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Spirit Conductor - Chapter 25

Published at 18th of March 2018 08:56:00 PM

Chapter 25

Chapter 25 – The Seed of a Rebel (3)

After the Good-Natured Spirit went back to his base at the peak of Badril Mountain .

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He picked the magical transmission shell . “Tranny, are you there?”

No answer .

“Good . ” He nodded, then destroyed the shell with a hammer .

Good-Natured Spirit signaled the paper crane that carried Shira with his hand, ordered it to place Shira Yashura somewhere comfortable .

“It looks weird,” the spirit commented with a frown after he looked after Shira’s broken arm . It truly bothered him .


“Ah, that’s better . ”

Good-Natured Spirit straightened Shira’s arm . But didn’t care about his other injuries . That was dimwit butler’s problem, he thought .

After that, he built four sturdy magical wall formations that he made from four expensive diamonds . He placed the wall formation each in the east, west, north, and south . They were needed for extra defensive and concealing measure .

The spirit knew he couldn’t let the bastard ghost in Shira’s body come out on his own . So naturally, he would smoke the building and let the ghost choke to death .

He would mark Shira’s body with his own power .

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“It’s too early to give him my rebel’s seed, it might disrupt the kid’s growth in the future,” Good-Natured Spirit thought out loud .

Giving the rebel seed before Shira embarked the journey of training of hell would damage his future . But who the fuck care? For the Good-Natured Spirit, the most important thing to do now was let his little bro Magical Enhanced Texas Chainsaw hug the bastard thief ghost to his demise!

Good-Natured Spirit fantasize about the bastard ghost’s scream, couldn’t help let out a long chuckle after that .

“Come, my rebellious soul! Show this shitty brat the way!”

Sparks of ethereal light leaped out of the thin air . Runic words appeared . They were glowing red and blue as they danced in an excited manner around Shira’s body .


Shira was unconscious, dreaming…

“Come, my rebellious soul! Show this shitty brat the way!”

He heard the roguish spirit’s shout . Somehow, he knew the Ol’ Bastard-Natured Spirit pulled some prank on him .

“If only I have some power; a real, raw power… I will kick his arrogant ass!” Shira swore in his heart . He knew the elite monster wouldn’t appear without a reason . Not to mention his suspicious words that Shira recalled . The youth could only grit his teeth as he waited to wake up and scheme for his ten years gentleman’s revenge .

It was at that moment, a wacky voice was heard from inside a mysterious purplish gate in Shira’s consciousness .

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“Pssth! Here, kid! Pssstth! Ya want some free real raw power???”

Shira turned around, felt weird whenever he heard this kind of voices .

“Come here, kid! I will give ya these overpower skills, for free! Just for ya young people! I don’t want your money, really . Just release me from this goddamn place!”

“Don’t bother with him, Young Benefactor,” another voice of elderly gentleman resounded from the gate . “He’s a hella bastard, calamity is what you seek if this man escape . Choose me . I’m a benevolent Buddhist monk in nature, a lone wandering ronin by the day and awesome ninja when night has fallen . Amitabha . Young Benefactor, please release me and one of these days I will definitely teach you some cool shits . ”

“What do ya mean by me being calamity ya hypocrite baldy? Yer not even a real monk yet spout some bullshit nonsense . Ya wanna die?!” the wacky voice shouted .

Shira was lost for words . These voices were haunting him for years, asking him to release them with tricks and persuading . But the problem was he couldn’t release them . He didn’t know how . He didn’t even remember how the heck they ended up here in the first place .

Then, out of nowhere, a bunch of offensive feeling runes appeared .

“Eeeeh? What’s this?” shouted the wacky voice .

The other voices let out a shocked gasp too .

Shira was confused . This rune felt so weird… .

“Iiiekk?! This is the rebel’s seed!”

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“Damn boy! Someone so bold to mark this body with the rebel’s seed?!” a new voice exclaimed .

Then, the awesome lone ninja-ronin, yet benevolent Buddhist monk said with a serious tone . “Amitabha . So the legend was true; for a spirit to reside a marked body, one will feel his soul uncomfortable, like… he was cuddled by some random nasty middle-aged dude . So weird . ”

“It’s like a dog pissed his own territory . Damn ya animal!” the wacky voice enraged . “Do ya think in this world, only you the only rebel spirit was alive, eh? Then I will show ya! Come out my rebellious soul, show this kid the way and piss all over the place!”

“Amitabha . I need to shake this weird feeling . Come, my cool edgy rebellious soul, show this Young Benefactor the way!”

“Aha! Lemme join the fun! Come, my rebellious soul…” after the wacky voice and the monk’s turn, three more voice declare their own rebel’s seeds .

Shira only felt weird at the first time . But then, as voice after voice declared their own rebel’s seed, for some reason, there’s heavy pressure that pushed him down to the brink of insanity . He felt his own mind almost broke . Like a dam that couldn’t hold the water anymore .

Inside his consciousness, his face turned bright red . He gritted his teeth as his desire to teach these bastard spirits a lesson intensified .

Unfortunately, as Good-Natured Spirit used to say, he was a weak shit .

“Is he going to die?” asked a voice from the gate .

“Amitabha . It is good that the weird feeling is gone now . But if Young Benefactor is going to die, is that means we will die alongside with him?”

Then, it was silence came next .

Shira lost his control over his soul . He was already passed out in the real world and now he was passed out again in his own consciousness . The so-called rebel’s seeds were too much for him to handle . From the look of it, there was a high chance for his soul destroyed and he would end up a vegetable and died years after that .


Clank clank clank!

Sounds of chains broken were heard so loud .


And suddenly, the purple gate was opened wide . A lifelike purple mist came out from the inside .

There, an old man stood straight with his head tilted to the right .

He looked coldly at Shira’s image of consciousness, which now was weakened a lot by the rebel’s seeds .

Suddenly, with a hoarse and ancient voice that was different from the rest voices inside the gate, he roared:

“The mountain, the sea, and the sky AWAIT!!!”

After that, the old man flew across the dark and cold space of Shira’s inner world .

He immediately left the place and came out to face the Good-Natured Spirit .