kicking .

Good-Natured Spirit floated toward a rune-filled wooden box . After decoded its locking rune, he opened the box with an iron bar, picked an old and rusty chainsaw from the inside .

Next, he filled the chainsaw with magical gasoline that he piled up for years . Then the excited spirit got it started .

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Vrom vroom vroooooommmm!!!

“Fuuuccckkk yeaaaaaahhh baby!” Good-Natured Spirit started to laugh like a maniac . “You shitty ghost wanna mess with me? Wanna steal my prey? You hurt my feeling, you hurt my fuckin’ feeling, okay! What… you don’t give a fuck about my feeling? Fuckin’ high and mighty, eeyh? Well then—” vrooomm! “Please let me introduce my humble best friend, the Magical Enhanced Texas Chainsaw! And let’s see how long you will able to compensate my hurt feeling after that! Muhahahahhahahh!”


The spirit’s eyes were red bloodshot with excitement and wrath . After a moment of maniacally laughing, he started to descend the mountain peak, eager to brutally mutilated some bastard ghosts!

Left behind, a clear bell-like chuckled who gave some words of encouragement echoed . The voice disappeared not long after that .


Polio and Pilek were dumbfounded beyond believe when they saw how brutal the youth Shira Yashura gutted an Elite Monster .

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“The Mountain, the sea, and the sky await…”

After muttered those words, the brutal Shira suddenly collapsed .

The two young men that peeked from the bushes exchanged glances, not sure what to do . It took courage for them to checked what had really happened to Shira, who now lied unconscious on the pool of elite gorilla’s blood .

They decided to pick the blood-soaked youth after minutes of consideration . Although Pilek and Polio didn’t remember the path to go back, after two hours of wandering around, they finally found a party which had familiar faces as their members .

Both of them asked some questions, and it turned out that the party had met Bony’s party some times ago . Thus, after pointed by party members, Pilek and Polio finally able to report to Bony .

“What happened here? You killed him?” Bony was dumbfounded when he saw the blood-soaked Shira carried by two of his boys . “Since when you two idiots grew balls to kill people inside village? Don’t you afraid Yashura Family comes knocking and burn you alive?”

Pilek immediately recounted what happened before . Bony’s expression was complex, but as their leader, he swiftly made some decisions anyway .

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“Don’t let party members see this mess . Especially that rich girl from Blackwood Family . I don’t want people freaking out, you hear?” Bony looked at the unconscious youth for a second . “Bring him to Grandpa Badril . Maybe the old wise man could do something about this kid broken bones . ”

Bony didn’t expect that him ordering Pilek and Polio would bring this mess back to him . All he wanted to do was teaching Shira a lesson or two . If something serious was going to happen to the kid, he knew he would have to swallow heavy consequences .

The delinquent group of three wash blood from Shira’s body with drinking water . Then they give him a extra clothing to conceal his clothes because they couldn’t wash them in them in short periods of time . After everything was set, Pilek and Polio continued to carry Shira Yashura and descended the mountain .

People were looking at them, but no one paid any mind . Someone injured to the point had passed out was a common occurrence in Badril Mountain and the forest behind .

Usually, the injured person would be brought to Grandpa Badril’s shack that was located in the skirt of Badril Village .

Grandpa Badril was known by everyone as a wise man who loved a solitude life and passed his days as a painter . Some said he was already live here since the founding of Badril Village, some said he was around and old since a hundred years ago . Everybody from every generation was familiar with him . Yet, no one knew his real name . And for some reason, he knew a lot about extremely effective medicines that save hundreds of lives for decades . Although he never admitted being a master of Alchemist .

As for asking Grandpa Badril to save someone, it was a simple matter . All people had to do was requesting cordially and keep good conduct for years to come in favor of the life-saving medicines .

Everyone knew the wise old man never declined a single favor for decades before .

Because of that, what happened today left Pilek and Polio dumbfounded .

“I sorry, children . I really can’t help this young child of Yashura Family . Please forgive this old man once again,” said a tired old voice from inside of door-closed shack .

“But, Grandpa Badril… he was injured really bad,” Pilek urged with a polite tone .

“I’m sorry . ”

That was the old wise man’s last answer . After that, the young delinquents knew they had to give up .

Left without any choices, Polio told Pilek to bring Shira to someone else they could trust . Both of them didn’t have the courage to sent Shira home under this condition . As they didn’t want people to had some misunderstanding that could cost them a lot of pain .